74 Photos - Mar 20, 2008
Photo: Heart of Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre's Uncle SamPhoto: At HOBT, Minneapolis, MNPhoto: Photo: Laurie Witzkowski, Julian Faul (soldier), Chris Lutter (Uncle Sam)Photo: Photo: "Human Village" - place for everyone to openly & honestly talk about peacemaking & war-makingPhoto: Participants, speakers & exhibtors all agree.Photo: At U Minnesota, Feb 19, 2008 "Great Hall"Photo: Errick Rios is the first to get chosen!Photo: The question of the day!Photo: Lottery: Each birth date has a lottery number.Photo: "What is your major?" "Well, you have to report for your Induction physical in 60-90 days." "Now, what?"Photo: Who's next?Photo: Draft women? (Ask a woman veteran!)Photo: Lottery is projected use by Selective Service System www.sss.govPhoto: Your life - it's all Blind Chance!Photo: Photo: "What will you do if drafted?" - Train to kill?Photo: Photo: Another lucky one!Photo: Photo: Photo: Talks throughout the day on History, Religion, Law and Medical TorturePhoto: VetSpeak panelPhoto: (left to right) TBD, Bruce Berry, Wes DaveyPhoto: (left) Don Olson, "Minnesota 8" moderatorPhoto: Errick Rios interviews for video diaryPhoto: Photo: Photo: Elizabeth de la Vega, "US vs. Bush" former federal prosecutorPhoto: (left) Col. Ann Wright, (right) Coleen Rowley, former FBI agentPhoto: Photo: Prof. Steve Miles, MD - "Is America a Torture State?"
UM Center for Bioethics, and Medical SchoolPhoto: Augsburg College, Feb 20, 2008Photo: Frank Kroncke, PWH Executive DirectorPhoto: Photo: "Do you think the Draft will come back?"Photo: "What happens if the private mercenary armies are sent home?" (re: Blackwater, Halliburton)Photo: Anna Baker meets Uncle Sam!Photo: Given "Greetings!" letter - What will you do if drafted?Photo: Photo: "What will you do if drafted?" - Go to prison for 5 years?Photo: Photo: "What will you do if drafted?" - Exile to another country? Never able to return to America?Photo: Photo: "What year are you in?"Photo: "Low Lottery number!" - Where will you be in 60-90 days?Photo: "Don't be shy. Uncle Sam has a future for you!"Photo: "Wrong hand, but you'll do okay!"Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Col. Ann Wright, speakingPhoto: "Should I ask her?"Photo: "Congratulations, you've won the Lottery!"Photo: Photo: Photo: Potential recruit in "Endless War"Photo: Photo: ("Is this guy for real? Me, "1-A"? Hmmm.")Photo: Reading the "To Do" list - Drop out of school. Make a Final Will. (right) Mary Laurel True, Augsburg staff.Photo: Elizabeth de la Vega, presentingPhoto: Col. Ann Wright, two McDonald sisters, Coleen RowleyPhoto: "Women Against Military Madness" - www.worldwidewamm.orgPhoto: Caucus for "Ann Wright for President!"Photo: (left) Marv Davidov organizing Infants Against War!Photo: "Minnesota 8": (l) Pete Simmons, Don Olson, (r) Chuck TurchickPhoto: Frank Kroncke, introducing panelPhoto: Augsburg College, Feb 20, 2009 
Mary Beaudoin (WAMM), State Rep. Karen Clark, student, Col. Ann Wright (left to right)Photo: "Veterans For Peace" - heroes all!Photo: "Say No to Death, Say Yes to Life!"Photo: "Hugs for peace, all around!" (Uncle Sam says, "Hell No I won't go!")Photo: