47 Photos - Apr 6, 2014
Photo: Posts for erecting a bathing area for the visiting boys.Photo: Digging the holes for the bathsPhoto: Nehemiah carrying a post - big boy, Nehemiah!Photo: He-man Neham!!!Photo: Executing the plans.Photo: How many people does it take to build a bath house?Photo: Phillippa painting in the angels on the front wall of the tabernacle.Photo: Uncle Lucky spiffing up the wall.Photo: Painting the soffettPhoto: Anastasia practicing the flute by the lion door.Photo: Village woman cleaning the meeting place.Photo: Esther practicing "Amazing Grace" which she performed during the celebration.Photo: What precious concentration. Titus painting the railings for the tabernacle.Photo: Assembling the school packs for the visitors.Photo: Phoebe and Anastasia assembling the hygiene packs for the visitors. These two girls came and stayed with me awhile ago. What great kids.Photo: Sorting the hygiene materials. Tooth paste, toothbrush, comb, wash cloth, soap and cream.Photo: I think the water is supposed to be blue! Samuel and friends trying to rectify the problem.Photo: The last of the salts.Photo: Samuel whacking down the weeds with a machete.Photo: Lots of weeds to practice on.Photo: Go for it.Photo: Erecting tents for storing suitcases outside the girls house.Photo: Getting there.Photo: RestingPhoto: Village women hired to cut veggiesPhoto: Village women busy getting the food prepared.Photo: You go, girl.Photo: Not fond of getting their pictures taken.Photo: Bringing dirt to fill holes in the road.Photo: Cleaning the windowsPhoto: Be sure to get the top ones.Photo: Bringing the equipment from the office.Photo: Trimming the hedges.Photo: Cutting shapes for the Jesus stations. Everyone getting in on the work.Photo: Precious Samuel helping me to hang the freshly washed curtains in the tabernacle. What a worker!Photo: Glory - not yet streaming - but on its way.Photo: Glory takes planning!Photo: Outside kitchen - active all weekend.Photo: Setting up 700 chairs.Photo: Tirzah helping to organize the chairs.Photo: Outside of the tabernacle with the boys house in the background and the men unloading the chairs.Photo: Tool man!Photo: The cooksPhoto: Bringing the firewood for the baths and the cooking.Photo: He's everywhere! Samuel again setting up the bathing area for the boys.Photo: It took a lot of wood.Photo: I loved this scene - so be prepared to see it over and over.