483 Photos - Jul 24, 2011
Photo: I think I'll be lurking around downtown LA tonight around 9:00 if anyone's up for a mini photowalk. Shoot me an e-mail neilk@3d-ind.comPhoto: WindyPhoto: I'm pretty happy that I bought the water-resistant D300S over the D7000
I got soaked...again.
#photographyPhoto: Los Angeles is NOT the most beautiful city in the world. In fact, LA is giant cesspool. (I believe I've earned the right to write that.) She has done a good job with her metro stations though. For such a corrupt city, someone, somehow did good and it wasn't Disney. This is the rather futuristic Metro station under the Kodak Theatre on the corner of Hollywood and Highland. (that's where they hold the Oscars) I know I'm not the first to take this shot, but I still think it's interesting. Well, not as interesting as the Swedish train stations, those folks over there know how to decorate a train station.Photo: Downtown Los Angeles..One street on top of another. This giant hole reveals the street beneath. Kind of reminded me of a planet from the Star Wars Universe named "Coruscant," The entire planet was said to be one huge city.Photo: Malibu, California
The square crop just doesn't work well on the Google+Photo: How stupid am I....I was clearly trespassing when I took this, so posting on the internet as PROOF is just stupid...I guess I'm really stupid. Don't tell anyone. To be honest, I only added the selective blur to cover all of the noise around the edges.Photo: This small park in Torrance, CA. overlooks the entire Los Angeles Basin. The source of great memories for locals that remember this as a High School "make-out" kind of place. The "rocketship" is usually filled with kids smoking weed these days but it's still there to remind the older folks of a better time past.Photo: This is the "friendship Bell" in San Pedro, CA. The Koreans gave it to us after the war as a little thanks.
This image was really boring, I mean really boring but after 90 minutes of tinkering, it's LOUD..Some people make fun of my texture use....I dig it though.Photo: The Salton Sea ~ Bombay Beach
It's like being in a bad neighborhood in sierra Leone, Africa - It's like being in a movie made by Tim Burrton, Dvid Lynch, Quentin Tarantino and the devil....(today that would be produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by J.J. Abrams)Photo: San DiePhoto: Observe LA ~ From the Griffith Park ObservatoryPhoto: The Salton Sea ~ What a crazy place...
Bomabay Beach, CaliforniaPhoto: This is the most expensive High Schools in America...It cost 750 Million Dollars. Downtown Los Angeles...If you look closely, you can see the groovo red couch set up in the enterence. You should see the librbary, it looks like an art gallery.Photo: The Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles is one of my favorite buildings in the world. I was lucky enough to have the run of the place for an hour with my tripod and camera.Photo: "Angeles Flight" is this little trolly that goes up and down all day and night. I should probably research it's importance before making my initial judgement of SILLY.

This is in Bunker Hill, one of the 12 "districts" in downtown Los Angeles.Photo: This is El Matador Beach in Malibu, CA (that's mexican for 'The Matador")
One of my favorite beaches for shooting becasue of the jagged rocks and provacy of the cove. The $8 to park pisses me off everytime though. I just thought the sun poking through that hole was kind of intereting...Photo: Oakley headquarters - the entire building is about one zillion square feet. This is the main entrance. It's all designed in this 90s military / industrial theme... To give some perspective, that tiny reflection in the center window is me with my tripod. This place is huge....like pentagon huge.Photo: I have no idea who's child this is. I took this on the Santa Monica pier. Poor kid had wicked dandruff. Is that how to spell dandruff, it just doesn't look right.Photo: This one has been in dozens of advertisements..marketers really like it for some reason. I've never been paid for it though..I really need to stop up-loading these things to the internet in full size.
Downtown Los Angeles, CA
HDR imagePhoto: Not the smartest thing I've ever done......My said no more roof top shots after she saw this one...Photo: Some parts they call em twisters, others they call em whirly-birds. In these parts we call em screw-boys.
Outside Joshua TreePhoto: This is a really interesting building in LA. One of few high-rent aprtment buildings left in the area. Ran into this entrence area to get out of the rain and the door man called the cops on me for taking this shot. He kicked my tripod 28 seconds into the fifth exposure so it's only (2 to -1) HDR.Photo: Los Angeles CA
Took this one with my 6.1 MP P.O.S. Nikon D-50 and a blurry Tamron 18-200. HDR image (-2, 0, 2)Photo: Only Santa Monica is cool enough to encourage world class gymnastics on their beach. These are only a few of the many rings, high rings, parallel bars, tight ropes and vaulting horses they've set up on the beach. I don't no how long they've been there but I do know a counter -culture exists because of what's known as "the rings." On any given day you can see high level gymnastics performed by people that spend all of their time there. It's like Cirque du soleil for free and on the beach. People spinning and flying 15' in the air, walking on taught ropes or doing a hand stands on the ops of poles. Only in California......Photo: 14 bit Raw (exposed and cleaned up in Camera RAW)
Adjustment layers
-Curves dark
-Curves light
-black and white (to remove blemishes)
Dodge and burn layer
Copy layer blended w/ vibrant light
Merge visible layers
blend with soft light
Mask detail selectively.
High Pass LAyer
Texture layer with mask over subject.
Unsharp mask on his eyes
Added sunlight in Color EfexPhoto: Hermosa Beach, CA Independence Day 2011Photo: At least twice a month, I walk around downtown LA with my tripod and camera. Once and a great while, I get something good. I usually just end up shooting moving traffic like this mess.. The sad thing is that I actually took 20 minutes composing this mess.Photo: No idea why I did that to the sky....I must have been in a dark kind of mood...
Downtown Los Angeles from the top of some stairs at a small city park.
HDR image (as usual)Photo: About 5 months ago I was on my way home from the office and decided, hey, I've never been to Joshua Tree. So i drove 3 hours to get there, spent 2 hours shooting in all directions and then drove 4 hours home. I must go back, maybe tonight. The sunsets are amazing....Photo: This was some hardcore trespassing, I need to do this again sometime soon. So much fun. This building has been vacant for several years and appears to be locked up tight. Somehow, I found about a dozen homeless people in there. It was kind scary as hell in the dark. Smelled like hell too.Photo: The single most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Some geek site stated that tonight was the best night of the year to see the milky-way. Well they were wrong because it was a full moon. I drove 3 hours to get to the only "DARK" area near LA. As my luck usually goes, the gate was locked when I got there. I started driving and came to a sign that read "DEAD END." I noticed a small path behind the sign and after further investigation saw that it was a dirt road. I drove up and up and up. This road just kept climbing.. 32 miles later, I pulled over and saw this. I was blown away. No picture could do it justice. That;s fog covering the valley and those lights, that's the traffic on the Ventura Highway. A couple shooting stars and yes that mess in the upper left, that's the Milky-Way. The hard thing was picking a picture to post...I processed 8 images that all look completely different.
This is an HDR image made up of three different exposures 6, 15 and 30 seconds. Some selective noise reduction a little sharpening, that's all.Photo: I've posted over 1,000 HDR images in the last 10 months...all from Southern California. It's getting very difficult to find new things to shoot. I think I need to move to Seattle or Paris. Those two cities appear to have limitless shooting opportunities with in a 250 mile radius. Not sure if I could live abroad though...Photo: I rarely create single image HDRs but in this case, the single RAW looked much better than the multiple Exposure. This is Manhattan Beach, CA. I shoot this pier often becasue it's there. I guess I would be photographing rocks if i lived in Arizona. Glad I don't live in Arizona, not becasue i have something against rocks, it's because it's hot there.Photo: This winter I drove to Joshua Tree one day after work. I could only spend a couple hours because it's a 4 hour drive home and I had to get up the next day. During my short visit, I fell in love. Going back at the end of this month for a full weekend with no moon and a HUGE milky-way.
You can purchase prints at http://lightshedimagery.smugmug.com/Photo: This was Flickr's EXPLORE but it didn't do very well. I really like it and i don't like much of my work. A few people wrote that they didn't like it becasue it is crooked and 'I should no better." It's intentionally "crooked," I titled it "SHE FELL" so yeah, it's crooked to give the feeling of dispare or comotion.. I guess I should stick with the basics.Photo: Hermosa Beach last winter. Amazing sunset and I was waist deep tripod and all...It was so really fantastic in person...cold though, really cold.Photo: Santa Monica, CA that tiny light in the sky is the moon.... Looks kind of silly and small with a wide angle lens, huh?Photo: Driving through Malibu many people are disappointed because all you can see is the backs of houses and small store fronts. It really doesn't look impressive. The pier is even short and unattractive. It's hard to find a beach and when you do it's $12 to park. The key is to research these hidden spots that you would never notice just driving by. The journey to these spots often begins with a small trail-head that looks like an alley where people dump garbage or another driveway in a sea of driveways. But once you find these spots they are magical. For some reason I get excited when I see large rocks, beach and a sunset....well as long as I have my camera with me.Photo: No story, hardly had time for a title. San Diego, last night. I just like it.
Got to shoot with +Steve Skinner last night. It was cool.Photo: I can't wait for the year 2000. I'm told that commuter trains will travel at the speed of light. How cool will that be?Photo: A couple miles North of Downtown LA is a small "historic" area full of about 8 old Victorians. It's about $15 to walk through them. If you have a camera, prices start around $10,000...many "pro" photo shoots and movies have been done here. The funny thing, is that it's in the middle of what I think is one of the worst hoods in LA.Photo: This is one of the best city views I've seen in Southern California. Trespassing agin.Photo: That's Petco Park in the background. The Padres play there. The bridge futuristic bridge in the foreground is new. It cost a lot and has a story behind it but much like San Diego itself, the story isn't interesting.Photo: San Diego, CA
Batman view...Photo: Lonely tree in Rancho Palos Verdes...

HDR image

I'm getting a lot of e-mails about my processing so I decided to show my workflow. I hope this doesn't appear to be an act of vanity.
It's really no different than what most people are doing. I strongly suggest taking the Free HDR tutorial at www.stuckincustoms.com that's how I learned.
1.RAWs are cleaned up in lightroom and made into jpegs (I use -2 to +2 unless I'm shooting into the sun, then it's -5 to +3)
2.Photomatix Details Enhancer set to Default and then I crank up the streangth all the way and play around with a few sliders to make it look as close to the ZERO source file as possible (very important)
3. Tone-mapped image and 1 maybe 2 source files into PS
4. I then mask in all of the parts with motion from the source files. Also mask in any sections that Photomatix turned to noise or messed up the light.
5. Get rid of any noise using Topaz Denoise or NIK Define...always selectively, never globally becasue it takes away detail.
6. Topaz adjust for a little detail work only.
7. If it needs it, I use Topaz Details (less is more with details)
8. A high pass filter, never above 0.8 and never globally.
9. Often an image overlay at about 10%
10 Now the "creative part begins (I can't help you here, it's all a blank canvas at this point.) I use NIK color Efex (tonal contrast, pro contrast, skylight enhancer, reflector or something and a couple others) Then the big daddy of all HDR software, I couldn't get by without it........Photo Tools from OnOne Software...this is the bee's knees if you're not a PS ace. Keep in mind that any of this software is for people that aren't PS experts (that's me.) All of this can be done in PS.
11. Clean-up color and white balance in lightroom add a vignette if I want and that's it.

If anyone knows of a tone-mapping program better than Photomatix, please share. I'm really not happy with the cartoon effect it adds to my images. My goal is to create life-like images that look like it came out of a camera and not a computer at ILM or Dreamworks. I'm looking to add light and detail, nothing more.
Not HDR Efex Pro, that's no better than an iPhone.Photo: The Security camera at a local saloon broke...The manager asked if my camera could fill in.....I smelled an opportunity for an indoor, High ISO, tilty/shifty shot. I'm fascinated with these faux tilt / shift images lately. I can't really get them right because the gradient tool hates me.....I'm pretty happy with Photoshop as software goes, except the gradient tool, it taunts me in my dreams, always sitting in the corner, whispering; "hey Neil, you'll never understand me, you just aren't smart enough."
I think it's rude.

My first post using High ISO (3200)....Love my new D300S, but it aint no Full Frame....This took a lot of work....Photo: Another day of hot, clear blue skies in Southern California....Running out of ideas for interior shots....I've resorted too shooting the Metro. I know this isn't square but it's not my fault...The entire place is off.
After I took this, I walked through Pershing Square. It's a very public urban park in the middle of downtown. Dozens of homeless people area allowed to sleep there as gang bangers cause trouble for people passing through. I wasn't shocked by that at all, i think it's cool of the city to allow people to sleep there, I mean it's a park after all. My shock came in the form of a 4' 8" women form Venezuela wearing a security uniform from the City of Los Angeles. "Excuse me sir, you can not have your tripod in the park." It's on my shoulder, I'm only passing through. "Please sir, I'm only doing what I as told, you can't have that in the park."
Flabbergasted, I'm flabbergasted.Photo: This was some Holiday weekend. I should have been at the beach with the other Million people but I chose Downtown LA. I just couldn't help seeing it with no people or traffic.Photo: I don't do a lot of these long exposures. The ND filters are a pain in the butt to deal with but I was early and had some time to kill. I'm not very good at these, I should probably practice...Photo: Ranch Palos Verdes
HDR imagePhoto: So I found this spot in Palos Verdes where the golden light of the setting sun hits these rocks for about 9 minute and they appear to glow. It's a bit of a climb to get down there but I think it's worth it.

