60 Photos - Mar 18, 2008
Photo: Photo: "Beaver 55" raid, February 28, 1970Photo: Protests while locked up in Hennepin County jail.Photo: Youth's eternal hope!Photo: U of Minneosta's Rarig CenterPhoto: Don Olson with blue jacketPhoto: FBI was not at every board raided on July 10th!Photo: Rarig Center Display - Chante Wolf, Vets for PeacePhoto: Rarig Center Display - Chante Wolf, Vets for PeacePhoto: Molly Ivin's article - cub reporter at Minneapolis TribunePhoto: Cheryl Walsh Bellville - "Minnesota 8" photographer since 1970Photo: Photo: Photo: Bail lowered due to riots outside the jail!Photo: Photo: Ron Peluso, History Theatre, leads post-play discussion with actors and "Minnesota 8"Photo: Photo: Photo: Report for Induction physical letters - Uncle Sam's "Greetings"Photo: Photo: "1-A" card - Uncle Sam's Gotcah!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: "Minnesota 8" 1970 - Cheryl Walsh BellvillePhoto: "Minnesota 8" 2008 - Cheryl Walsh BellvillePhoto: Don Olson, Chuck Turchick, Bill Tilton, Frank Kroncke
Actors: Joe Leary, Wyatt Weber, Andrew Thompson, Nick Freeman - in Back:  Billy Mullany (Mike Therriault), John Riedlinger (Brad Beneke), Mike Lubke (Pete Simmons)Photo: Doris Baizley, "Peace Crimes" playwrightPhoto: Nick Freeman (Frank), Natalie Remus (Diane), David Eulus Wiles (Veteran, judge, Fred Hampton)Photo: Ron Peluso, play director and Director, History Theatre
Polly Carl, Ex. Dir, The Playwright CenterPhoto: Photo: "Minnesota 8" and Daniel Ellsberg ("Pentagon Papers")Photo: Bill TiltonPhoto: Pete SimmonsPhoto: Frank KronckePhoto: Don OlsonPhoto: Mike TherriaultPhoto: Chuck TurchickPhoto: Brad BenekePhoto: Brade BenekePhoto: Frank KronckePhoto: Don OlsonPhoto: Mike TherriaultPhoto: Bill TiltonPhoto: Pete SimmonsPhoto: Chuck TurchickPhoto: Frank with Doctor Spock ("The Baby Doc"!)Photo: Ken Tilsen, defense lawyer for all three "Minnesota 8" trialsPhoto: Student StrikePhoto: Photo: Amidst the darkness of the Vietnam Era, there were some Good Times!Photo: Photo: Photo: "Winners" who are now felons.Photo: "Thanks for the pie!" celebration. We held up signs with pictures of insects. We were beyond words!Photo: Photo: Father Bill Tesla, exorcizing the federal building, St. Paul, MN.Photo: "Outlaws or American Patriots?"