287 Photos - Aug 7, 2013
Photo: Mifgash 2013 starts as everyone arrivesPhoto: Mifgash 2013 begins: Alumni from the 1950s & 1960s join to start their reunion weekendPhoto: BEHOLD THE BEAUTY as the alumni come to celebrate Shabbat!Photo: Everyone walking to join chanichim for Shabbat: Zev Yaroslavsky (far left),Photo: Here we come!!!!Photo: The walk to Bluff Lake for ShabbatPhoto: Gathering with chanichim for shabbatPhoto: Bluff Lake as the sun setsPhoto: Every kvutza together - from the youngest to the oldest!Photo: Shabbat begins in a circle by the lakePhoto: Beautiful dinner served on the Chadar Ochel's mirpeset - cold but deeeeeelicious!Photo: Brand, Noa Caiserman, Yael Caiserman Rosenbloom, Fred Rosenbloom, Sally Cassidy at the front table (Tali Plafkin adn Micha Plafkin at the back center table)Photo: Shira- beautiful harmonies into the night: Far left: Hadar Plafkin, Barry Krasner, Eleanor Krasner, Yael Rosenbloom, Fred Rosenbloom, Tali Shultz, Bruce Penso, Frankie Meppen, Lisa Lebowski Wanamaker, Miriam ChankinPhoto: Saturday morning breakfast in the Snow SummitPhoto: Norm Kane starts the day early with the best kvutza building experience by off roading and getting his car stuck 1/2 way up! near the old Gilboa camp site!!Photo: Whatcha gunna do now???!!!Photo: Hadar Plafkin enjoying the humor in the situationPhoto: Liz Bernstein using ingenuity to solve the problem...Photo: Rethinking the problem (Hey guys were ya going???)Photo: Debby Wenkart getting a kick out of the situationPhoto: Regrouping ... Let's put little Lisa Wanamaker Lebowski behind the wheel suggests Steve Klein!Photo: Alright everyone... let's get togetherPhoto: PUSH.....Photo: SUCCESS!!!  Alls's well that ends well... Norm, did you PLAN this great kvutza building activity???!!!Photo: High Five to the ROSH!  Marty and Karen Polon  and Bruce PensoPhoto: Marty Cohen... our hero!Photo: Marty Cohen, Karen Polon, Bruce PensoPhoto: Garhering to start the day:Photo: Treats & Snacks for everyone - Everyone stays hydrated - the altitude is 7500 and we all feel it in one way or another...Photo: Snacking and getting ready to start day 2 of Mifgash 2013
Daniel Geffner, Nira Brand, Sarah Hecht, Debby Wenkart, Brand, Joan Klein Sager, Norm Kane, Marty Cohen, Hadar PlafkinPhoto: Danny Wenke (red cap) and Karen Polon wait with the chanichim to hear about the chugim retzPhoto: Mathis Chaznov -getting silly!Photo: Chug Retz with Machaneh: There were options ranging from Treyvon Martin to Israeli dancing, from Art History to Tzofiut, from Gilboa in the Olden Days to A 1965 Anti-War Shabbat celebration... ALL well attended by the chanichimPhoto: Parsha of the week discussed with Ken LA - how does it apply to the community we want to create back home?
Eleanor Krasner & Talma Shultz listen inPhoto: Shlicha, Tzlil (white shirt - center - they sure get them young these days!!!) discussing how the parsha of the week applies to our lives in the KenPhoto: Don Scholl & chanichim talking about Gilboa back in the day - Gilboa in the 1950s and 1960sPhoto: Don Scholl  & the ladies at Chug Gilboa in the Olden DaysPhoto: Sally CassidyPhoto: Joel Goldberg & Liz BersteinPhoto: Madrichim & Alumni describe Chugim for ChanichimPhoto: Julie Scholl, Bernie Pearl and Dalia Belinkoff decide which chug to joinPhoto: Dalia Belinkoff, Myron & Sarah Hecht, Lisa Wannamaker, Debby Wenkart listen to the chug presentationsPhoto: Bernie Pearl talks about the first Habonim west coast campPhoto: Bernie Pearl telling about tiyul back in the day...Photo: Photo: Norm Kane, Hadar Plafkin and Russ Meppen share their experiences of being madrichim and chanachim back in the day...Photo: Mathis Chazanov, Plafkin sister, Don Scholl, Frankie Meppen, Russ Meppen, MIcha Plafkin, Julie Macht Beenhouwer, Hadar Plafkin, Bruce Penso gather together to get their first tour around the 40 acres of lake front propertyPhoto: Photo: Original Stagecoach Station for gold miners in Big Bear.  Don't you think there must still be SOME gold in these hills???!!!Photo: Bluff Lake - the only natural lake in Big Bear: endangered wildlife live on it si we leave a soft footprint on our land by only kayaking in this natural lakePhoto: Bluff LakePhoto: Machaneh Gilboa Welcome ArchPhoto: Karen PolonPhoto: Tsippi Rudy, Yael Rosenbloom, Eleanor Krasner, Bruce Krasner, Yoni Shultz talk about Gilboa's capital campaignPhoto: Gilboa's semel on the midura boulderPhoto: Bruce Penso, Mathis Chaznov, Sally CassidyPhoto: Bruce PensoPhoto: Hadar PlafkinPhoto: Bernie Pearl in the amphitheaterPhoto: Marty Cohen & Dalia Belinkoff walking through the Wildlands Conservancy meadowPhoto: Karen Polon, Dalia Belinkoff & Marty CohenPhoto: Photo: We are restoring the original stage coach cabinsPhoto: Photo: Bernie Pearl captivates the resting alumni during chofeshPhoto: Bernie Pearl plays country blues during chofeshPhoto: Julie Macht & Tsippi Rudy enjoying some country blues...Photo: Fred Rosenbloom & Frankie Meppen enjoy Bernie Pearl's tunesPhoto: Kayaking during ChofeshPhoto: Kayaking during Chofesh on Lake BluffPhoto: Kayaking during Chofesh on Lake BluffPhoto: Alisa Belinkoff, Debby Wenkart, Danny Geffner, Alisa Belinkoff, Brand, Joan Klein Sager & LIiz Bernstein perform an Oneg ShabbatPhoto: Oneg ShabbatPhoto: Dalit Belinkoff, Alisa Belinkoff and Sandy Oberman host Gilboa Trivia BowlPhoto: Dalia & Alisa and Sandy stump the Mifgashers with great camp trivia questions!Photo: Tsippi Rudy and Nira BrandPhoto: Hadar PlafkinPhoto: Dorit Ely Brand, Sara Hecht, Liz Bernstein, Danny Geffner, Bernie Pearl and Yoni ShultzPhoto: Bernie Pearl, Norm Kane, Yoni Shultz, Frankie Meppen, Sara Hecht, Yael Rosenbloom, Joel Goldberg, Myron Hecht and Talma Shultz play Gilboa Trivia Bowl on Team BetPhoto: Sisters!  