HDR imagePhoto: I'm a big fan of faux tilt shift. Most people dismiss it as the novelty that it is but Ican't help myself. This is at the World Famous Yomashiro Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles, CA.
HDR imagePhoto: San Diego's Gaslamp DistrictPhoto: I love these tide-pools at sunset. I wish everyone could experience walking around down there just once. I think it's one of the most beautiful places in the world. This is an HDR from 5 exposures. Rancho Palos Verdes, CAPhoto: So Getty Images (who told me I wasn't good enough 8 months ago) contacted me with a "request to License" on this image. They don't tell you who, what, when or where, just sign a contract, jump through these hoops and we'll get back to you. Oh yeah, we'll give you 20% of the gross. OK, it's 20% of something I didn't have before and I'm curious. The one thing I did that I'm not feeling good about is following the directions from the "Editor" that read: Please remove the C,I,A and L." Should I feel bad that I did that?Photo: Malibu....I smell famous people.Photo: It's not easy finding new angles to shoot downtown LA. This is from the roof top of a USC parking structure. During the school year it's not accessible but in the summer, there's nothing on these 9 floors except thousands of bicycles chained together.Photo: Shot this with my 6 MP Nikon D50, the camera was stuck on Manual focus so it's a big blur but I dig the colors....It was magical in person.Photo: This is another old one with my 6 MP blured Nikon D-50. The Queen Mary, the poor old girl sits in Long Beach CA of all places. Flanked by a Russian sub. If that's not bad enough, she's filled with shops, resteraunts and a hotel. Pretty gal though.Photo: My first attempt at "Old time hand tinting" and selectivre blur....this is before I spent 2 months learning to use the Gradient Tool. I hate that tool...It has a mind of it's own, it's stupid. Yes, I just called a Photoshop tool Stupid.Photo: Financially as far as you can get from the Watts Towers but this spot in Laguna Beach is only about 50 miles away. 2 worlds that are so opposite.
HDR image from 3 Long Exposures using a 10-stop filter.Photo: Pre HDR...one of the first shots I ever took withmy first DSLR (Nikon D50)
The early morning mist was kind of cool to see.Photo: I don't know why I'm rapidly posting old photos...this is an HDR from last year. It's a strange public park in Irvine, CA. Free merry-go-round rides and they also have that hot air balloon in the background. It goes straight up about 2,000 feet and stays up for about 5 minutes. I never see anybody there....Photo: MalibuPhoto: Backwards Paul has been living in the same 1.5 miles squared city of Hermosa Beach, CA his entire life. In his mind, "he's seen it all."Photo: I'm still not sure what that was....but it was moving pretty fast. That's a 30 second exposure. Looking over the San Fernando Valley. The glowing light is traffic on the Ventura Freeway.Photo: Heels, Tall
Bikini, Small
She said, she like, the ocean.Photo: The hike to get there is boring but I did it once. I would much rather shoot it at night but I don't like rattlesnakes and they're all over the place at night. Just below the sign about 1/4 mile is a large lawn sign that reads..."Tourists Go Home." I understand your need for privacy but they bought a house under the Hollywood sign those idiots, what did they think was going to happen? It's like the people who live on golf course and run out screaming every time a ball hits their house.Photo: The inner workings of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, CaliforniaPhoto: Don't really know what I was thinking here.Photo: OK, it's just a bunch of freeway ramps....not to me though. The first time I saw the 110 - 105 Freeway exchange, I realized just how big LA is. This also shows how stupid I can be. Mid day traffic and I stopped my car on the ramp, and took 3 exposures on a tripod.....cars beeping and screaming past me within inches.....so stupid.Photo: The Watts Towers are not the place to be on a Friday night at sunset. I'm glad +Cory Johnson and I did...It's very cool to see, a very romantic story behind the towers. One I'm too tired to tell right now but you all have Google.Photo: The Santa Monica Pier.
This cracked me up. I get dozens of requests to use my images every week. I always say yes if they give me credit. So last week I was approached by a multi-billion dollar company from Miami that wanted to use this image for their annual report cover. They explained to me how perfect the image is for their vision as a company and how much exposure I would get. I asked for a very small Licensing fee, I'm talking about enough money to buy a dinner. They said "NO."Photo: San Clemente lifeguard station
I met a couple friends last night in San Clemente. We hoped for the dramatic sunset that the weather channel promised but we didn't see a single cloud in the sky. So I added three different textures to give some drama of my own to this first image with my new FISHEYE lens. +Steve Skinner is a fisheye master and he hates textures. I should have named this one; suck it Skinner.Photo: My new Fisheye lens is giving me grief. It will only meter in Spot...but it worked perfectly for this shot. This sun Bomb exploded below the San Clemente Pier yesterday.Photo: The California Coast....I wonder if I would have ever picked up a camera if I lived on the East Coast. I'm not a morning person.
HDR - 5 Exposures.... With all of my HDR images, I mask in all water and about 80% of the sky. Most people getting started with HDR make the mistake of using Photomatix to create dramaic skies (I was one.) The truth is, less is more when it comes to the sky. I think the HALO effect casued by over-using of HDR software is the #1 casue that HDR gets such a bad rap....Photo: Last night was one of the best nights of the year to see the Milky Way. I couldn't get out to the desert or any other dark spots. I could see this from my street in LA. Could you imagine how clear it was in Joshua tree. I must admit, I was like an excited school girl when I saw this last night.Photo: Hermosa Beach, CA
HDR image
6 Mega pixels
Nikon D50
3 Exposures
blah, blah, blah...Photo: Bombay Beach, CA
The Salton Sea
If you haven't been, you don't know.Photo: A friend of mine is a San Diego Detective and he brought me to the roof of Police Head Quarters, tripod and all. This is downtown San Diego from the Helipad. I felt like the Batman.Photo: The Venice Beach Pier, California
and a beer.Photo: LA had a wicked storm right around last Christmas. The clouds parted for a couple hours at sunset and revealed this section of beach that is usually 20' below water. The background HDR is a little strong but the foreground is about as clear and crisp as I have been able to achieve. Manhattan Beach, CaliforniaPhoto: My favorite place to photograph in Los Angeles is without a doubt, the Griffith Park Observatory. They allow tripods and they stay open until 10:00pm... Th ebest view of the Los angeles basin you could imagine and there is always good people watching.
HDR imagePhoto: Someone lives there.... Abandond mini-golf course in Los Angeles.Photo: Malibu....Photo: When I first learned how to take long exposures, I was just taking pictures of traffic because I thought light trails were the coolest thing in the world... actually, I still do. I spent a lot of time trying to use the traffic to create interesting scenes... Maybe not great photography but it was fun and I still think it looks interesting. To everyone that commented on the last image I posted: Thank You Very Much.Photo: It's a long, level 7 hike to this spot and the only way to do it justice is with a Fisheye. Tonight the clouds coming in from the Pacific told me that an epic sunset was on the way and I have a new Fisheye. As soon as I got there, the clouds turned to clear skies and I was not happy... So +Steve Skinner taught me to dump a couple layers of texture on a boring sky and presto...instant interestingness.Photo: Bombay Beach
The Salton SeaPhoto: Another one from the Salton Sea. How can you walk past this with a camera and not take a picture? Luckily I had a tripod too, so this is an HDR image from 3 exposures... This is funny: a popular HDR Group manager on Flickr complained that this isn't HDR..and asked if I would keep my additions to JUST HDR. I don't think a lot of people understand what HDR is.Photo: Long Beach Harbor
HDR imagePhoto: Another one that was argued; "How is that HDR dude, it's just a picture."
Laguna Beach, CA 3 Exposures (-2 to +2)Photo: I've wanted to shoot this building for six months. My old camera could never handle the clear sky. I'm not even sure what it is, I just like it...yes, that sign reads "South Park."
Clearly an HDR imagePhoto: Long Beach CaliforniaPhoto: This is a bird / nature sanctuary in Orange County. There's a group of angry old Japanese guys that photograph birds everynight. They have the best equipment imaginable and they think own the place. They kind of mill around this entrence and give the stink eye to anyone they don't know. I was curious to see what their images look like, I thought they must be Nat Geo photogs because of all the gear they have.....they showed me and man was I wrong. How do you take a bad picure in a bird sanctuary with a $10,000 camera and the best lights money can buy.Photo: I usually try to achive WOW but in this case I eneded up with a cliche STOCK image. Oh well..I kind of like it.Photo: From the roof of the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel
Looks much better when viewed LARGE. I didn't even know the stars were in the image until I converted it to Black and White Nice surprise I must say.Photo: San Diego....For some reason I just couldn't stop increasing the vibrance adjustment layer.Photo: An older one taken with my D50 but I like it. This is the South Bay... meaning the southern part of the Santa Monica Bay. It's made up of several cities, it's where I live. The Northern part of the bay is Malibu but they don't call it the North Bay..they call it "the Bu" because they have to be different.Photo: Some old train in Los Angeles...Photo: I love my new fish eye lens... I was so excited to use it at night and this spot worked perfectly. The roof of the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego. I'm sure I'll mature and only use this lens for propper shots with straight lines but for now, I will have fun.Photo: In this three shot HDR of San Diego the long (30 sec.) exposure reveals the sea floor in the foreground.Photo: Tide pools
Palos Verdes, CA
HDR image
8mm Fish EyePhoto: I must have really offended her because she spit right at me.Photo: I know this looks like an overdone HDR sky but it's the REAL DEAL. That's sky is 100% RAW File. This is a 40-some year old shipwreck on the Palos Verdes, CA coast. There's not much left of this Greek vessel but it's still worth the long walk over 2' rocks to get to it.Photo: This is a walk-bridge that allows people to travel over the Pacific Coast Highway to get to the world famous Santa Monica Pier.Photo: Finally, a good sunset last night. It's been an awful summer for sunsets on the Southern California coast. Last night we had a whopper. I've been let down so many times in the last 2 months that I almost didn't go to the beach last night...glad I did. Just after I took this shot, a huge double rainbow started forming and lightning behind me, I felt like a kid in a candy store.Photo: Finally my persistence paid off. After a summer of climbing down these bluffs every night, hoping for a dramatic sunset I finally got one. When I realized I would finally get a good sunset this big double-rainbow started forming to my left. Behind me lightning started to pop. Too much, I couldn't take it. I changed my lens 4 times in 5 minutes,,,what a tool.Photo: I went a little overboard with this one.
The Fish-eye - I guess it's better than the stink-eye..Photo: Fine +Steve Skinner - NO TEXTURE added to this one....
Los Angeles, CA and one wild sunset.... I have processed 10 images from this one hour shoot and they all look different. The sky kept changing color..it was magnificent.Photo: One of my favorite ways to spend an evening. If you like to shoot cityscapes, you must do two things. 1.Trespass 2.Climb on any and all fire-escapes. If not you are just shooting STOCK images....and what's the point of that.Photo: My favorite place in Los Angeles...The Griffith Park Observatory.Photo: I ducked back down the alley-way to find this cool little spot in downtown LA....Got a little crazy with puppet-warp, one of my favorite PS tools...Photo: Manhattan Beach, CA
SunsetPhoto: Redondo Beach. CA
One of my first HDR images....It's blurry because I really didn't know what I was doing.Photo: Downtown Los Angeles...Photo: The lobby of the Fine Arts building in Downtown Los Angeles. The security guard actually allowed me to set up and shoot 7 long exposures...Photo: No HDR here....I just love when those little breaks in the cloud allow light to create these spots on the ocean surface. This is one of many oil rigs sitting off the coast of Long Beach, CAPhoto: Another roof-top cityscape of Los Angeles. I always found that little elevated park in the middle of it all to be strange.Photo: Los Angeles...Photo: I love the movie Chinatown..on my first visit to LA, I was so excited to check the area out. To be honest, this sign is about all there is to see...Photo: ISO 1600 isn't a big deal on modern cameras but with a 6MP Nikon D50, 3 exposures and Photomatix...I was shocked at how clean this is.Photo: This is the cheesiest HDR I've ever created....but still I dig it.Photo: I usually don't shoot mid-day but these clouds were perfect.
San Diego, CAPhoto: San Diego....I just love the faux tilt / shift effect...it's a novelty at best but so fun to do. After I process a tilt/ shift, I compare it to the original and the t/s always looks way more interesting to me.Photo: $35,000
8 miles / gallon
Top Speed 60 mphPhoto: Port Out Starboard Home - POSH, the proper way to navigate a vessel when entering or exiting a shipping port.Photo: Photo: San Diego roofsPhoto: Manhattan Beach, CAPhoto: I talked these two into heading downtown to get on some roof tops and I simply couldn't deliver...So they had an impromptu fasion shoot in this LA city park. +Cory Johnson and Michelle were married last month in Palm Springs. They woke up to find all of there camera gear, wallets, phones, etc. stolen from the room they were sleeping in. Not cool Ace hotel security, not cool at all. I'm stil sick over it.Photo: Photo: The Los Angeles central library.Photo: Soft PacificPhoto: Composition: Not easy to compose 3 exposures when security guards are chasing you around the roof top.
Processing: this is when I first uploaded OnOne's Photo Tools.. (the best program in the world for people that don't want to use Photoshop.)Photo: The Bradburry Building in downtown LA is has a very interesting history but I really don't care about it right now. If you're interested in the buildings history...I know of a really good search engine that will point you in the right direction.Photo: The Mission Inn is located in Riverside, CA
This Spanish style hotel is one of my favorite places to visit in Southern California.Photo: Why didn't anyone tell me that Photomatix has a new version out? Don't they send out e-mails at HDR soft? I just downloaded it tonight and I love it..It's Photomatix 4.whatever. It has NO NOISE that I can see...the color is much better and the ghosting thing is better...not perfect but better.
That's a good spot to look at Los Angeles...Griffith Park Observatory.Photo: This is the Griffith Park Observatory in LA... This is my favorite place in LA because they are tripod friendly, open until 10 pm and parking is free...oh yeah, the view is even better than the lawn...
This new Photomatix is a game changer...I dig it.Photo: Sorry, one last pic from the Observatory. I'm very happy with this one....Photo: ok one more...Photo: This is a part of Abalone Cove in Rancho Palos Verdes that I could never get to before. The water was too deep and the current too strong. I got there early this night and the tide was low so I took a chance and jumped in. Camera and tripod overhead, I made it to the rocks that I've been admiring for so long. I took about 200 images and when I looked back at the beach and noticed the tide came in. It's now swelling to about 20' deep and I'm scared. I thought I would be sleeping out there. Luckily a huge wave came, and when it retreated back to the sea I saw the bottom. I ran through 2' of water screaming like a school girl for 15 yards and made it to he beach with the next monster wave at my heels. That was cool.
HDR image - except the water, that's all from the -2 file, that's why it's so noisy. I need the -2 because It's the only exposure fast enough to catch the still water. The problem is that it was totally black so I had to bring up the exposure and fill-light to be able to see it. Hence the noise that you can see when you look at it closely. So please don't look closely.Photo: Here's an old one...Venice Beach...old 6MP camera, handheld 3 exposures and some quick processing.

