55 Photos - Mar 11, 2008
Photo: Photo: Resist Illegitimate Authority!Photo: Photo: Frank Kroncke - "Minnesota 8 Celebration" organizerPhoto: Frank Kroncke, "Minnesota 8" - preaching the message!Photo: Musicians, Steve Blons & James Plattes (mandolin)Photo: Awards that "recognize the few, to honor the many" anti-war and peace activists in Minnesota from then to now.Photo: "Resist Ilegitimate Authority!" awardPhoto: Don Olson escorts Prof. David Noble, HistorianPhoto: Don Olson, "Minnesota 8"Photo: Mel Duncan, Nonviolent Peaceforce www.nvpf.orgPhoto: Phil Steger, Catholic theologian, former Ex Dir, Friends for a Nonviolent WorldPhoto: Don Olson recognizes Phil StegerPhoto: Phil Steger, Don Olson, Frank KronckePhoto: Pete Simmons, "Minnesota 8," to Prof. Romeyn TaylorPhoto: Pete Simmons to Prof. Peter RachleffPhoto: Professors: Noble, Taylor, Rachleff, Dan EllsbergPhoto: Mel Duncan and Marv DavidovPhoto: Don Olson, Mel Duncan, Frank KronckePhoto: Minnesota State Representative Karen J. ClarkPhoto: Mary Beaudoin, Women Against Military Madness (WAMM)Photo: Bill Tilton, "Minnesota 8," & Mayor Chris Coleman (St. Paul)Photo: William C. Hunt, former director of the Newman Center, U of Minnesota - Catholic theologianPhoto: Frank recognizing long-time friendship and support of Garrison Keillor, from Lake Wobegon, MN (in absentia)Photo: Julie Madden, on behalf of St. Joan of Arc communityPhoto: Bill Tilton, "Minnesota 8" and attorneyPhoto: Bill Tilton and Ken Tilsen, "Minnesota 8" trial attorneyPhoto: Bill Tilton honors Ken Tilsen, "Minnesota 8" trial attorneyPhoto: Bill & Ken shared a law office after the MN Bar granted Bill a license even though he was a felon!Photo: Photo: Jordan Kushner, attorney - social justice stalwartPhoto: Mike Therriault, "Minnesota 8," & Prof. Alan Hooper, biologistPhoto: Prof. Steve Miles, M.D. - fearless advocate against medical complicity in torturePhoto: Churck Turchick - "Minnesota 8" draft board raider & prisoner of consciencePhoto: Chuck Turchick & Dave GutknechtPhoto: Chuck Logan, Vietnam Veteran and novelistPhoto: Brad Beneke, "Minnesota 8"Photo: Brad Beneke & Chante Wolf, Veterans for PeacePhoto: Award to Jeff Blodgett and "Wellstone Action!" (in absentia)Photo: Brandon Day, Iraq Veterans Against the War www.ivaw.orgPhoto: Don Olson honors Daniel Ellsberg of "Pentagon Papers' famePhoto: Honoring Daniel EllsbergPhoto: Daniel Ellsberg, a wintess at the "Minnesota 8" trial, released the "Pentagon Papers" six months later, June 1971.Photo: Honoring Mayor R.T. Rybak, Minneapolis (in absentia)Photo: Professors Noble, Taylor, Rachleff & Daniel EllsbergPhoto: Bruce Berry, Vietnam Veteran, receiving on behalf of Colonel (ret.) Ann WrightPhoto: Fred Ojile, "Milwaukee 14" - heroic draft board raider & prisoner of consciencePhoto: War Resister - testifying and recognized first time by public!Photo: Fran Galt, War resister & prisoner of consciencePhoto: Tom Trow, documentarian - draft file destroyed by the "Beaver 55" - some of the "Minnesota 8" - saying, Thanks!Photo: Frank Kroncke, "Minnesota 8"Photo: Frank Kroncke honors Karen J. Clark, social justice stalwart and leaderPhoto: Frank Kroncke recognizes Mary Beaudoin and work of "Women Against Military Madness" (WAMM) www.worldwidewamm.orgPhoto: Singing - "All we are saying is Give Peace A Chance!"Photo: "All we are saying is Give Peace a Chance!" & Resist Illegitimate Authority!