93 Photos - Apr 9, 2014
Photo: Ms. Zanele registering the arriving groups of double orphans.Photo: Anastasia and Zipporah handing out flip flops to each child.Photo: Photo: Ms. Zanele giving a hygiene pack to each child.Photo: Photo: There names are written...Photo: One group of arrivals at the LapaPhoto: Walking up the long hill to their accomodationsPhoto: Here I am!Photo: Packed like sardines.Photo: Did all of those kids really fit into that small van with all of those suitcases. Yep!Photo: WelcomePhoto: Photo: Photo: Anastasia giving each a name tagPhoto: Schools by groupPhoto: The kids had traveled for a long time with no food. So, when they arrived they each got a boiled sweet potato and juice.Photo: The juice, I discovered, was a necessity!!!Photo: They had never seen hula hoops. They were to keep them entertained while everyone arrived.Photo: This was so much fun to watchPhoto: Photo: She getting a groove on.Photo: Photo: Campus tourPhoto: Photo: Photo: Waiting for a new groupPhoto: Th bus couldn't make it all the way up. These are the colorful gates of NHCPhoto: Here they come. This was Precious' group. She was supposed to bring no more than 10. She couldn't leave some of them and brought 23 instead.Photo: Photo: You are welcome herePhoto: This young man preaches, prophesies and teaches in public and on public transportation. He is really used of the Lord.Photo: Photo: Photo: Registration tent.Photo: Photo: Sis Tandzi giving directionsPhoto: Photo: Joanna taking charge of her groupPhoto: What do we do next? Where's our leader? Each group was assigned two NHC student leaders for the whole three day weekend.Photo: Signing inPhoto: It was actually a cool, drizzly day, so the tent was a blessing.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bright shining faces.Photo: Aren't they beautiful?Photo: Nehemiah taking charge of his group with his professional face.Photo: Ms. Tracie helping one of the boys settle in.Photo: Gail and I worked together distributing a colored tee shirt to each arriving student. We were able, for the most part, to give each group the same color. The sizes were sometimes less than perfect, but we tried.Photo: That is yours truly trying to find the right size in orange.Photo: Yes, that looks good. Zipporah helping with the fittings.Photo: Blue groupPhoto: Each had his or her name written in them so that there were no tussles over tee shirts.Photo: Waiting for tee shirts.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Zadok leading his groupPhoto: Have you gotten a picture yet of what a challenge this was?Photo: Abigail directing her group.Photo: This bus made it up the hill, but shouldn't have. We thought we'd never get it to unplug the entrance. There was no place for it to turn around and the driver couldn't see to back up. What a med. Notice the little one with shirt and tie. How cute.Photo: Proud of their new shoes and shirts.Photo: Caleb giving directionsPhoto: Registration process.Photo: Photo: Passing out the shoesPhoto: Photo: New arrivals with their blue shirtsPhoto: Learning to hula hoopPhoto: Photo: Phoebe taking charge of her group.Photo: Anastasia helping with registration.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Prize picture - love this little guy.Photo: Photo: What  you don't see is Suzzanna with her bull horn up on the steps addressing the crowd. This was a scene to be repeated many times during the weekend.Photo: Instructions on basics for their stay.Photo: The cooks finally seeing what they are up against!!!Photo: 15 kids would come streaming out of this little van - WITH all their gear.Photo: Yes, this was one loadPhoto: Tent for storage of the suitcases, etc.Photo: Piling up.Photo: mats on the floor of the teen girls housePhoto: Filled to the raftersPhoto: The evening bathing process right outside my door.Photo: Registration went on late into the night.