Dalia Belinkoff and Alisa Belinkoff KatzPhoto: Dalia and Alisa creating the Trivia Bowl teamsPhoto: Barry Krasner contributes his knowledge in the Trivia Bowl for Team AlephPhoto: Yael Rosenbloom knows every tune for Team BetPhoto: Saria Kraft, Linda Krasnoff, Marlene Goldfarb, Velvet Pham and Aaron (Shepsie) Barlev pool their knowledge for Team GimmelPhoto: Photo: Photo: Let the games begin... Tsippi Rudy and Nira BrandPhoto: Tsippi Rudy & Nira BrandPhoto: Dalia Belinkoff and Alisa Belinkoff Katz planned a terrific trivia bowl gamePhoto: Photo: Norm Kane, Yoni Shultz, Frankie Meppen and Yael RosenbloomPhoto: Barry Krasner (with Saria Kraft, Velvet Pham, Shepsie Barlev and Plafkin)Photo: Miriam ChankinPhoto: Tsippi RudyPhoto: Nira BrandPhoto: Marlene GoldfarbPhoto: Marlene Goldfarb (with  Julie Scholl, Linda Krasnoff, Velvet Pham and Aaron (Shepsie) Barlev in the background)Photo: Velvet Pham & Aaron (Shepsie) BarlevPhoto: Carol RichardsonPhoto: Donna ChaznovPhoto: Mathis Chaznov (with Joel Goldberg & Yoni Shultz in the background)Photo: Cathy  Schindel Knowles  Lisa Wannamaker Lebowski & Yoni ShultzPhoto: Karen PolonPhoto: Photo: Cathy Shindel KnowlesPhoto: Don SchollPhoto: Talma ShultzPhoto: Yoni Shultz enjoys a moment in the sun during chofeshPhoto: Julie SchollPhoto: Sally Cassidy, Donna Chaznov, Joel Goldberg, Mathis Chaznov, Lisa Lebowski, Don Scholl, Cathy Schindell KnowlesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Tsippi Rudy and Brand challenge the other teamsPhoto: Photo: Our Mifgash camp headquartersPhoto: Photo: Frankie & Russ Meppen confer with Yael Caiserman Rosenbloom to answer a trivia bowl questionPhoto: Brand, Eleanor Chaznov, Liz Bernstein, Norm KanePhoto: Danny GeffnerPhoto: Sara Hecht, Sally Cassidy, Herb ObermanPhoto: Alisa Belinkoff Katz & Dalia Belinkoff in their ORIGINAL chultzot!!!Photo: Mathis Chaznov, Don Scholl, Lisa Lebowski, Linda KrasnoffPhoto: Lisa Lebowski, Linda Krasnoff, Velvet PhamPhoto: Velvet Pham and Aaron (Shepsi) BarlevPhoto: Bruce PensoPhoto: Joel Goldberg (with Frankie Meppen, Liz Bernsteain, Russ Meppen and Norm Kane in the background)Photo: Herb and Sandy ObermanPhoto: Sandy ObermanPhoto: Herb ObermanPhoto: Joel GoldbergPhoto: Don Scholl (with Bruce Penso in the back)Photo: Micha PlafkinPhoto: Micha PlafkinPhoto: Marty CohenPhoto: Steve KleinPhoto: Marty CohenPhoto: Go away, we're figuring out how to buy camp!!!  Steve Klein, Aaron (Shepsie) Barlev & Marty CohenPhoto: Steve KleinPhoto: Steve KleinPhoto: Photo: Brecha is the favorite part of our day in our heated pool!   This is the SAME pool that the MIfgashers used to use back in the day because their camp had no pool - just the swimming hole that they dug themselves!!!Photo: Midurah with MachanehPhoto: Mifgashers were blown away by both the talent and the tolerance of the chanichim that had so much love and appreciation for each other!Photo: Photo: Inspirational Bathroom ArtPhoto: Inspirational Machaneh Bathroom ArtPhoto: Gilboa's Donor Recognition QuiltsPhoto: Habonim Machaneh SignpostPhoto: Midurah with the chanichimPhoto: Beautiful skies every night at MachanehPhoto: Photo: Yael Caiserman Rosenbloom
& Karen PolonPhoto: Barry KrasnerPhoto: Noa Caiserman working wonders for Marty TaftPhoto: Marty Cohen, Karen Polon, Bruce Penso @ Snow Summit TownhousesPhoto: Micha Plafkin &  his sisterPhoto: Joan Klein Sager and Danny GeffnerPhoto: Julie Macht Beenhouwer helps around the edgesPhoto: Nira Brand & Karen PolonPhoto: Meeting Dalit Shlapobersky: DirectorPhoto: Karen PolonPhoto: Tsippi Rudy, Yael Rosenbloom, Eleanor Chazanov, Barry Krasner listening to Yoni ShultsPhoto: Starting our tour of MachanehPhoto: Machaneh Pool (same one we used to go to back when we were campers)Photo: Dalia