81 Photos - Nov 11, 2011
Photo: Bubble Feeding Whales Near Juneau, AKPhoto: I just had one hell of a weekend. It started with sleeping 2 hours on Friday night so I could get to Rowena Crest to meet up with +Jeremy Cram, +Michael Bollino and +David Thompson for sunrise and breakfast. I had a blast shooting with and hanging out with these guys. Acting goofy, talking photography and shooting is pretty much my favorite thing to do - and these 3 are especially fun to do it with.

Once the sun was up and we were done shooting we noticed the field below the ridge we were on was literally filled with photographers. There must have been 20 to 30 people shooting this sunrise, and plenty of them are better photographers than I am. So if you don't like my image, fear not, I am sure there will be better ones posted! I have to say I am amazed at how many people I run in to that I know from google plus. There were probably 10 people there who I haven't met in person before, but that are in my circles. I love how small the photography world actually is! I even ran in to +Thorsten Scheuermann while hiking with my wife the next day. Now every time I go out and see someone with a tripod I wonder if I know them from gplus.

The other highlight from my weekend was having an offer accepted on a house. So my wife and I will have a new place to live in a month or so! Now, this is less interesting to the majority of the people reading this post, but I am excited so you get to hear about it anyway. :)

Thanks for looking!

#plusphotoextractPhoto: Until my recent trip to Spirit Falls, I think Elowah Falls had been my favorite spot in the Gorge. So many spots in this area, so hard to choose. Here is one of my favorite pictures from Elowah.Photo: Here is an alternate take a a photo I posted recently. I made this version the day after I posted the last and actually ended up liking this one better. Sorry for the slightly redundant material, but I haven't had time to open up photoshop and get anything new done in the last 4 or 5 days! I am curious which version everyone else prefers.

Thanks for looking.

#plusphotoextractPhoto: +Thorsten Scheuermann just shared an image inspired by another image posted by +Aaron Reed. The chain continues as Thorsten's post inspired me to go back and look at my unprocessed images from the spring. Thorsten is so right, it is hard to believe just how green everything is in the Columbia River Gorge in the spring. Here is a shot from the classic Ponytail falls at the peak of the spring colors.

#WaterfallWednesday curated by +Eric Leslie 
#PlusPhotoExtract curated by +Jarek Klimek 
#critiqueplsPhoto: I saw a number of people I follow post long exposure water pictures today, and it gave me an excuse to process an image that has been on my to do list for 6 months. This is a 90 second exposure taken at Seal Rocks State Park in Oregon. Let me know what you think!

#ThirstyThursdayPics #LongExposureThursday #CritiquePlsPhoto: I ended up not getting a chance to edit any of my recent images this weekend, so here is one from a few months ago.Photo: So I went out in the snow this weekend with +Dustin Gent and Brian Kibbons. We ended up getting very lucky to time our trip so it coincided with a truck plowing the road we needed to take. Without that plow directly in front of us we never would have made it to Lower Lewis falls as the snow was higher than the clearance of Brian's SUV.

This little alcove was a little sheltered from the storm and was the only place I could stand and keep water off my lens. Sadly it also makes it hard to tell just how snowy it was. I was trying to show off the sharp contrast between this snow free corner and the snowy trees across the river. It didn't turned out quite as I'd hoped, and my soaking wet feet were frozen solid after sitting down here for a while, but it was still a great time.Photo: Here is kind of an odd one for #SunsetSaturday. This was taken at sunset inside of a large sea tunnel on the Oregon Coast. I made the trip out there with +Dustin Gent and two other friends who aren't on gplus. We had a great time dodging the waves. I had a bit of a close call when I tried to venture out deep in to the surf right when the biggest wave of the day came in. Thankfully I had a spotter who yelled at me to get out. After that I was a bit more timid and was happy to get the streaks you see here from a much safer distance.Photo: Spirit Falls, Columbia River Gorge, WAPhoto: Just got back to Portland from my work travel and my new monitor was waiting on me. So now it is time to start cranking through the backlog of pictures. Here is one for #FallFriday / #FourSeasonsFriday curated by +Stephonie Ogden and +Karin Nelson taken a few weeks ago at Starvation Creek.Photo: Another one from this past spring. This was actually shot at about 3 in the afternoon on a sunny day. I went out just because I felt like wandering around the gorge not really expecting to get any great shots with the bright light, but I think this one worked out pretty well.

