19 Photos - Aug 7, 2013
Photo: overview of day hike.Photo: 3-D overview of day hikePhoto: Topographic mapPhoto: Advertisement. Hmmm, take a day off of hike to race?Photo: Wetterstein Hut. Magnificent view from up herePhoto: Carved in tree stump near Wetterstein Hut.Photo: Keeping their brew cool --- mountain fed water.Photo: Panorama down to LeutaschPhoto: 500 meters above TH (valley floor). ~1500'Photo: Photo: Photo: 2h (hours) to summit of Gehrenspitz. Hmmm, only took 90 minutes round trip, with rest on top.Photo: Gehrenspitz (Summit) in top center).Photo: Gehrenspitze Summit in far left (cross is visible).Photo: Photo: View down the spectacular Puittal (Puit Valley)Photo: Another view down the Puittal.Photo: Photo: