64 Photos - Sep 4, 2013
Photo: Photo: Photo: T/Sgt. Marion Gray, Columbus, Ohio, 29th Div. 116th Inf Reg. Co. A, Dog GreenPhoto: VeteransPhoto: Richard Hamleton, 13th Airborne, Willloughby, Ohio; Ed Barkeiewicz, 5th Rangers, Parma, Ohio (brother killed at Iwo Jima)Photo: T/Sgt George Diller served in the 26th Infantry.Photo: Armand Colucci served on the destroyer escort USS Howard F. ClarkPhoto: Sgt. Dan McBride, native of Conneaut; 502 PIR 101stPhoto: Ohio vet Don W. Dichy served aboard a troop carrier.Photo: D-Day Vet: Clinton Longenecker, of Toledo, OhioPhoto: Born and raised in Erie, Pa., veteran Arden Earll served in a heavy weapons, mortar unit.Photo: Lenel Moore, Ashtabula, Ohio. Black USMC, 88 years oldPhoto: Lt. Warren Thomson, 89 year oldPhoto: Man and singers, from left; Jeanne Keith, Pen Brook, N.H.; Arthur 'Pat' Engeberg, Louisville, Ohio (98 years old) served in 100th Inf. Div. 399th Reg. ; Diane Kuebler, Newton, Mass.Photo: Rosie the Riveter, Rosemarie Noce, Conneaut, OhioPhoto: Portraying a WAC, Connie Nieves of Grafton, Ohio, promoted the Liberty Aviation Museum and its B-25 Georgie's Gal.Photo: Lauren and Melissa Solemani, Somerset, Mass.Photo: 1940s gal Rachel Brown, Albion, Pa.Photo: Royal Airforce pilot: Mike Blazejack, Sandwich, Ill.Photo: Royal Canadian Navy – Bruce Stevenson, Toronto, Queen's Own Rifles Joel Moffet, TorontoPhoto: Ron and Debbbie Venig, Fairmont, W. Va., with Linda and Bill Donegan, Charleston, W. Va.Photo: Kilroy was herePhoto: Photo: Photo: Typical GI footlocker.Photo: Luftwaffe pilot, Harry Pearson, Columbus, OhioPhoto: Daniel Demshar, Akron, Ohio; Ralph Demshar, Ravenna, Ohio; Rob Applegate, Columbus, Ohio; Kubelwagen (VW/German Jeep)Photo: The picture of authenticity.Photo: Asked why he chose to portray a German soldier, a re-enactor said, "The good guys need somebody to shoot."Photo: French Resistance arm bands; Free French of the Interior (stayed in France to fight); Cross of LorrainePhoto: Renamed section of Conneaut Township Park.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Pre-D-Day model of beach head.Photo: GIs prepare to board Higgins boats.Photo: GIs prepare to board Higgins boats.Photo: Allied troops in Higgins boat.Photo: Higgins boatPhoto: DUKW runs in water and on land.Photo: DUKW runs in water and on land.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Beach head view from German bunker on bluff.Photo: German machine gun emplacement on bluff.Photo: Andy Grimes, Temperance, Mich.Photo: Digging foxholes and filling sandbags – top Tim Jones, Chester, Ill., Tim Schulte, St. Paul, Mo.Photo: Sandbagging – top Tim Jones, Chester, Ill., Tim Schulte, St. Paul, Mo.Photo: German view from bluff overlooking beach head.Photo: Beach obstacles.Photo: Allied bomber flies over Allied landing area.Photo: Allied bomber flies over Allied landing area.Photo: Belgian gate, Teller mines and beach obstacles.Photo: GIs taking the beach!Photo: Gernmans in stronghold await Allied advance.Photo: Bring up the artilley!Photo: GIs taking the beach!Photo: GIs advance on beach past German bunker.Photo: GI's advance past barb wire, anti-tank traps.Photo: GIs taking the beach!Photo: Conneaut News-Herald - dated June 6,1944.