#WaterfallWednesday, #Photography, #OregonPhoto: Just a quick post for today -- Metlako Falls with a little bit of fog. I pretty much always seem to see fog at this spot. I guess that is probably because I never hike Eagle Creek unless it is cloudy and rainy.Photo: I can never decide if I should post images of icon's or not because so many people have image fatigue from seeing a million versions of the shot. However, I never hesitate to go shoot them, because icons are icons for a reason -- they are usually amazing to see in person. So, if you are sick of Delicate Arch shots, I apologize, but for my first trip to Moab I had to go see it in person.

I was in the area for 4 days this year and had horrible wether. I was all excited to see Arches and Canyonlands, and I was greeted with dust storms, rainy flat gray skies, and more dust storms. I did get this one day of great sunset light though. A clearing in between storms always has the potential to be rewarding. You can see the next storm coming in the distance, but for now, there is nothing but blue skies and orange glow.

#SunsetSaturday #PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: Here is a shot I took on the Oregon Coast down near Oceanside. A small rain storm came in and then the sky opened up just in time for sunset.

#PlusPhotoExtract #Oregon #longexposurethursday #ThirstyThursday curated by +Giuseppe Basile #critiqueplsPhoto: Swamped with work today, so just a quick post for #WaterfallWednesday curated by +Eric Leslie 

#PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: Whales Bubble Feeding near Juneau, AKPhoto: Spirit Falls, Columbia River Gorge, WAPhoto: Just another shot from a rainy / cloudy day in the gorge. Believe it or not, that leaf was actually on the rock when I walked up to the scene. It inspired me to sit here for about 20 minutes even though there is a nice big waterfall to shoot about 100 yards away.

This is also my contribution to #FallFriday and #FourSeasonsFriday curated by +Karin Nelson and +Stephonie Ogden.

#PlusPhotoExtract #FlowingWaterFridayPhoto: Every year I make a calendar from the photos I took over the last 12 months. Basically it makes a good gift for parents & grandparents who are otherwise impossible to buy things for. This year I have found that way too many of my favorite shots of the year are verticals. Since I needed more horizontals to fill the calendar I am making another pass through the year's photos. This one from a sea tunnel on the Oregon coast had gone unprocessed and I think may end up in the calendar now.

#plusphotoextract #critiqueplsPhoto: This is a shot of the La Salle Mountain range as seen from near the Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park. Last night I tried posting it alongside the color version of the same shot that my wife preferred, but in playing around in picasa I accidentally deleted the post. Oops! So here is a repost, sorry for those that already saw this.

And on a side note, the color version is still in my Landscapes album, feel free to look at it and let me know that my wife has better taste than I do.

#MountainMonday curated by +Michael Russell 
#PlusPhotoExtract by +Jarek Klimek
#MonochromeMondayPhoto: Resolutions.....

I returned to Portland a few days ago and, just like every other time I leave town, I came back to a massive pile of things to do. After a 12 hour work day yesterday I took an hour off this morning to process a picture from my holiday travels.

This is actually taken about 15 feet away from the bed I sleep in at my inlaws house in Georgia. Needless to say, I like visiting the inlaws. (If you are reading this Barb & Tim, I like visiting for other reasons too!) This picture, along with a beautiful sunrise I saw from my window this morning while I was on a conference call, made me notice something about me: I dwell too much on what could have been. If the tide had been anything other than dead low tide this image would be so much better. At high tide the water really fills in the marsh and would have made for a great foreground. If I had been out near Mt Hood this morning instead of on a conference call I would have gotten some amazing photos.

Normally I am not one for New Year's resolutions - I think that if something is important to do, you shouldn't wait for some arbitrary day to start doing it. So today I am making a January 3rd resolution: I am going to start just appreciating what is instead of what could be. Sure this image could have been better, but I got to see an awesome sunrise with no effort in a house filled with family that I love. Sure I could have been out shooting this morning instead of working, but I have a great job doing interesting stuff that lets me work from home in my pajamas and watch the sunrise on conference calls.

Life is pretty damn good.Photo: Given that I live a little over an hour from the ocean and about 40 minutes to one of the greatest waterfall spots in North America I don't know if I will ever run out of pictures for #ThirstyThursdayPics, #WaterfallWednesday, or #FlowingWaterFriday.

Here is one more from the Columbia River Gorge.

#PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: Here is a quick post for #SunsetSaturday. In my recent surge of processing photos from the year I stumbled upon this image that had sat untouched for almost 7 months. I wish wide angle shots didn't make Mount Hood look so small, but I was happily surprised to have had this sitting in the archives without knowing it. You will have to view the large version to even see the mountain!

#PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: My annual holiday travel started on Monday and won't end until New Year's. 11 days visiting family and friends on the east coast. It should be a great time. However, that means there won't be time for lots of photography or gplus postings. So Happy Holidays everyone!

While I have time today, here is a posting for #WaterfallWednesday. It is another shot from Ponytail Falls. Not a great or original image in my opinion, but I just love how awesome the greens get in the gorge, and this is a great spot to show them off from.

Edit: If anyone knows of any great spots to shoot near St Marry's Georgia, I would love some tips!

#PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: It's been one of those days... So as a bit of a pick me up here is an image from almost 6 years ago, before I was serious about photography. Back then I tended to only shoot when I was travelling and seeing new things. My parents had come to visit my wife and I in Paris, and we took a quick weekend trip to the Normandy coast and saw Etretat, which is just one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. It was one of those days you look back on and can't help but smile. Since I could use a smile, you get to see the image. Not one of my best, but one of my happiest memories.Photo: A waterfall and a restaurant recommendation... I promise they make sense together.

First off, the restaurant: everyone in the Portland area should take a trip out to dinner at The Aviary (http://www.aviarypdx.com/).

Second the photo: This is a shot of Oneonta Falls for #WaterfallWednesday curated by +Eric Leslie 

Now what do the two have to do with each other? Well on July 4th the Aviary caught fire due to an illegal firework and was closed for about 5 months. I happen to be friends with the owners / chefs of this restaurant, and since they suddenly had a lot of free time, I took one of them out hiking in the Columbia River Gorge. After doing the triple falls hike, I took him to this spot because it is one of the most unique places I have ever been. This gorgeous waterfall is at the end of a .25 mile long moss covered narrow canyon. Getting here involves climbing over a massive logjam and wading through chest deep water (I am 6'4") but it is totally worth it. I had never brought my camera gear here until this day, so I had to take a shot even though I was with my non photographer friend. So Jasper, thanks for waiting patiently while I try and take a picture as quickly as possible. Really, that was as quickly as possible....

As for the restaurant, it reopened about a month ago, and my wife and I recently went. I know I am biased, but the food really is excellent. It is probably one of the top 5 places I have been in Portland, and I have been to pretty much everything. I had the chestnut soup, the halibut and the stout cake. Go, eat all 3. Do it now.Photo: I haven't had a ton of time for heading out shooting recently, but I had the chance to head down to the Oregon coast with +Jeremy Cram, +Dustin Gent and Paul Bowman and just couldn't pass it up. We had a blast on the trip. This shot if from sunrise at a place called Thor's Well.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to critique if you notice something I didn't.Photo: Ramming Speed.....

