95 Photos - Nov 28, 2014
Photo: Among the pines 11X14 unframedPhoto: Autumn Floral, 16X20, framed in cherry with a cherry fillet.Photo: Azaleas, 6X8, unframed.Photo: Barnyard lilacs, 8X10, unframed.Photo: Barnyard lilac, 9X12, unframed.Photo: Beneath the Queensboro Bridge, 12X16, framed in unfinished pine.Photo: Bennington mountain scene, 11X14, unframed.Photo: Bloomfield Farm, 16X20, framed in gold plein air frame.Photo: Boatyard, 6X8, unframed.Photo: Breakwall, 11X14, unframed.Photo: Canal at Gasport, 6X8, unframed.Photo: Canal bridge, 11X14, unframed.Photo: Catskill tree, 8X10, unframed.Photo: Corn Hill, 9X12, unframed.Photo: SOLD!Photo: Dawn, 6X8, unframed.Photo: Deer, 9X12, unframed.Photo: Delaware Water Gap, 9X12, unframed.Photo: Dunes, 9X12, unframed.Photo: Durand autumn, 11X14, unframed.Photo: Durand spring, 8X10, unframed.Photo: Durand Lake,16X20, unframed.Photo: Ellwanger-Berry Garden, 14X18, in gold plein air frame.Photo: Erie Canal at Gasport, 40X30, framed in gold.Photo: Evening in Taos, 6X8, unframed.Photo: Far shore, 6X8, unframed.Photo: Finger Lakes autumn, 8X10, unframed.Photo: Finger Lakes overlook, 8X10, unframed.Photo: Fog, 9X12, unframed.Photo: Foliage, 12X16, unframed.Photo: Foliage study, 9X12, unframed.Photo: Geraniums, 22X28 not including the frame. Gold leaf and gold fillet. (See next photo for pastel painting itself.)Photo: Geraniums (see framing info on prior photo).Photo: Haybales in Snow, 16X20, wood frame with silver finish.Photo: Lancaster County Pennsylvania, 18X24, gold frame with linen fillet.Photo: Letchworth Lower Falls, 18X24, framed in cherry with cherry fillet.Photo: Letchworth Middle and Upper Falls, 18X24, framed in cherry.Photo: Gasport study, 6X8Photo: Buffalo Grain Elevators, 18X24, framed in cherry with cherry fillet.Photo: GYC study, 12X16, unframed.Photo: Harbor study, 12X16, unframed.Photo: SOLD!Photo: Hudson clouds 12X16, unframed.Photo: Hudson overlook, 9X12, unframed.Photo: SOLD! Hudson River sky, 11X14, unframed.Photo: SOLDPhoto: Kaaterskill Falls, 8X10, unframed.Photo: Kaaterskill Creek, 8X10, unframed.Photo: Kayaks, 6X8, unframed.Photo: SOLD!Photo: Keuka Lake Vineyard overlook, 16X20, in a burled wood frame.Photo: SOLD!Photo: Keuka Lake Vineyard, 40X30, in a gold leaf frame.Photo: Lake Ontario shore, 9X12, unframed.Photo: Lake Ontario Surf, 18X24, in a hard maple frame.Photo: Lift bridge, 6X8, unframed.Photo: Linden, 6X8, unframed.Photo: Lock 32, 9X12, unframed.Photo: Mountain Meadow, 16X20, unframed.Photo: Migrating Geese, 9X12, in a dark mahogany frame.Photo: Moorings on the Genesee, 14X18, frmed in a molded silver frame (as is; has a slight ding in a corner).Photo: Mountain meadow, 14X18, unframed.Photo: Mouth of the Genesee, 20X24, in a soft gold-silver plein air frame.Photo: Old Border Garden, 14X18, in a fruitwood frame.Photo: Orchard, 11X14, unframed.Photo: Pine point, 9X12, unframed.Photo: Queensboro approach, unframed.Photo: Queensboro Bridge, 12X16, unframed.Photo: Quoddy Head Light, 16X20, framed in a gold plein air frame.Photo: SOLD!Photo: Rhodies, 6X8, unframed.Photo: Rock study, 11X14, unframed.Photo: Rock tumble, 16X20, unframed.Photo: Rockport, 9X12, unframed.Photo: Rocks, 11X14, unframed.Photo: Rocks at Marshall Point, 11X14, framed in cherry.Photo: SOLD!Photo: Rye boathouse, 12X16, unframed.Photo: Sea, 6X8, unframed.Photo: Seal Point, 9X12, unframed.Photo: Sentinel trees, 11X14, framed in a soft silver plein air frame.Photo: SOLD!Photo: Spring, 6X8, unframed.Photo: Spring at Glen Park, 11X14, unframed.Photo: Spring blossoms, 8X10, unframed.Photo: Spring foliage, 11X14, unframed.Photo: Spring pond, 11X14, unframed.Photo: Staples Street, 9X12, unframed.Photo: Swampy, 9X12, unframed.Photo: The Path Below the Lighthouse, 6X8, framed in dark silver.Photo: The Rocks Would Cry Out, 18X24, framed in carved wood.Photo: Towpath, 6X8, unframed.Photo: Under Queensboro, 12X16, unframed.Photo: Webster side, 16X20, unframed.Photo: Work zone, 12X16, unframed.