BelinkoffPhoto: Mathis Chaznov leads chug Gilboa in the olden days and the kids LOVE it!Photo: Hadar PlafkinPhoto: Steve Klein & Marcia PlagerPhoto: Tsippi RudyPhoto: Bernie PearlPhoto: Aaron (Shepsie) BarlevPhoto: Photo: Steve KleinPhoto: Frankie Meppen & Liz Bernstein celebrating ShabbatPhoto: Marty CohenPhoto: Photo: Myron HechtPhoto: Steve KleinPhoto: Barry & Eleanor Krasner & Yael Caiserman Rosenbloom sing at ShabbatPhoto: Micha Plafkin, Tali & Hadar PlafkinPhoto: Chug: Gilboa in the olden DaysPhoto: Noa Caiserman, Frankie Meppen, Lisa Lebowski Wanamaker, Miriam ChankinPhoto: Marcia PlagerPhoto: Bruce PensoPhoto: Micha Plafkin and his sisterPhoto: Yael Caiserman Rosenbloom and Karen PolanPhoto: Brand SistersPhoto: Photo: Lisa Wanamaker LebowskiPhoto: Barry KrasnerPhoto: Noa Caiserman and Danny GeffnerPhoto: Donna Chazanov and Barbara YaroslavskyPhoto: Fred & Yael RosenbloomPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Tsippi RudyPhoto: Bruce PensoPhoto: Barry KrasnerPhoto: Russ MeppenPhoto: Debby WenkartPhoto: Photo: BrandPhoto: ShabbatPhoto: Eleanor & Barry KrasnerPhoto: Dalia BelinkoffPhoto: Donna ChazanovPhoto: Sara HechtPhoto: Liz BernsteinPhoto: Julie Macht BeenhouwerPhoto: Marty CohenPhoto: Photo: Liz BernsteinPhoto: Danny GeffnerPhoto: Myron and Sara HechtPhoto: Zev YaroslavskyPhoto: Miriam Chankin, Brand, Dalia BelinkoffPhoto: Danny WenkePhoto: Photo: Dalia BelinkoffPhoto: Hadar PlafkinPhoto: Tsippi RudyPhoto: Photo: Bernie PearlPhoto: Tsippi RudyPhoto: Aaron (Shepsie) BarlevPhoto: Eleanor Krasner at Chug RetzPhoto: Noa CaisermanPhoto: Steve KleinPhoto: Frankie Meppen and Liz Bernstein at ShabbatPhoto: Marty CohenPhoto: Karen PolonPhoto: Myron HechtPhoto: Steve KleinPhoto: Photo: Dalia Belinkoff, Barry and Eleanor Krasner and Yael Caiserman RosenbloomPhoto: Shabbat at Lake BluffPhoto: Micha Plafkin, Tali Plafkin & Hadar PlafkinPhoto: Chug Retz: Camp Gilboa in the Olden Days - the kids loved learning all about Habonim in Big Bear, Idywilld and even BEFORE Big Bear!!!Photo: Photo: Joan Klein Sager, Debby Wenkart,Photo: Myron Hecht, Dalia Belinkoff, Sara Hecht, Lisa Lebowski, Debby WenkartPhoto: Photo: Marcia PlagerPhoto: Bruce PensoPhoto: Nira Brand & Dorit Ely BrandPhoto: Alisa Belinkoff Katz - our fearless leader!Photo: Lisa Wanamaker LebowskiPhoto: Barry KrasnerPhoto: Noa Caiserman and Daniel GeffnerPhoto: Donna Chazanov and Yael (Barbara) YaroslavskyPhoto: Fred & Yael RosenbloomPhoto: Chug Camp Gilboa in the Olden Days...Photo: Miriam Chankin leads RikkudPhoto: Photo: Tsippi RudyPhoto: Talma ShultzPhoto: Bruce PensoPhoto: Barry KrasnerPhoto: Russ MeppenPhoto: Debby WenkartPhoto: Noa Caiserman, Frankie Meppen, Lisa Wanamaker LebowskiPhoto: Steve Klein & Marcia PlagerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Dorit Ely BrandPhoto: Eleanor and Barry KrasnerPhoto: Dalia BelinkoffPhoto: Joel Goldberg and Sally CassidyPhoto: Donna ChazanovPhoto: Sara HechtPhoto: Photo: Photo: Tali Plafkin and MIcha PlafkinPhoto: Julie Macht BeenhouwerPhoto: Marty CohenPhoto: Joan Klein SagerPhoto: Liz BernsteinPhoto: Daniel GeffnerPhoto: Liz Bernstein, Yael Caiserman Rosenbloom, Marlene Goldfarb, Barry KrasnerPhoto: Myron & Sara HechtPhoto: Joel Goldberg, Sally Cassidy, Russ MeppenPhoto: Zev YaroslavskyPhoto: Miriam Chankin, Nira Brand, Dalia BelinkoffPhoto: Dan WenkePhoto: Zev YaroslavskyPhoto: Joan Klein Sager