22 Photos - Apr 8, 2014
Photo: This was the sight that greeted me as I opened my door on my first morning there. All I know of bulls is that they charge. I thought I was trapped. I decided to venture out and since he paid me no mind I walked on and discovered that he was quite harmless. Is this how people feel about my dogs?Photo: Chickens all over.Photo: Keep gardeners. Cut and fertilize at the same time.Photo: View from my front door.Photo: From My Front DoorPhoto: Just couldn't stop taking pictures of them - but don't miss the scenery.Photo: Out My Window - Morning GreetingPhoto: They were everywhere.Photo: This guy got aroundPhoto: Pretty place to graze.Photo: calves and motherPhoto: Pretty girlPhoto: And the chickens again.Photo: pretty pastoral scenePhoto: At one of the Jesus stationsPhoto: Overlooking the valley. I never get tired of this view.Photo: The animals attend all of the services. Auntie June loves the cats.Photo: Guarding the speakerPhoto: Dr. Elizabeth had just been up front speaking and her faithful dog could hardly stand it. As soon as she sat down the dog jumped up on her lap to keep her put. June McKinney beside her.Photo: So ElizabethPhoto: Tender momentsPhoto: The herd