109 Photos - Dec 4, 2013
Photo: Quito, Capital of EcuadorPhoto: Our first homestay in QuitoPhoto: Changing of the GuardPhoto: Changing of the GuardPhoto: Wires etcPhoto: AlpacasPhoto: Accommodation at Pappalacta Hot Springs - 3330 metres highPhoto: Trek at PapallactaPhoto: L-R, Nicole (Dane), Don (Cannuck), Annette, Mes (Dane), Maria (our guide) and Jody (Brit)Photo: Me and the MissesPhoto: Far right, Cherry (Canadian)Photo: On our way to a homestay with the Quichua peoplePhoto: Jungle home at TenaPhoto: Maria showing us where we are - dohPhoto: NeighboursPhoto: Rainforest walkPhoto: View over the riverPhoto: Matildo making the ladies beautiful with river clayPhoto: And the gentelemenPhoto: Dinner (trout I think)Photo: Our bedroomPhoto: At nightPhoto: The dining hallPhoto: Annette with tribal markingsPhoto: Fierce Quichua warriorPhoto: Two rather lovely warriorsPhoto: Warren (Cannuck) getting initiatedPhoto: Second from left is Irene (Warren's wife), then Jean (Canadian), behind Jean is Dan, her partner - back two right - John (Yank) and Andre (Cannuck) = next to Annette is Marianne (American) - everyone covered now.Photo: PrettyPhoto: Another jungle walkPhoto: I wish I could remember . . .Photo: LunchPhoto: WashdayPhoto: Our bedroom from the outsidePhoto: Making chocolatePhoto: Mes, messing around with the firePhoto: Yum!Photo: The ownerPhoto: Photo: The owner's wife (names, names? I have an old man's brain)Photo: Rio Napo, headwater of the Amazon - eveningPhoto: Cabanas Yarina - accommodation above the NapoPhoto: Our friend in next door's bedroomPhoto: Going downriverPhoto: On the Rio NapoPhoto: Panning for goldPhoto: Gold! Gold!Photo: Quichua woman making stuffPhoto: Making potteryPhoto: Photo: Don, killing thingsPhoto: Garry, also killing thingsPhoto: Dead parrotPhoto: Cocoa plantPhoto: Photo: Savage fishPhoto: Cayman hidingPhoto: Ocelot asleep in a treePhoto: A capybara - rat as big as a large pigPhoto: Banos 1800 metresPhoto: Inside Banos cathedralPhoto: Bano high streetPhoto: Surrounding countrysidePhoto: Devil's Cauldron waterfall, BanosPhoto: Crossing to the Devil's Cauldron - Annie singing hymnsPhoto: Tungurahua active volcano which oversees Banos townPhoto: Photo: Another volcano on the way to Cuenca by public busPhoto: Local womanPhoto: Church in the mountainsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Ingapirca is the main Inca site in EcuadorPhoto: Ingapirca - the Canari (moon worshipers) were also herePhoto: Canari housePhoto: The Inca were of course sun worshippersPhoto: Block for ritual beheadingPhoto: Inca king's compoundPhoto: MariaPhoto: Rock face outside Ingapirca - only the bush-eyelashes have been added by ManPhoto: Panama hat factory at CuencaPhoto: Ecuador's hats were exported from Panana - hence Panamas rather than EcuadorsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Love the second captionPhoto: High mountain lake at CuencaPhoto: Trek around the lake (2530 metres high)Photo: Llama or alpaca?Photo: Our bedroom in the hacienda at Cayambe (2850 metres high)Photo: Hacienda hallwayPhoto: Living room - the hacienda is 400 years oldPhoto: Unblazing saddlesPhoto: The hacienda's chapelPhoto: Dining areaPhoto: Photo: Annette paintingPhoto: Middle of the worldPhoto: Photo: Waiting for the chicken bus to our next destinationPhoto: Photo: In the street at OtavaloPhoto: Town plaza, OtavaloPhoto: VolcanoPhoto: Annette and me, on our own at the last ranchoPhoto: Rancho Don Carlos, near Quito airport - our last nightPhoto: Volcano (there are hundreds of them!)Photo: A wooden plough seen on our last day