28 Photos - Nov 12, 2012
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As the family prepared to have a Disney princess adventure at Walmart, little Layah got in the spirit by breaking out her dragon pacifier. :-)Photo: Darah is sporting two key pieces: first is her spectacular handmade purple princess ball gown (thanks, Aunt Robyn!). She thought a princess shopping event required princess attire, and I quite agree. The second item is a jingle bell around her neck.Photo: Darah is wearing this reindeer-shaped jingle bell because I explained to her that we were doing a special favor by Santa Claus this morning. He asked us to pick up 3 Disney princess bicycles for some little girls in Chattanooga. This will help lighten his load on Christmas Eve. Darah was quite excited to play this role! Two of the bicycles will be going to the Angel Tree, and one will be going under our tree (though Darah does not know this!).Photo: Before heading out, we sit down together and check out the Royal Ball Augmented Reality app.Photo: This was such an adorable app! We were able to select a complete look for the ball, and pick out the dress, the tiara and the shoes. We also saw that we could unlock additional outfit selections by finding certain signage at Walmart. We were ready for the hunt!Photo: Here we are selecting our carriage. Once again, some options are already unlocked, and some will need to be unlocked in the store.Photo: When we arrived at Walmart, the very first thing I noticed was this QR code so that I could download my own scanner and not have to go around the store hunting one down. TOTALLY MADE MY DAY! :-)Photo: The larger part of the sign was all about how layaway at Walmart works. I think it is really cool that the fee gets returned to you in the form of a gift card when you make your final payment. Layaway is a great option for people who need a little more time to pay off larger purchases without having to use a credit card. It's also an EXCELLENT way to keep big surprises out of the house and lessen the chance that they will be discovered by sneaky kids!Photo: Speaking of sneaky, this little princess attempted to sneak some marshmallows into our cart. Her mission was thwarted by her wicked mother, however.Photo: Goodness, I wonder if Walmart offers layaway??? Overkill on the signage!Photo: Darah is pushing the cart around here, trying to be patient as we wait and wait and wait for someone to come help us with the bicycles. We asked 3 times for help and never got any assistance. It was a real disappointment, I have to say.Photo: While we were waiting, we looked for the Mattel Ultimate Dream Castle and the Mattel Cinderella Transforming Carriage, both of which I was really looking forward to seeing. I couldn't find either one. But I did find this entirely empty aisle. #HolidayShoppingFailPhoto: Here are the bikes. There were no princess bikes to be found, in either size. And there was also no signage indicating where the princess bikes should be. It was quite confusing and I wanted an associate's help to let me know if my Walmart was even carrying the bike I had checked out earlier on Walmart.com. But as I mentioned earlier, I couldn't get anyone to help me. On my third attempt, a manager was called. S/He wouldn't come over to the department and just relayed to the employee who called, "If you don't see the bike, we don't have it."Photo: Here is the Disney FJ Cruiser and the Disney ^V Quad. They are cute, but not right for us, as we live in an urban environment, and I think these toys are better suited for more open spaces.Photo: We were hoping to find the Cinderella Blu-Ray/DVD display, but were unsuccessful. When we asked the associate in electronics if she could help us locate it, she suggested that we instead consider The Swan Princess. ?!?! We finally located the DVD, itself, though the display signage was nowhere to be found.Photo: The DVD turns into a beautiful carriage on the Royal Ball app, which was really fun to see!Photo: While it wasn't what we came to the store for, we did find the Fisher-Price LIttle People Princess Songs Palace. Evidently the princesses will talk and sing songs when they are placed in certain areas. It's a cute concept and the price is right, coming in at just under $40 at my Walmart.Photo: In a different part of the store from where the princess palaces were displayed we found this display of the princesses, themselves. It was a great display that let you push a button to hear each little princess sing. Unfortunately, it wasn't working. Sheesh.Photo: I couldn't help but notice this awesome Happily Ever After Gift Set, which I believe is a Walmart exclusive! Love that horse, especially!Photo: Darah can find an Ariel ANYWHERE (she found one in a convenience store once, true story). She grabbed this set to show us. She happens to already own it!Photo: We headed back over to the bike section because I was really reluctant to give up on our quest for 3 princess bikes. We found an adorable Disney Princess helmet that would look fabulous with those bikes, I'm sure!Photo: I decided that we should head to the front of the store where there was a second section of holiday toys. Perhaps at least we would find those Mattel toys up there? On the way, Darah spotted, you guessed it, Ariel.Photo: I also happened to see some Disney signage in the party supply section. That Disney Princess logo unlocked some more dresses. Finally!Photo: Well, there were no Disney Princess toys at the front of the store. It was time for me to face facts and give up. I looked everywhere I could think. I'd like to tell you that an associate also helped me, but that didn't happen.Photo: Here you see me making my "MyKayla is not impressed" face at Walmart.Photo: Even the little princess is dragging at this point in the trip. We opted for the Little People palace. I bought every single one they had (3) but honestly, it wasn't what I wanted to be donating to Angel Tree.Photo: I will likely be returning these and purchasing the bikes I want online later this week.Photo: This little princess still had a good time, and enjoyed dancing with the Royal Ball app throughout the store, bikes or no bikes.