132 Photos - Aug 19, 2011
Photo: cockpit with skullPhoto: entry to hacker-hangarPhoto: german family on camp with anti-nuclear flagPhoto: Felipe vrom Brazil with his girlfriendPhoto: bar tent, radar domePhoto: Austrians erecting radio mastPhoto: BlinkenArea. "Light, beauty, more.."Photo: old east-german agrar planes, camp main roadPhoto: hardware tent with posters for workshopsPhoto: Hodurez (?) from BrazilPhoto: Horst JENSPhoto: sign on the ialian village tent. the "we make porn" sticker was widly popular on the cccampPhoto: bar tentPhoto: barPhoto: barPhoto: museum of ww2 aircraft wreckage. the item right seems to be not from ww2 but an art installation (hovercraft?).Photo: the sign says: the unallowed entry into the privat zone is strictly forbiddenPhoto: toiletsPhoto: east german tank, drums, campfierePhoto: italian guy with capePhoto: crowd outside lecture bunkerPhoto: lecture bunkerPhoto: lecture bunkerPhoto: Sam tank, military trucks,  biplane, tents, museum bunkerPhoto: one of the many "village" tents on the camp. places to work, eat and relax.Photo: 3d-printer in metalab (Leiwandville) tentPhoto: very old but working computerPhoto: cubesat project workshopPhoto: gloria project workshop (cubesat) to meaure aerosols in the athmosphere.Photo: czech republic hackers with usb microscope and joystickPhoto: old east-german police helicopter, lecture bunkerPhoto: guy with debian t-shirt and speical kilt with a lot of pocketsPhoto: dutch tentPhoto: tent with sleeping places for tentless peoplePhoto: passenger airplane with attached light installation (see other pictures for how it looked at night)Photo: Austrian guys faking workPhoto: 2 austrians faking signal recivingPhoto: radio mast and golden art cube near austrian villagePhoto: italy embassyPhoto: around 10% of the camp visitors were familes with childrenPhoto: art object with leds insidePhoto: Leiwandville DatenvorhangPhoto: LeiwandvillePhoto: MonochromPhoto: Moon rovers of parttime scientistPhoto: copterPhoto: reporterPhoto: blinking art installation on top of lecture bunkerPhoto: cccamp nightlifePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: flying quadrocopters with ledsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: crowd gathering before chaos-radio (not safe for work) production in tentPhoto: nsfw crwodPhoto: nsfw crowdPhoto: danish guysPhoto: sam truckPhoto: memorialPhoto: Photo: austrians with radio antenna and golden art cubePhoto: Photo: Photo: lecture bunker at nightPhoto: fairdust, the ccc mascotPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: art installation, moonPhoto: artPhoto: art and moonPhoto: lockpickingPhoto: Photo: Austrian Leiwandville with telephone boothPhoto: Leiwandville (metalab) tentPhoto: austrian embassy with telephone boothPhoto: Photo: hardware workshopPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: palatschinkenmaschienePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: retro gamingPhoto: retro gaming tentPhoto: cccamp retro gaming tentPhoto: east german army sam vehiclePhoto: friends of lockpickingPhoto: Photo: Photo: AK Vorratsdatenspeicherung, discussing deep at nightPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: hugo from portugal, making the lambda signPhoto: spontan circle. was it a sharing space ?Photo: campfirePhoto: leiwandville social lifePhoto: Photo: lighting talksPhoto: lightning talksPhoto: hardware tentPhoto: art project near leiwandvillePhoto: Photo: mitch altmannPhoto: Photo: mitch altmannPhoto: Photo: lecture about opensource-solar.orgPhoto: Photo: east german rotting towerPhoto: t-shirt: saturday, sunday, 5 x shitday, saturday, sundayPhoto: Photo: Berlin hackerspace near train station, caring for travelers from and to cccamp. This guy was from India and attending the gnome conference, waiting for his flight.Photo: portable rocketPhoto: swiss embassyPhoto: east germany photovoltaic roofs