9 Photos - Sep 5, 2014
Photo: Step 1. Writing the Code. You can see the servo I'll be using as well, right above my mouse. If anyone is curious I'm re-watching The Wire on my iPad mini.Photo: Step 2. Breadboarding the Arduino, switch and servo. I'm using a pushbutton switch on the breadboard at this point just for testing purposes. The finished project uses a SPDT toggle switch mounted on the outside of the box.Photo: Step 3. Modifying a wooden jewelry box for the door and switch.Photo: Step 4. Assembling and mounting the finger and finger assembly.Photo: Step 6a Finger assembly fully mounted and positioned.Photo: Step 6b. Alternate view of finger pivot point. The wood blocking on the sides adds stability to the finger ensuring it strikes the SPDT toggle switch on its centerline.Photo: Photo: Attempting to position the servoPhoto: After several dry-runs, I'm still not ready to affix the servo. I may need to rethink the articulation of the joint as well as the rigidity of the actuating rod (piece of metal coat hanger)