41 Photos - Mar 12, 2013
Photo: Photo: Mama Tina cooking the goat meat. I've learned a lot about cooking from her.Photo: Tina! My absolute favorite child. She calls me mama mdogo, which means aunt in Swahili, and i feel honored to be part of her familyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Cooking some meatPhoto: Caesar and SamoraPhoto: Goat leg before it was cooked.Photo: Photo: Mama Havizi cutting the onionsPhoto: Mmmm goat intestinesPhoto: Baba Tina being sillyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Tina all dressed up for her birthday celebration on New Year's dayPhoto: Photo: Photo: All the kids dressed up in the nicest clothes I've ever seen them in.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: ClassyPhoto: Leah getting the decorations readyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Waiting patiently for the festivities to beginPhoto: Photo: Photo: And now they're boredPhoto: Mama Tina all dressed up. Looking goodPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Giving out candyPhoto: There's even enough candy for the adults :)Photo: Photo: Mama and PetaPhoto: