48 Photos - Apr 9, 2014
Photo: Dr. E - and she saw that it was very good.Photo: Glory streaming over the congregationPhoto: Distinguished guestsPhoto: Photo: Photo: I think he's praying.Photo: Photo: Photo: Amazed by grace?Photo: I think this is my favorite picture of the whole trip. Don't you LOVE these faces??!!! I want to bring them home.Photo: Local pastor - invocationPhoto: The constabularyPhoto: HostessPhoto: Dr. E illustrating her storyPhoto: Everyone was dressed in blue and white. Dr. E designed her dress.Photo: Photo: Across the Top: Abraham in Hebrew
Below - the meaning of each letter (you read the Hebrew right to left)Photo: Watching the history of NHC in a lovely video.Photo: Deborah with Joanna in the backgroundPhoto: The girls dancingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: School Group PresentationPhoto: School Group PresentationPhoto: School Group PresentationPhoto: Listening and appreciatingPhoto: Love the smilesPhoto: Beautiful lady,. beautiful smilePhoto: A friend from ScotlandPhoto: Their fathers were best friendsPhoto: Photo: Joanna giving a tea cup and saucer with the royal insignia to Nan JarvisPhoto: Abigail giving a giftPhoto: Photo: Notice the horse hair over the shoulder. Part of the traditional dressPhoto: Phoebe giving a gift to the Anglican PriestPhoto: One of the former queens of Swaziland (wife of the the former king)Photo: Photo: The afternoon speakerPhoto: Photo: Love this study of two ladiesPhoto: Photo: Mr. Gina asking Dr. Samuel Hynd to say a wordPhoto: An elder statesmanPhoto: Photo: Photo: The police