This is from a couple of years ago near Juneau, AK. This guy and 13-15 of his friends decided to buzz the 26ft boat I was in. To give you an idea of how close this is, this is shot at 100mm and is uncropped (other than a minor rotation to level the horizon). They came right at us and went under and around the boat. Not as dramatic as the bubble feeding we saw that I posted a month or so ago, but still a pretty impressive thing to see. You really get a sense of how big humpbacks are when hey get close enough that you could jump on them.Photo: Another shot from my trip down the coast last week with +Jeremy Cram and +Dustin Gent. Jeremy and Dustin have already posted pictures of this night from closer to sunset, so in order to give everyone some variety here is one from about an hour before sunset. This is a 30 second exposure made using a 10 stop filter. I just love what 10 stop filters allow you to do in costal photography.

Thanks for looking!Photo: Here is my contribution to #MonochromeMonday this week. It is another shot from Seal Rocks state park in Oregon. The afternoon light coming through the clouds created a lot of contrast and very little color in the scene. So a B&W was in the works. Hope you enjoy.Photo: I probably won't have much time this week to process any of my new work, but there is still a ton in the archives that I haven't posted yet. So in order to keep the photos coming, here is one from a few years ago. I was in Juneau for 10 days and just fell in love with the Mendenhall Glacier. Walking on top of a glacier is just an otherworldly experience. I can't hope to compete with +Kent Mearig and his awesome Mendenhall photos, but here is one of the 3 or 4 shots I got from my 2 hours on top of the glacier.Photo: Feeling Blue

This is a bit different from the the sort of work I usually do, so I am curious as to how people will react. Let me know what you think.Photo: First off a big thanks to +Jeremy Cram for texting me last Friday and getting me to go with him to Cape Kiwanda, because of him I didn't miss this great sunset. Plus if you have to sit in a car for 4 hours to get a shot, he is a fun guy to do it with.

As a nice bonus we bumped in to +Ron Coscorrosa here and enjoyed sharing a splash zone with him for about an hour.

Thanks for looking!Photo: I realized that it has been a busy week when I remembered that the photos from last weekend's snowshoeing trip are still sitting on the camera. Yikes, I haven't even turned my camera on in a week! So since I haven't even looked at my recent stuff, here is a picture from this past spring. I think I went out with +Dustin Gent for this trip to Dry Creek Falls. It is kind of an overlooked falls in the Columbia River Gorge, but the vertical lines on the back cliff make for some interesting possibilities.Photo: This one was taken right about a year ago. My wife and I were in Moab UT for her spring break (my wife is a professor - yup, she is crazy smart) and I was letting her sleep in while I wandered around right near where we were staying. There wasn't a great foreground immediately available, and I didn't have time to sprint to one before the light was gone, so I zoomed in on a butte with a section of sky that looked like it had been painted in. Here is the result, thanks for looking.Photo: My main photography goal this winter was to finally get some decent snowy mountain shots. Well, the snow around Mt Hood has been fairly lame this year, and the few times I have been up there after fresh snow I have been skunked with the light.

The coast on the other hand keeps giving and giving. I went out with +Jeremy Cram and +Dustin Gent and hit yet another pretty sunset. How does that song go again, "You can't always get what you want..."Photo: So I just got my first macro lens, and I have to say, macro lenses are a ton of fun. My trip to the Wooden Shoe tulip festival would have been a bust without it. Clouds block the sunrise? no problem, just geek out with the macro lens for an hour or two and you walk away with something.

Thanks for looking.Photo: This is from the same night as my last photo. While we were all staring at the show on the waterfall +Jeremy Cram turned around and spotted the awesome sky in the other direction. So I switched to the 100-400mm lens and caught this through the mist. So thanks again Jeremy!Photo: Photo: Last weekend +Jeremy Cram, +Dustin Gent, and a non gpluser, Paul Bowman took a weekend trip to explore eastern Oregon. We spent most of our time in the Alvord Desert camping, drinking, and of course, taking pictures. All in all it was a pretty awesome weekend. We even ran in to +Michael Bollino at Smith Rock, and I have to say he seems like an insanely nice guy.

