34 Photos - Sep 28, 2012
Photo: With the release of Avengers on DVD, we we excited to have a 'Pizza & A Movie" night!Photo: Before we headed to Walmart to get the new Avengers DVD Combo, we downloaded the Avengers Augmented Reality App on our phones and tablet.Photo: After dinner on Wednesday, by the time we got the kids ready and got out the door, it was already dark out.Photo: When I walked in the first thing I noticed was Halloween merchandise. I mean, how could I miss the huge scary cat?Photo: After we turned the corner, at my surprise, there was Christmas tree! Already?!?Photo: I looked at the map to see where the possible trigger points where for the Avengers App.Photo: Our first stop was to get a MarketSide pizza.Photo: I was surprised there were only two specially marked Avengers pizzas. They were sold out and the shelves were pretty bare. We got the cheese one.Photo: With the app, trigger points reveal trivia questions and you can find out what Avengers character you are.Photo: Heading to the electronics to get the DVD, I saw all the display TVs were playing the new movie.Photo: The front of the aisle display was easy to find.Photo: We thought we weren't going to get the new Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD/Graphic Novel Combo Pack because they were all out at this display! Luckily we ended up finding one.Photo: In the electronics, we finally found a display (with DVDs) where you take a picture with Avengers characters.Photo: Our two year old trying to fit in with the Avengers.Photo: They had a middle aisle display with all different DVDs that were Avengers and Avengers CharactersPhoto: Can't miss the big boxes of popcorn on the back of the DVD aisle!Photo: I was skimming some clearance rakes and found an Avengers shirt, but it was a size too small for my boys.Photo: We were looking at Halloween costumes, but my eyes naturally gravitate to tote bags.Photo: I thought my son was having fun with his Captain America shield. He was actually trying to avoid the camera.Photo: We can't take the kids to the store without getting new Hot Wheels. I couldn't find any Avengers ones though.Photo: Corbin wanted to stay in the cart with his new friend. They were cruising around together.Photo: Ready to check out and call it a night.Photo: Just in case you forgot to get the Avengers movie, they have copies at the checkout!Photo: Corbin was happy during pizza night, even though he didn't get to have any.Photo: We used the Avengers AR App to see the 3D battle on the pizza box. It was pretty awesome.Photo: My 2 year old and 3 year old thought it was the coolest thing. However, they really wanted to touch the buildings.Photo: I think they could have played with the app feature all night.Photo: The Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD/Graphic Novel Combo activated with the Avengers AP app.Photo: While the pizza was baking, I made a salad.Photo: The big pizza all ready to eat. It was really good and we will definitely be purchasing the MarketSide pizzas again!Photo: Dad was getting them all excited to watch the Avengers. After dinner we started watching the movie while they played and looked at the graphic novel.Photo: The graphic novel that came with the DVD Combo is bigger than I expected and the boys already love it.Photo: They love it so much, they were fighting over it. Typical.Photo: