38 Photos - Apr 8, 2014
Photo: The whole Abraham family (kids of New Hope Centre) minus the four older boys, Noah, Elijah, Seth and Joel.Photo: Samuel and my Phoebe - biological brother and sister.Photo: Shopping for the weekend: Anastasia, Miriam, Zipporah and AbigailPhoto: Jedidah - baby fat all gone. Bright young star.Photo: Joseph - played Jesus the King in the Jesus stations.Photo: Priscilla - isn't she adorable?Photo: What a sweet face. She just finished making her necklace.Photo: This is the Lapa - I was told it means "It is here." It is a gathering place. This week it was used to hold chapel since the tabernacle was being used for preparation and cleaning.Photo: Inside the Lapa during chapel. Yes, attendance is mandatory even for the dogs.Photo: Ms. Tracie giving instructions.Photo: When I see these pictures I have a stab of pain, missing all of them.Photo: Affiah and Ethan - frequent visitors in my rondoval.Photo: Showing off their new socks. This pose was their idea. hephzi and AffiahPhoto: Affiah in a self chosen pose.Photo: Yep, they love Angry Birds too.Photo: Babysitting the son of one of the village women working on food preparation.Photo: Phillippa's intricate hair weaving, compliments of JoannaPhoto: Tabitha's new hairdo - also designed by JoannaPhoto: Esther at the registration table. Isn't she adorable?Photo: Ethan with the necklace he made. Can I bring him home?Photo: Nehemiah with his anniversary shirt.Photo: Precious smile!Photo: Noah - incredible dancer! overlooking the beautiful valley below.Photo: Tabitha leading her group of visitors around the campus.Photo: Sweet boy.Photo: This is Joanna who designed all of the haridos seen before. All of the visiting kids and all of the NHC kids got one of these tee shirts.Photo: What a pensive facePhoto: Can I keep her - PLEASE? Pretty please? This is Hephzibah who has a serious hook in my heart.Photo: Hephzi holding up a little note to her sponsor, Grace, that says: "I love you Miss Grace. From Hephzibah.Photo: Hi, Sweetie.Photo: Love, love, love this picture.Photo: Naomi had an injury and broke her from tooth. She decided - what's not to love about gold!Photo: Nehemiah sporting his newly self-designed necklace.Photo: Suzzanna practicing her trumpet for the celebration. She's also got the bullhorn down pat! No one ignores her when she has that puppy to her mouth!Photo: Dear Timothy. He was so helpful. Always ready to lend a hand.Photo: Joanna with Sharon and friend.Photo: Zeruiah at preschool.Photo: Zeru helping with the clean-up