47 Photos - Mar 11, 2012
Photo: Can you see the mosque for the cables?Photo: Who'd want this?Photo: Hagia Sophia, MosaicsPhoto: Hagia Sophia, First ViewPhoto: Ceiling PortionPhoto: Baptismal FontPhoto: The Mix, Christian-Muslim house of worship.Photo: Largest Calligraphic Plates in the world!  To Match the size of the Hagia SophiaPhoto: Photo: Imam's Preaching PlacePhoto: A Wise Cat--In the Light of Sophia (or getting warm!)Photo: Photo: Stick your thumb in the hole, make a wishPhoto: Photo: A long ramp up to the Women's sectionPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The view from the Empress' SectionPhoto: Photo: Photo: Iconographic, Literally!Photo: Photo: Viking Runics, upper balcony, Hagia SophiaPhoto: He's not really here any more.  They dumped his bones out the window!Photo: Photo: Photo: The Basilica Cisterns (and Carp)Photo: Spooky, Damp CisternsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Peacock Eyes in a column, CisternsPhoto: Medusa, Pillar BasePhoto: On her sidePhoto: Photo: One of the famed Turkish Carpet SellersPhoto: Blue Mosque, Should be Six Minnarets, 5 visiblePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: All these low-hung lights explain the thousands of cables we see from the ceiling.Photo: Mosque (with electric light cables)Photo: Photo: Mosque Carpet, like new, no shoes allowed.