I now have about a million photos on the processing backlog, but here is my first from the trip. The light was ok, but the cloud motion was awesome, so I threw on the old 10 stop filter and did a long exposure to capture the motion and bring out the light. Thanks for looking.Photo: So this is my first experiment with vertical panning. I started with a close up of the red plants you can see in +Jeremy Cram's shot "Desert Layers" and +Dustin Gent's "Fire Storm" and panned vertically to create an abstract closeup.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!Photo: This has been sitting in my 'to process' bin for two months now, and since I leave for Hawaii Friday morning I thought I should get in the ocean mood. Sadly, the current forecast for Hawaii looks like I am brining the Oregon winter with me. If the forecast is true, I will be lucky to see a single sunrise or sunset while I am there.

As for the picture, this was taken on the Oregon coast as part of an overnight trip with +Dustin Gent, +Jeremy Cram and Paul Bowman. We got pretty lucky with the light this night.Photo: Sorry for the complete lack of postings recently. A number of things have been conspiring against such things:

1. My wife and I just got back from Hawaii! (tons of fun)
2. Work
3. We tried to buy a house (and were thwarted - long story which I will only tell after a few beers)
4. My hard drive is nearly full. I have a replacement drive in the mail, so it will be a few days before I can process new photos.

So with all of this, here is an older photo of some diving humpback whales! Have a great weekend!

Edit: I almost forgot! This was processed completely in Lightroom 4, which I am really digging.Photo: It seems it is time for a renewal in many ways. Obviously, from the picture, it is spring time and flowers are starting to peak out in the Columbia River Gorge. But also, my computer is kind of reborn. I finally got a working high speed external drive for my mac book pro. The first one I ordered was dead on arrival. At long last though I now have free hard drive space again. So this image (along with 16GB of other images that have been sitting on my CF card) was finally able to get pulled off the camera and processed.

Hopefully now that my computer problems are worked out I will be posting more frequently again.

A quick thanks to +Jeremy Cram for letting me use his macro lens for this shot. Also a quick scream sent to +Jeremy Cram because now he has inflicted me with the macro bug and I feel my bank account will be about one lens lighter in the near future....Photo: Here is a more normal shot from me to go along with my silly post. This was taken at the woodenshoe tulip festival a few weeks ago, which was the last time I went out to shoot....Photo: After getting skunked again last night I had to resort to the my long long list of images to process for something new to post. This is by no means a creative shot, but I just installed Silver Efex Pro and wanted to give her a spin. Here is the result of my first B&W using it. I don't know the software well enough yet to know if I like it or not.

Thanks for looking.Photo: As I mentioned in my last post, I have a hard time letting images just sit there "done". This is one I have been meaning to rework for a while now that I am a little better at B&W's. I will probably redo it again in another 6 months...

Thanks for looking!Photo: Edge of the Storm

On Sunday night my wife and I decided to head to Mt St Helen's for a little picnic. This was supposed to be half 'me scouting for flower conditions' and half 'us having fun together'. The forecast called for no clouds and I didn't really expect any flowers, but since my wife and I had never been to Mt St Helens we went just to have a nice night and enjoy the outdoors a bit. Well after we set up our little picnic I start to notice a freak thunderstorm forming just past Mt St Helens. We sat here and watched the lightening and the CRAZY light for about 45 minutes. The edge of the storm passed by Mt St Helens right at sunset, and I was able to capture this shot.

Guess it was my lucky day!

#plusphotoextract  Photo: Why I Take Pictures

Sometime, when I am busy and I sit at home and watch all of the awesome pictures that my friends take flow through my online stream, I get jealous.  I mean really jealous.  I wish I had been there, I get mad I was working, etc etc.  It is pretty stupid, I know.  Every once in a while it makes me think, "Why the hell do I do this?".  If it causes me to feel this way I should just give it up.

Well today I was reminded why I take pictures.  Yesterday was a bit of a bad day, nothing serious, I was just in a funk - it happens.  But today my buddy Paul Bowman (aka Mr Big) dragged me out of bed for sunrise.  As soon as I am taking pictures of nature I am energized, happy and all the crap fades away.  For me, there is nothing quite like it.  I wish everyone in the world had something in their lives that did this for them.  So go out, find your photography.

In the meantime, here is a picture from about 2 hours ago.  I love me some dahlias.

#plusphotoextract  Photo: Photo: Jumping back a few months ago to a 4 or 5 day trip with +Jeremy Cram .  Sitting by the shore of Sparks Lake, relaxing and soaking in the scenery with a good friend is definitely one of my better memories from the summer.  Well at least until I tried to slice my finger off while making dinner.  FYI, Jeremy makes a good nurse.  So if he is around, feel free to attack your hands with swiss army knives.Photo: This one was taken at the end of a 5 day marathon with +Jeremy Cram during this past summer.  We started out spending two days in the Three Sisters / Bend area and then ran up to Mount Ranier National Park to meet up with +Dustin Gent  and +Brian Kibbons .  We ended the trip with a quick sunset shoot at Cape Kiwanda.  This was a great ending to a week of shooting for me, but sadly +Jeremy Cram and +Brian Kibbons were tortured by listening to my singing on the drive home.  What can I say?  I need to stay awake somehow.Photo: A little macro fun, taken with +Paul Bowman on an early morning trip to the Swan Island Dhalia Farms.Photo: This was taken while hiking with my wife and her parents.  They came out to visit us in Portland just at the height of flower season on Mt Rainier.  So we stayed up there for 1 night and did a mid day hike.  This is a view of the Tatoosh range with a rainstorm brewing.  It was a great day with the family.

Thanks for looking!Photo: I haven't posted a #waterfallwednesday  photo in a while, so I guess I need to fix that.  Here is one from this past fall taken with +Michael Bollino.  I actually had to crop out a bit of +Michael Bollino's backpack from the upper corner of the shot.  Grrrrr....  Other than that, it was a great day shooting.Photo: This is one that sat unprocessed on my computer since this past February.  I am almost done with my end of the year processing backlog, so I have a few more to share before I have to go out and start shooting again.

It has been so long since I took this, but I am pretty sure there was a full house in the little tunnel when I took this one.  +Jeremy Cram  and +Paul Bowman were there, and I think +Brian Kibbons and +Dustin Gent  and +Brian Adelberg were as well.

Thanks for looking!Photo: This fall +Paul Bowman and I made a trip out to Panther Creek falls.  Neither of us had ever been, but we had seen pictures and had it on our respective lists for a while.  We got there and were both blown away by how huge it is.  I had no idea just how massive it is.  Definitely a falls worth seeing in person, as pictures just don't do it justice.

Thanks for looking!

#waterfallwednesday  Photo: Apparently it is #floralfriday , so here is a shot from the Swan Island Dahlia farms this past summer.  Got to love the dahlias...  Hopefully this weekend I will have time to put together a tops of 2012 post.

Thanks for looking!Photo: Here is a sunrise shot of the Tatoosh range in Mt Rainier National Park from this past August for #mountainmonday .  These flower shots remind me that it is winter and I need to get my but in gear and head to the mountains to see some nice snow covered peaks.

Thanks for looking.Photo: This shot of Mt Hood was taken Sunday morning on a quick sunrise shoot with +Michael Bollino.  The morning didn't look like it was going to provide us with much, as the sky looked completely clear, but as the sun came up it hit a patch of really wispy clouds that we couldn't even see until they started to glow pink.  All in all, it was a good first shoot of 2013.

