53 Photos - Apr 9, 2014
Photo: I had brought the materials for all 400 visiting orphans to make a necklace with a pendant to remind them that Jesus always stands before the throne to intercede for them with his blood so that they may know that they have eternal life. This was may Jesus station - Jesus, the High Priest.Photo: One of the teachers named Precious to the left.Photo: Jesus our Savior - the kids put their hands in the mud, then were cleansed with the blood of Christ.Photo: Kids moving between the stationsPhoto: Each student received a colored tee shirt with the same logo of Swaziland crowned by the Lord of Lords. If you look at it just right it looks like Jesus wearing the crown.Photo: making the necklacesPhoto: Telling the kids about their High PriestPhoto: What a great place to tell the storyPhoto: The materials. They could choose a color of necklace then a pendant that they liked.Photo: Photo: Jesus our Healer. This was beautifully done. The kids were encouraged to tell about friends, aunties, grandmothers who were sick and they joined together to pray for them. They made a bookmark to remind them that Jesus heals and were encouraged to go back and read the verse to the person they had prayed for - and pray for them in person.Photo: Photo: Jesus our SaviorPhoto: Washed by the bloodPhoto: ...and the waterPhoto: Photo: Ms. Tracie teaching about Jesus the Good Shepherd who never leaves behind even one of his little lost lambs.Photo: Do shepherds care about cows?Photo: Making books to remind them of the lessons they learned.Photo: The other Jesus my Healer stationPhoto: Mr Gina teaching about JesusPhoto: A good role model to the kids, Mr. GinaPhoto: Photo: Concentrating on making a reminder of Jesus' grace.Photo: Jesus, Lover of ChildrenPhoto: Photo: Mr. Lucky holding forth on Jesus our SaviorPhoto: I loved his enthusiasmPhoto: This is a precious picture with the animated teacher, the attentive kids and the rondovals in the backgroundPhoto: In the LapaPhoto: Ms. Zanele and Joseph illustrating Jesus, the King of kings.Photo: Photo: Photo: Yes, Jesus love me...Photo: Jesus is fun!! Yes, they do have jumping castles in Swaziland.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: the kids with their necklacesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Group after group after group - this one with Dr. EPhoto: Precious was a delight. Gail to the right. She is the superintendent of ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) over Swaziland and Mozambique. She was delightful.Photo: Photo: