28 Photos - Mar 23, 2012
Photo: I arrived at Walmart right after school let out.  It was a great time to go!Photo: Right when I arrived, the Easter aisle greeted me.Photo: I have to be sure to come back and pick up some of these Cars2 Easter products for my son.  He is obsessed right now!Photo: I love Easter candy.  I had a coupon for some Mars Bunnies that I will redeem closer to Easter so I don't eat them!Photo: I am also very excited to dye eggs with my son.  He will really enjoy it this year.Photo: Baking items from Wilton.Photo: I picked up one of these baskets for a little girl in my classroom.Photo: The little girl is really sick and can't come to school so I thought we would write some thoughts and wishes and put them in the plastic eggs and give them to her.Photo: I had to pick up a baby shower card.  I love that I am able to do all of this in one stop at Walmart.Photo: This display cracked me up as we just lost most of the Colts team this past few weeks.  I think Walmart needs to do a clearance sale on these items.Photo: I finally made it to the bakery to find the bakery to find the Ecce Panis Bread.Photo: I love the Bake at Home breads!  My Walmart carries two different kinds from the Ecce Panis brand.Photo: Here is the second kind of bread that they carry.Photo: While they only had two different types of Ecce Panis bread, there was a lot of bread to choose from at Walmart.Photo: Photo: More baked goodies at Walmart!Photo: Sweet bread, I almost got some.Photo: Photo: I needed some spices for my bread spread.  I found a lot at Walmart.Photo: I got the Italian Seasoning that I needed.Photo: Here is a nice display of cream cheese.Photo: I got some for my recipe.Photo: I also need some cheese and instead of just parmesan, I got a blend that Walmart has available.Photo: Yum... my pregnancy is craving these!Photo: The last item I needed was a clove of garlic.Photo: I lucked out at the check outs!  There was a very short line this time.Photo: Here are all of my goodies.  The Easter basket came in handy as a cart!Photo: The Muppets just came out and there was a display at the check out.  I would love this as an Easter gift. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.