#plusphotoextract   #mountainmonday  Photo: Here is one from last summer at Proxy Falls on a bright summer day.  It was my first time seeing Proxy so even with the harsh light I had to come away with something!  Waterfall Wednesday seemed like a good time to share it!

#waterfallwednesday  Photo: Superbowl Sunday 

How did you spend Superbowl Sunday?  For the first time since I can remember I didn't watch the superbowl (and of course it was actually a game worth watching.....).  Instead I woke up in Bend, shot Smith Rock, and then made my first trip out to Painted Hills.  It was my first trip there, and I will tell you what, driving home after sunset from this location makes you realize one thing:  The painted hills are in the middle of frigging no where.  I mean no where.  We drove for 2 hours without seeing a single other driver.  At least 3 hours in to the drive we were able to squeeze in a trip to the Full Sail Brewpub in Hood River for dinner right before they closed.  Sunset wasn't out of this world, but it was definitely a fun day.Photo: Caving In

After being a longtime holdout from Facebook, I actually have a profile over there as of today.  https://www.facebook.com/scottmillerphotos  All my work will eventually make its way over there too.  After a few weeks trial we will see what I decide to do.

As for this image, it was taken after an overnight trip with +Michael Bollino this past weekend.  The Columbia River Gorge is just great this time of year.Photo: This is a quick shot of a calving glacier in Alaska. If you look closely at the larger version you can see a couple of birds fleeing the scene to get a sense of scale.

Shortly after this the entire face of the glacier collapsed. It was quite a site to see. The scale of the amount of ice falling is so large that it actually isn't as impressive as this smaller flow in a photo. The large scale ones really need a video to tell the story.Photo: Here is a new one from yesterday at Elowah Falls. The conditions were ideal for waterfall shots: overcast skies, a light drizzle now and then, and no wind. +Jeremy Cram and I had intended to hit Elowah and then do move on to more adventurous targets, but the conditions were so awesome that we spent a ton of time here shooting the falls and doing some macro work on the spring ferns.Photo: Here is another one from Saturday's outing.  Thanks for looking.Photo: Here is an old photo from back in 2009 before I knew what I was doing with a camera. This is from a helicopter flying above the Juneau Icefield during the middle of the day. Getting up here and hiking around on the Mendenhall Glacier was one of the two most memorable experiences my wife and I had on our trip to Alaska. Plus it was our first time in a helicopter, so for those of you that know Mary, you can picture her anxiety.Photo: Here is a different take on the awesomeness that is Panther Creek Falls.

Thanks for looking!Photo: My wife and I had just settled in to watch some TV at 9ish last night when I saw that the aurora was supposed to be good. 15 minutes later we were in the car headed to Mt Hood, an hour and a half away. Got here just in time for the show. I have to say, way way better than TV.Photo: Here's the first shot from my Yukon trip. No it isn't an Aurora shot, and no it wasn't the best light of the trip, but I wanted to see how it would turn out after processing. So, that means you are stuck with it. So deal :)

This is a long exposure shot at sunrise. 10 stop filters do crazy things with sky colors, and I personally really like the hues generated. I hope you enjoy! and if not, there will be plenty more to come.  Thanks for looking.Photo: The northern lights are one of the most awe inspiring things I have seen in nature. This was taken after helicoptering in to a 6 day backpacking trip in the Yukon about a month ago.

I set up my camera at around 10:00 PM and sat out in the cold watching the show light up what seemed like every inch of the sky (other than where my camera was pointed) from around midnight until 3AM. But then the lights cooperated and this scene began to unfold, peaking at around 3:45 when this frame was taken. When I got back to my tent after 5AM there was still green light in the sky. Sitting there in the dark watching a strong aurora under perfectly clear skies for 5 hours is definitely one of the most memorable experiences of my life.Photo: Here is some more aurora action from Tombstone Provincial Park in the Yukon.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: