24 Photos - Nov 2, 2012
Photo: Philips Hue Bulb TeardownPhoto: Bulb is a glass top with plastic-covered aluminum basePhoto: Remove the plastic covering part 1Photo: Chip the cut portion away revealing lots and lots of siliconePhoto: With some forceful wiggling, the top will pop off.Photo: Standard white shows the non-RGB primaries.Photo: Remove the plastic coverPhoto: More siliconePhoto: Board is a standard PCB (no aluminum for heat)Photo: Desolder the 4 contacts (3 + ground)Photo: Heat spreader plus more siliconePhoto: Underside of PCBPhoto: Top of PCBPhoto: Some prying of the soft aluminum on the sides makes it possible to remove the topPhoto: Power and Network boards encased in silicone fillingPhoto: Removing the soft aluminum housingPhoto: After removing silicone inside: note you'll find a small bit of gray insulation poking through the aluminum housing. This is the entire space used by the Zigbee antenna.Photo: Main logic (networking, control)Photo: Uses TI CC2530 (Zigbee). Leave comments...Photo: Power side appears to have some NXP chipsPhoto: Photo: Reverse of network boardPhoto: Mess.Video: Taking the top off!