Question: Will someone please explain to e why Google+ lists "people sharing with you"
What does that mean? What am I to do with this information?Photo: Manhattan Beach, CA
Everyone with a camera in Southern California has taken this shot.
So here's my latest version..Photo: Hollywood Metro Station. A couple dozen people are walking through this scene but they done't show up because of the long exposure.

This is actually a re-post - just moving some images from one album to another.
Question: Why do some people up-load to Picasa to display images on G+? I've been up-loading directly to G+....Am I safe? Am I an idiot.Photo: A painterly view of Los Angeles....see LA's not as dirty as you read about.Photo: moon #1Photo: I mean Malibu rocks as in those things on the beach, not rocks and rolls. Malibu is actually a very quiet little beach town.Photo: Los Angeles doesn't have many landmarks buy they sure are proud of this one. The Bradbury building is one of the most interesting on the west coast...They normally don't allow tripods but the security guard was in a good mood because it was Friday and her shift ended in one hour. "have at it man, I don't care right now, i'm over this shit until Monday"Photo: another side of the Bradbury Building...Photo: OK, it's just a car in the desert...but for a few seconds, it was a landspeeder in my mind.Photo: Reem is a wonderful woman that allowed me access to the Yamashiro property earlier this summer. That's a 700 year old pagoda foreground, Hollywood middleground and downtown LA background.
Re-post...(just figuring out how to work the G+ albums)Photo: A lightly different side of Los AngelesPhoto: WoodysPhoto: Don't know why I took this...it's where I buy my pies these days. Pretty good for west coast pizza. In general, I don't consider anything west of the Mississippi real pizza...but this place works when I long for home.Photo: From Long Beach, this is the shortest distance to the Queen Mary....just a quick swim but I usually drive around, unless the traffic is bad, then I swim.Photo: On this day, the marine layer forced me to shoot indoors. This is the loby of Oakley. This massive structure represtnts what was once an innovative brand that many designers looked up to. Now it's just a BIG company with NO heart, no innovation and tons of money. Sad, unless you're a shareholder. It's still one of the coolest buildings I've ever been in.Photo: Venice Beach skate pools
skate punk (these guys are good)Photo: After a really bad day, I decided to head downtown. As usual, the traffic was a nightmare and my mood was poor, until I saw an open door. Within 10 minutes of exiting the freeway, I noticed an open maintenance door at a building I've wanted to enter. An elevator took me straight to the roof. Two brackets of 5 exposures and back home. yahoo for me...

I wanted to explain how I "Dodge and Burn" as the final step in my HDR or portrait processing. This is an old technique that derives from the days of the dark room but now can be done easily in Photoshop. Essentially this involvers selective changing of the exposure to enhance depth and details. I also use it to lead the viewers eyes where I desire.
Dodge = increase exposure (making it lighter)
Burn = Decrease exposure (making it darker)

1. Create a new BLANK layer
2. Edit > Fill> 50% Gray
3. Change the blending mode to Overlay or soft light.
4. Click on the DODGE icon and select a brush. Set the opacity to around 10%
5. Start brushing over all of the areas that you want to make lighter. For critical areas, two or three passes might be required. (salt to taste)
6. Click on the BURN icon and select a brush. Also choose around 10% opacity.
7. Pass the brush over the areas that you want to make darker. (salt to taste)
8. At this point you will be thinking "Neil, this doesn't look like it's working." so I ask that you go to your layers panel and deselect the view of the current layer. Yo will be surprised at how much of a difference all of this dodging and burning has made.

Why do I need the 50% gray fill layer you ask? Because this is a destructive technique that can destroy a pixel enough to punch through the layer and reveal whats underneath. We choose this neutral gray for that reason, it's neutral and should not be noticed. It also creates this dreamy feel around the lights. I really overused it on this image to illustrate the effect.Photo: Tiny girl big voicePhoto: PortfolioPhoto: Never use any portrait software on a dude...Photo: I'm usually looking for cityscapes when sneaking around roof-tops. I kind of backed up into this one, turned around and had a sudden fear of heights. I had to take a picture....Photo: Another of my failed attempts at copying Calvin Hollywoods processing. I have to remember, less is more..

If you add up all of the talent from all of the "celebrity photogs" on the internet making a living selling processing tutorials to beginners....it's nothing compared to this dude's skills with the entire CS5 suite. He's the real deal and he's the head of my design department....Photo: On day last spring I drove around LA for 3 hours. I was looking for something new to catch my eye and nothing did. Out of frustration I pulled over and took a random shot of the road just to have something to process. I think I might be obsessed....Photo: This is a re-post...it was in the wrong album because I'm an idiot.
Some plane on some aircraft carrier...Photo: This is Linda Vista....a 100+ year old hospital that
s been closed for a long time now. Those dorks from that ridiculous "ghost hunters" show spent about a year in here.... I snuck in as usual.Photo: This is the first HDR I ever posted on the internet. Lake Placid, NY 9/2010
3 handheld exposures. I had no idea what was going to happen when I ran it through Photomatix. When it was done churning, I saw this. I was hooked from that moment on.Photo: When the sky is clear and lacking drama....I love to create my own...Most men don't like textures on images but woman always comment on them. I just noticed that only 33% of the people that circled me are women.... So this one goes out to all of the ladies...Photo: By 5:00 today, it was apparent that the Los Angeles area was going to see an epic sunset. I skipped all to common drive to Malibu searching for something new. I checked the state parks web site for the park hours at Vasquez park.. "OPEN UNTIL 8:00" I drove 3 hours to get there thinking I could shoot until dark.....what did the sign at the entrance read? that's right: "PARK CLOSES PROMPTLY AT 7:00 IF LOCKED IN, CALL SHERRIF DEPT. $500 PENALTY."
So I missed most of the sunset...swearing all the way home.Photo: This is the commercial exchange building in downtown LA. It once housed showrooms for dozens of well known apparel manufacturers...Because Los Angeles has done everything possible to drive businesses out of the area, it now looks like this. The sad thing, nobody cares.Photo: Vasquez Rocks State Park
Agua Dolce, CA
This is a side of Los Angeles most people don't get to see...Photo: This sunset last night was like studio lighting...just perfect. Behind me was a HUGE sunset that I didn't have time to photograph.
So my wife gets in an accident and while her car is getting fixed, she uses mine. Texting on the freeway, she rear-ends a tow-truck and takes that chunk out of my grill.. Do I fix it, hells no...that's my ace in the hole.Photo: After hours of processing these HDR images, I become intimate with every flaw. Consequently, it becomes difficult to look at them. I like this one though. I think I'm going to print it and frame it for mom. I can do that easily from lightshedimagery.smugmug.comPhoto: Los Angeles, CA
Does Magic Johnson still have the HIV? It's been a long time and he looks pretty good...Photo: I felt a little creepy sneaking around backyards to get this shot...but I got it.Photo: This is the trail to the world famous Hollywood sign. Yeah, that's a dude on a horse....and Los Angeles in the background. See LA is just a desert cowtown.Photo: After a few bad business meetings in the great state of Ohio, I made my way to Cleveland. With seven hours to kill, mid day sunlight (I try not to shoot in the daytime, the light is awful) and a bad attitude I decided to try the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Upon first sight, this building looked underwhelming at best. I expected a watered down, city run, overpriced disappointment. Visions of ESPN Zone, Hard Rock, Fox Sports Grill, Disney and other homogenized displays "that's cool, lets make money off of it" were in my head. The $22 entrance fee was also a sticking point but I was there with nothing better to do.. The Jimi Hendrix story is the first section visitors are walked through. "Jimi's guitar, big deal, who cares, seen that" I thought..after one minute of staring at it I realized; "holy shit, that's Jimi Hendrix's guitar."

Over the next three hours I embarked on a true spiritual journey....the curators truly pulled no punches with gritty content and historical facts. While walking through the many history filled halls or sitting through an inspiring video in one of it's many theaters or watching one of several multi-media, jaw dropping attractions, I was hooked and time stood still. I could spend an entire day and I will go back soon. I must admit, Cleveland does rock and hail hail Rock and Roll.Photo: Growing up in rural New York State, I was fascinated by California through movies and TV shows. I always wondered how easy it was to get access to the LA river after seeing countless car chases, parties and murders take place on tv. I found out. It's really easy...you can just drive down there. I really don't recomned it though. It smells like old ass and the few people that do hang out down there will cut you for a nickle. After taking this, i threw my shoes in a dumpster and spent the next two weeks on antibiotics from the itching.Photo: I'm sure you've been to Restoraition Hardware, pier One or any of the other retailers that offer the look of antiques but made in China last week. Well the this shop in downtown Los angles "ye old things" is the real deal...I think they have 4 or 5 stores in the USA. If it's your cup of tea, you could get lost in here for hours...not cheap though.Photo: Saint Johns catholic church in downtown Cleveland.
I'm used to getting chased around Los Angeles by cops and security dorks because everyone wants to get paid for any image of there property. Hollywood really ruined it for photographers in LA. Not in the city of ROCK....I was shocked to find people who smile and say things like, "may I help you," "you're welcome" and "if there's anything else you need...." Now if they could just do something about the weather.
HDR image merge created from 50 separate exposures.
Thank you Cleveland, good night.Photo: I wasn't crazy about that last one so this is my second effort. What do you think?Photo: another church in Cleveland...last one, I promise. I only had a few hours in Cleveland to shoot and it was in the middle of the day> I had to shoot inside and these churches were all I could find...Photo: Los Angeles... I can't remember but I'll bet this was a great sunset. Those high segmented clouds with a clear blue horizon are the makings of a colorful sunset.Photo: I've always admired these downtown Los Angeles bridges that extend over the LA river but I could never find a unique angle to shoot them...After an hour of trying differnet angles, I turned around, shot this and went home.Photo: Not sure what I was thinking here. This little section of fourth street looked so inviting, intimate and romatic when I was standing there. Not sure that I was able to capture it but for a moment I felt like I was in Paris not LAPhoto: It was my goal to make the beach look interesting tonight, not sure why...maybe just too tiered drive anywhere else.
I just found out that a guy I've known for 7 years was a heroin addict until three months ago. That's the kind of thing I thought I would notice but I guess not..hence the title.Photo: Hermosa Beach California....This isn't really my style but I have a new fisheye lens and +Steve Skinner has been doing similar work for a few years now. His HDR work is among the first I admired when starting out. Cheers Steve.Photo: Another cliche HDR shot of my neighborhood beach and pier at sunset. I took this with a Kodak DISC camera. I developed it at the ONE HOUR PHOTO HUT and then I scanned it in as a 72 DPI hi-res JPEG and uploaded it here....no, not really.Photo: The Walt Disney Concert Hall is one of my favorite buildings west of the Mississippi.Photo: I think I enjoy the desert sunsets over the ocean sunsets. This was very cool to see in person but the problems begin after the sun sets. You can't park your car and just walk a few feet to get to a spot like this..you have to hike. Once the temperature goes down, the rattlesnakes come out. I'm so afraid of snakes that I freeze up and get kind of dizzy when I see them. My heart-rate on the walk back to the car is always around 180.Photo: The Mission Inn is an old hotel in Riverside, CA
This four story rotunda isn't the easiest thing to photograph. The space is awkward and the security tight. I was able to sneak in with some help from a chamber maid. I didn't call he a chamber maid, she introduced herself as a "chamber maid." Now I can't stop saying chamber maid....Photo: This is an old one. I don't think I ever showed this one. Thats the restaurant at LAX.....it's really terrible food and the service is even worse. I don't suggest it.Photo: This helicopter is worth more than some cities....if we had it 70 years ago, we could have ended WW2 in one week. These pilots were nice enough to allow me to set up my tripod and get 5 frames. They later saw this image on Flickr and contacted me for a copy.. In return they sent me a "squadron patch." I think that's cool.
re-post.Photo: I was at Bombay Beach, CA on the Salton Sea earlier this year. I was photographing what little was left of a salt eaten pier when 3 limos pulled up. About 25 people poured out of these cars and then a truck full of camera gear followed. I gathered that the 4 Euro-looking kids with skinny jeans, long hair and Chcuk Taylors were the band. After 45 minutesof hair styling, make-up applications and disscusions over where, how and when; they were ready to shoot. The guitarist sttod on a rock about 10 ft above the water. He let out a massive grunt while throwing his guitar in the Salton Sea. Cameras rolled, flashes popped and the anticipation of the lone guitar sinking into the sea was in the air. The Salton Sea is filled with SALT...nothing really sinks too easily....so imagine the surprise of all the Hollywood types as it just rested on the water's surface. After 10 seconds of silence on voise sried out: "I told you we should have brought another guitar." I laughed out loud, took this shot and left before they killed me...Photo: Hermosa Beach, Ca
No HDR here....I don't usually do that. We're about to open a small gallery / studio 300 yards from this pier so I thought I should try and get some traditional images to frame. I would love to get some feedback.. too much color, too much tonal contrast? I would appreciate it.Photo: This Spanish style Rotunda at the Mission Inn Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Riverside , CA is designed to be an optical elusion. When standing at the bottom, it looks like the top is smaller. When standing at the top, the bottom appears to be smaller and In reality, it is. The bottom is about 1/2 of the diameter of the top.

Want your HDR images to look more realistic?

The HDR process can add light to areas that look unnatural... For example; after I ran this through Photomatix, the shadows inside the doorways had too much light. This can be fixed in Photomatix with the "light adjustment" slider but then you lose light in some of the desired areas.

This is what I do in Photoshop:
1. Copy layer > change to black and white > increase contrast > change blend mode to overlay > reduce opacity to aprox. 10 > merge layers The shadows will come back, the lights will not be so hard and the image will look like a photograph once again.
2. Copy layer > (using NIK Color Efex, Topaz adjust or OnOne Photo Tools) use the "bleach bypass" look > change blending mode to Soft Light > reduce the opacity to aprox. 10 > merge layer.
I think you'll be surprised at how powerful this simple technique can be.Photo: There are so many beautiful mansions in Beverly Hills that it's hard to keep track of them. But if you turn north from Wilshire Boulevard, up posh Carmelita Avenue, you will discover an extraordinary house unlike anything else you'll ever find in these parts.

Known formally as "The Spadena House," but better known simply as"The Witch's House," this bizarre, whimsical creation was built in 1921 for a movie studio in Culver City. It was used in several silent films, and then moved to this pleasant residential neighborhood in Beverly Hills in 1926, where it is now a private home.

I don't use a lot of texture but when the sky is as boring as it was on this day, It's a good opportunity to add some drama.Photo: Photo: San Diego, California from the top of some hotel...
HDR imagePhoto: cops man, be cool.Photo: The Manhattan Beach Pier in Southern California
PLEASE SHARE - I would love to get feedback on this one... Somebody on the Flickr wrote that this an "abomination of all that is art" and it kind of hurt my feelings because I thought it was ok.Photo: Chinese ChristmasPhoto: 50 years of drug abuse...Photo: The sky is HDR but the foreground is from a single RAW file...I was shocked to see how much life exists in these small tide pools...
Ranch Palos Verdes, CA (north LA)Photo: Photo: Photo: That's me...It was meant to go to the avatar album thing but it did not.Photo: 7/4/11 I don't know this girl...I felt a little creepy taking this shot.Photo: The Vincent Thomas Bridge in Long Beach, CAPhoto: Unfortuantly my wife and I spend way too much time on this freeway and never in the same car. The 100 in Los Angeles is a constant source of frustration and hair loss. (the hair loss is for me, not my wife...she has a great deal of beautiful hair.)Photo: More panoramas for fun. Think of how many rattlesnakes are out there. Right now, they're having roundtable debates about what't the best way to kill me... they had a brief opportunity to get me and they missed it. I heard that a couple key snakes were "fired" over the miscue. I fear they will be better prepared next time.Photo: This was magic..best sunset I've seen in person...
What's a guy gotta do to get a few +1`s around here???????????????????????Photo: As with many men, my childhood fantasy was to work on Star Wars for George Lucas. Using HDR and textures is about as close as I'll come to creating new worlds as 42 years have passed and I still don't know a thing about CGI. This will have to satisfy my childhood dreams...Photo: The day I got my D300S in the mail, I ran up here and took this HDR image of the South Bay. This has been my home for over 10 years and i doubt that i'll ever move. Off in the distance to the right is downtown Los Angleles and the Pacific to the left.Photo: I'm not sure how I feel about "street photography, " it feels so intrusive to take someones picture, process it and then post it or sell it...but then again, it's really fun.Photo: Hermosa Beach, CA is only 1.3 miles square. For the 4th of July weekend we get over 250,000 interlopers (I've never counted) in our little city. They are ALL drunk, young and dumb....boy do I I miss those days.Photo: Earlier in the year my gym had a problem. See that white building in the back / left? that' my gym. Apparently two or more giant tides collided in the bay and sucked all of the oxygen out of the water for several square meters. Well a school of millions of these fish happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They all died from lack of oxygen and the current brought them here. It was novel at first but two weeks into the clean-up the smell almost put my gym out of business.Photo: Bombay Beach, the Salton Sea, CaliforniaPhoto: This might not look impressive but I took this standing on the 110 N Freeway with Traffic 2 feet from my back. I asked a cop if I could climb up there with my tripod and he said "just don't get caught."
Downtown Los AngelesPhoto: No HDR needed...in fact HDR would make this look like a cartoon...
These kind of California sunsets happen about 5 times a year...I was lucky enough to see this one.Photo: After tone-mapping, this HDR was really flat and boring, the way it should be. Here's a couple simple ways I used to make it pop.
1. Copy Layer>black and white adjustment>increase reds and yellow>change blending mode to Luminosity>reduce opacity to about 10%
2. Copy Layer>black and white adjustment>curves adjustment>Big "S" curve>change blend mode to soft light>reduce opacity to about 10%
3. Group all layers except the background layer>white mask>black brush>selective painting while changing opacity
4. Merge layers and done....
I've added similar HDR processing tips on my last few images at www.flickr.com/photos/neilarmstrong2 if anyone's interested.
Just little things I've picked up along the way.Photo: Some building they won't let me in because I have a camera. It's there building, they own it and I shouldn't be allowed inside if they don't want me. But they don't own the sidewalk....the next time a security guard tells me that I can't set up my tripod on the sidewalk in front of "their" building, I'm going to be a real ass.Photo: To juxtapose the story from the last image I posted...The cop that watched me take this image asked me what camera settings I was using....Photo: El Segundo, California
I think I posted this before but it wasn't in my album thing so....here it is again.
That's Malibu in the background. You're looking across the Santa Monica Bay....the areas I'm in is called the South Bay. In turn, one would thing the other side would be called; the North Bay but NOOOOO they have to be special...they call it "the BU"Photo: Malibu, CA
That's the Pacific ocean under all of those clouds. The stream of light running through it is traffic from the Pacific Coast Highway.
I'm pretty sure I uploaded this one before but it wasn't in my album..here it is again.Photo: Not clouds - just drive 4 hours north to Pismo Beach to find NO CLOUDS....I can't believe I just drove 8 hours to photograph some rocks....Photo: These rocks at Shell Beach (Pismo Beach, CA) look small but that's not the case. The one on the left is over 60 feet tall.Photo: Union Station - Los Angeles.......I set up to take this shot and that man started dancing. He was elegaent and inspiring to watch....I assume he is a pro becasue he was very good and he was being filmed . A very surreal moment indeed. I wish I could have one of those moments everyday... You have to look hard to see him...middle of the image.Photo: Los Angeles County Museum of Art.Photo: Does anyone know what was on top of this staircase?
I saw this in Pismo Beach yesterday and I have to wonder what was there.Photo: Las Pismo Beach, Rock photo..I promise. I kind of like this one though.Photo: San Pedro, CA
Tripods are not allowed anywhere near these refiners. I stopped traffic, got out of the car on a bridge, set up and took my shots. I was lucky, no cops saw me but if they did, I would have been arrested.
HDR Panorama from 9 exposuresPhoto: This is one of my favorites... From the roof of the Bonaventure hotel in Los Angeles. Went through all kinds of sneaking around to get this one. HDR - 3 Exposures. If you look closely, you can see inside the rooms to the right.Photo: Had a meeting in downtown LA today but couldn't hang around long to shoot because I had to get home to walk my pug. I saw a man with a tool belt and a ladder walk in the side door of this church. I followed, shoot, shoot, shoot, run home to walk the pug.Photo: It might not be pretty but the level of difficulty is high.....I promise, this was not easy to shoot... 3 exposures on a tripod during rush hour.Photo: Hello, is this thing on?Photo: The Salton Sea is something everyone with a camera should experience. I want to get back there soon but I really hate going alone... There's a lot of bodies in that desert.Photo: I think a photo needs three things to be appealing; light, form and an interesting subject. I think I missed the last one here.Photo: I was bored...no time to shoot so I went back to process some old shots that never made it. I'm pretty sick of finding my images in places that I didn't authorize. I don't really mind unless it's for profit. So I'm toying with the idea of a watermark and I HATE watermarks...what do you think, can you see this one?Photo: This is a very common shot of LA but I added two extra exposures, made it an HDR and added some color. I rather like this one as HDR images go. Scored as high as 5 out of 9 on HDR Spotting.comPhoto: +Brian Matiash should recognise this texture...it's from Onone's fantastic software program called "Photo Tools." If you're afraid of Photoshop or just want an easy way to make your images stand out. I highly recomend this program. I never liked textures until I stumbled across this setting in Photo Tools. Now I've created thousands of my own textures and use them whenever I want to add some drama to an image......Photo: Los Angeles, CA
Blue HourPhoto: Los Angeles - A rare occasion of no traffic on the 110 Freeway. Well, "NO" traffic for L.A.Photo: It's called Salvation Mountain and it's at the Salton Sea in CA. It's strange to say the least but a true slice of Americana. Drove 200 miles to get there, took some shots and another 200 miles to the real spot...the secret, super HDr, location of opportunity. All that driving to see a sign that read: ROAD CLOSED Great day...Photo: Salvation Mountain ok, it's a tourist photo but I had to....Photo: the Salton Sea 
not sure what this one says...Photo: Salvation Mountain the Salton Sea, CAPhoto: Car night in the hood.Photo: Clear blue skies mean I haven't shot any outdoor HDR images in a long time..so I went off the reservation and tried this, my first composite. The ditch is only about 4 feet wide, I shot it yesterday at the Salton Sea. The road is from downtown Los Angeles.....I have some blending tricks to learn but I can see how this could get addicting...any critiques are very welcomePhoto: I was excited to find this dead tree on the banks of the Salton Sea because it has a few vultures nests in it. I thought it would be a great image but it was high sun and impossible to take a good picture. So I processed the hell out of it. This place is so creepy, it's just death surrounded by crime wrapped up in bacon then cooked at 107 degrees for a million plus years.Photo: More from the Salton Sea 
"LOVE," the writer started out with a beautiful, Lennon-like message and by the time you get to the caboose, they're giving orders..REPENT NOW....so does that mean they won't love me if I don't repent? what if I gave up repenting for lent?Photo: He just looks young, he's really 29. I only let him drive when we've been at the bar too long...better him than me.Photo: This is some weird HDR from last Christmas.....I didn't know what I was doing but itsure was fun. Irvine, CA The "great park" or something like that.Photo: PortfolioPhoto: Bombay Beach, CAPhoto: Pacific Coast Highway and Artesia Blvd...an old HDRPhoto: Hermosa Beach, CAPhoto: No, not really...he owns a car dealership.
re-postPhoto: No time to describe, just got Photoshop CS-6...must play.Photo: It's called Flash Stand becasue my flash sand is in the picture....not a very exciting sky this day so I added some texture. Kind of a middle Earth thing going on. - Victoria Beach, Laguna Beach, CAPhoto: San Clemente, CA
HDR imagePhoto: Palos Verdes, CAPhoto: I really wish I could remember where this was....I know it was around 4th and Spring in LA... Big show coming on November 2nd. I'm such an ass, I really have to start writing this stuff down. Great space with all of these show pieces in a retro industrial building and a cute girl sitting there selling tickets. Ha, I swear, I juat look for things I can add texture to.Photo: I tried +Thomas Hawk 's $2 portrait method last night. I only had one single left and this man said yes. TTL overexposed and I asked him if I could take one more because my flash didn't work and he replied: "son, you better go get yourself another dollar." hence the hot spots....stupid TTLPhoto: My first attempt at re-touching..Left is a RAW image-SB600 camera mounted using TTL. Right is about 20 minutes in Photoshop. To the people that do this for a living, I salute you....it's not easy. To the very sweet girl that allowed me to shoot this; THANK YOU....Photo: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA ~ Abalone Cove
Don't read the names of my images...they often have nothing to do with the image....I usually just pick the first thing that comes to mind.Photo: California CoastPhoto: Nothing but Fog or Clear Blue Skies for the last week in Southern California....I couldn't take so I drove to Nevada today just to take some pictures. yeaaaaah, my wife thinks I'm an idiot.Photo: I'm on a texture kick....Photo: THE MISSION INN ROTUNDA IN RIVERSIDE, CA
This one might be a little over the top...Photo: San Pedro, California
Something about the green algae in the pacific makes it pop unlike the Atlantic. The Atlantic smells better though....Photo: San Pedro, CaliforniaPhoto: There was no moon last night so I wanted to venture out to the desert but my schedule wouldn't allow it. This is surprisingly clear for a Los Angeles sky. It's the backside of Malibu on top of Piuma road. It's a little creepy standing out there in total darkness, the noises freak me out and I'm always concerned that a James Dean wanabe is coming around that corner at 80mph.Photo: I admit, there was a little B & E involved here..Photo: It's a plane.....Photo: Alright, as photographs go, this is terrible but I had to post it. I just think it's cool that my camera can faintly pick up the milky-way with the ambient light of the san Fernando valley in the background and the Ventura Freeway running through the middle giving off a lot of ambient light.... Now where do I really go to get some good night shots? Africa, South America, the arctic..???Photo: Laguna Beach. CA
HDR imagePhoto: Old Car with no significants to me...Photo: The Marine Layer blocks the sun and forces me to go inside and shoot...this is the lobby of Oakley's headquarters in Orange County, CA
The building is HUGE...
re-postPhoto: What do you think, filters or HDR?Photo: I should probably write a description that represents this dark, "middle earth" looking HDR image as beautiful but no. The truth is, low tide turned this usually submerged section of San Pedro beach into a pit of stench. Sea snakes, flies from the standing water, a nasty smell that overwhelms the olfactory senses and garbage everywhere is what you're looking at. Want to buy a print?Photo: HDR image - Wow, I think I'm going blind because the reds looked correct in Photoshop but on G+ they look way over saturated. Getting color correct is very frustrating to me. Too many different ways to view an image so in the end, I color for my 27" iMac monitor..

This massive and intricately-decorated bell and pavilion was donated in 1976 to the people of Los Angeles by the people of the Republic of Korea to celebrate the bicentennial of the U.S. independence, honor veterans of the Korean War, and to consolidate traditional friendship between the two countries. The bell is patterned after the Bronze Bell of King Songdok, which was cast in 771 A.D. and is still on view in South Korea today.
The bell was cast in Korea and shipped to the United States. Weighing 17 tons, with a height of twelve feet and a diameter of 7-1/2 feet, the bell is made of copper and tin, with gold, nickel, lead and phosphorous added for tone quality. When it was built, it cost the Korean people $500,000. Four pairs of figures, each pair consisting of the Goddess of Liberty holding a torch, and a Korean spirit , are engraved in relief on the body of the bell. Each of the Korean spirits holds up a different symbol: a symbolic design of the Korean flag; a branch of the rose of Sharon, Korea's national flower; a branch of laurel, symbol of victory; and a dove of peace. The bell has no clapper but is struck from the outside with a wooden log.

The bell is set in a pagoda-like stone structure which was constructed on the site by thirty craftsmen flown in from Korea. It took them ten months and costs $569,680. The pavilion is supported by twelve columns representing the twelve designs of the Oriental zodiac. Animals stand guard at the base of each column.

Resting peacefully on the knoll overlooking the sea gate from which U.S. troops sailed into the Pacific, the bell site affords an unsurpassed view of the Los Angeles harbor, the Catalina Channel and the sea terraces of San Pedro hill. The bell is rung only four times each year: the Fourth of July, August 15 (Korean Independence Day) and New Year's Eve, and every September to coincide with bell ringings around the country to celebrate Constitution week.Photo: Too much social crap going on this weekend. In lieu of shooting, I thought I would process some old B sides...the junk that never made it to Photoshop. This bird looks really fake but I assure you, it's not. The little guy kept moving on the 5th exposure, it was driving me crazy so after about 20 attempts, this is -1 to +2, 4 exposures. El Matador Beach, Malibu, CAPhoto: Manhattan Beach, CA
HDR image
8mm FisheyePhoto: HDR image - Los Angeles, CAPhoto: It's called Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles. It's an area with outdoor vendors, food, junk, junk and more junk that nobody needs. I've wanted to shoot this for a long time because I find the colors attractive. The problem is parking....NO PLACE TO PARK...
Somebody really pissed me off this night so it provoked me to be an ass. I stopped my car right in front of this place, put it in park, got out my tripod and camera, walked to this spot and rattled off 5 long exposures. About 10 cars behind me just started beeping and screaming but the cop that watched the whole thing just watched and smiled. I shook his hand before going back to my car and we both smiled.
I enjoy a true love / hate relationship with her (Los Angeles)....My wife calls her my "the other woman."Photo: My camera and tripod went lens first into the water when I took this one. Now I have to pay someone to clean my sensor. Why am I or the elements aloud to touch the sensor...I'm like pigpen when it comes to electronics....I find it hard to believe that camera companies haven't figure out a way to seal the sensor....it's 2011 for crying out loud.Photo: Petco Park
San Diego, CA
HDR image (as usual)Photo: I can't take LA Traffic this week. I sit and I sit and then I move an inch just to sit some more. It's Sooooooo frusterating. It's a good think I have this in my neighborhood.Photo: Every stinking day....Photo: This is a 5 Exposure HDR image that I took while standing on top of a 1936 bi-plane. It was difficult climbing up there with my tripod and metering for the proper aperture was difficult but after 3 passes, I finally got it right. It's a good thing Photomatix has auto allignment becasue the 5 exposures were really far apart. I would like to thank Photomatix and my pilot...George.
San Diego, CAPhoto: Of all the beautiful beaches in California, I think this is the one I would pick to retire on. Victoria Beach is a small public beach in Laguna Beach. Very few people know about it and it only has about four public parking spots so it's often empty. It's set up like a small lagoon with houses built straight up the hill and each side of the lagoon is flanked by jagged coastline. The houses are way out of my price range though.Photo: No HDR on this one...sometimes I get sick of it and it's Friday evening so nobody's paying attention anyway. I thought I would take a regular single image and throw a bunch of effects on it...This was all done in LightroomPhoto: Manhattan Beach, CA
Not a very "good" photograph by most standards but we don't get these stormy clouds very often....I had to take a picture before it went away.Photo: This saltwater pool was built mid 20th century by a man that owned the house just behind me. It was built for children to play in without fear of being swept out to sea by the waves. Few people are aware of this public beach because it's elusive entrance, there's only four parking spots and one would think that it's private. Lined by Multi million dollar beach houses and flanked by jagged coastline, it just looks like you're not allowed to be there. To the contrary, the locals that I've met are welcoming and always very interested in what I'm doing....Photo: I've seen hundreds of these "light paintings", some fantastically and eloquently executed and then there's this kind of garbage. +Cory Johnson and I looked rediculous in the dark, in the desert with glow sticks and a flashlight. My first attempt and probably my last.Photo: California SunsetPhoto: Manhattan Beach pier...again.
#StormySundayPhoto: Joshua Tree National ForestPhoto: I recently posted an image of San Diego's skyline that was clearly taken from a roof-top. I created an over-the-top story about taking the three bracketed pictures from the top of an airplane. The story was meant to be a joke...and nothing more. I apolgise to the people that took it seriously and called me "a fake"...I promise to never attempt to make anyone on Googl+ smile again...
In this image: Downtown Los Angles from the side of the 110 North Freeway.Photo: This is the Los Angeles Central Library....I would love to know the artist was thinking when he created that eyeball shaped, planet Earth thing hanging in the middle of the room...Photo: Joshua Tree National Forest is not the easiest place to compose photographs. It's beautiful but flat and not very attractive in the mid-day. This was taken with an 8mm Fisheye at sundown...and it was still boing. So I added a bunch of textures. I think some models or an old car would have worked better though.
#TreeTuesdayPhoto: Wild sunset last night, I wish I was at the beach but I was stuck on this bridge. The colors were so intense that this looks like a cartoon. This is straight out of Photomatix on Default. I tried to make it look less fake but I couldn't do it.Photo: I shoot in HDR because I don't have the Ansel Adams patience required to sit around for 8 hours waiting for the perfect light. Joshua Tree is a little different...ever with HDR, you still need to wait for the right light or it just looks like a bunch of trees and rocks. I'm rather proud of my $300, 8mm, manual focus, fisheye lens from Bower. I leave it at infinity and everything up to 6" is perfectly in focus, I've yet to see a chromatic aberration and at f8 everything is in focus. So to the clerk at Samy's camera that told me I was making a big mistake; go sell crazy somewhere else.Photo: This wasn't easy to get and I'm not proud of how I did it but here it is...I've been trying to get on top of this roof for a year and now that I did, ehhh.
Los Angeles, CA
HDR image
#LongExposureThursdayPhoto: Manhattan Beach, CA
Creepy yet comforting fall sky.Photo: New Office DogPhoto: Manhattan Beach, CA
Crazy sky on this fall night...I enhanced the colors a little.Photo: Nothing to write, just some rocks.Photo: Rancho Palos Verdes, CAPhoto: The tide pools on the Southern California coast often look other-worldly. Except the guy hunting for shells.Photo: We we're out shooting the LA skyline and a wierd fashion shoot broke out.Photo: The California Coast...I think this is as clean as I can process an HDR image.Photo: Processing some old brackets that didn't make it to Photomatix because I'm too tired to go shoot anything new.Photo: More Rocks and waves from Los Angeles...Photo: Boat surgeryPhoto: Weekends are my favorite time to be in Downtown Los Angeles...nobody is around....it's like a ghost town.Photo: It's not the most beautiful subject but it sure is crisp. I downloaded the new Topaz Adjust 5 and I dig it...they've added some convenient features and I think it's the best value of all the plug-ins. I love the OnOne software but I think they've missed the boat on pricing. I would love to see their books to understand their pricing strategy.
You can see it in full size and see the detail work of Topaz by going to this site http://lightshedimagery.smugmug.comPhoto: I can't for the life of me remember the name of this aircraft carrier in San Diego.. Lincoln or Ike maybe...Anyway, it's an old HDR image I took a few months ago. Pretty clean for an HDR I think.Photo: For some reason, I'm a big fan of selective color...when I first picked up a camera, I was amazed by a selective color image on Flickr and I think I've been chasing it since...is it just a gimmick or does it accentuate the subject????Photo: I drove 2 hours to Malibu expecting a great sunset last night. The clouds went the other way...So I got to see this wildly colorful, sunset from 30 miles away.Photo: Grass- I was waiting for a few people to arrive at a photowalk last night. Nothing to do but photograph the grass growing.Photo: I get excited when it rains in LA...we don't get many chances to photograph wet streets...I think the reflections add something, especially to city streets.
Century City - CA
HDR image (as usual for me)Photo: Century City, CA
This kid was cool enough to stay still through a long exposure for me...
Not HDR, I just went crazy in Photoshop...Photo: Huntington Beach, CA
I liked the light under the pier.....Photo: I don't usually shoot this touristy kind of crap but I'm a sucker for night HDR images and I was there.Photo: I was hiking in an area that no human could have ever been before.... I found these rocks stacked. I finally found proof that we've been visited by aliens and I turned it into an HDR image. It is proof right?Photo: Happy Thanksgiving....Photo: Palos Verdes, CA
Another side of Los Angeles...Photo: PortfolioPhoto: A rare situation that was worthy of photographing...the traffic in Los Angeles was actually moving.Photo: Some fountain in LAPhoto: San Pedro, CA
This is about 300 yards from where the road fell into the ocean recently.Photo: I was in hangout last night that opened my eyes to color correcting and noise reduction in LAB mode with curves layers....wow, what a difference it makes.
Laguna Beach, CAPhoto: Not that I was feeling patriotic, I just found this in my trash folder...not sure why I tossed I tossed it.Photo: This was the only break in the orange county clouds tonight and I saw it from the freeway...I quickly drove to the shore in time for "the show."

If anyone knows the name of the guy that hosted the hangout I was in last night..please let me know who it was. 

What he taught me completely changed how I process images.
This is Photomatix basically on Default with "Strength" at 10
I then color corrected in RGB by channel in PS
Color corrected with curves layers by channel in Lab Mode
Sharpened the luminosity channel
And that's it...ok, you might not even like the image but what you must appreciate is the sharpness...in the past I couldn't look closely at my images without being sickened. The methods I used destroyed too many pixels...this way is so clean...at pixel level, it looks like it's a magazine cover.
Why can't I remember that dude's name from the hangout?Photo: I think people have been dropping me from their circles.
I just realized that I've been shooting nothing but seascapes for a couple weeks...sorry if you're sick of them. This is the best time of year for sunsets and I like to take advantage. This was in a secluded part of Laguna Beach..I was surprised to see 3 teenaged girls there...they had a four foot bong and some folding chairs with a cooler full of beer...set up to watch "the show" (sunset.)
They spent an hour telling me where to shoot...like a puppet, I listened. They cracked me up...Photo: This is the Pasadena City Hall. I took this 15 image vertorama last night with the +Los Angeles Photography photowalk. I had a good time, can't wait to do it again.
I've been looking for a subject to try one of these +Klaus Herrmann style vetoramas and this is as close as us Californians can get to the beautiful and intricate churches of Europe that Klaus shoots. I must admit, the room looks nothing like this in person....this is a great deal of work...the masking alone took 30 minutes. If you want to see how I did this, you can find a link to Kluse's site called HDR Cookbook on his Google+ page. He has some really great tutorials. Even I can follow them...Photo: Another one from the +Los Angeles Photography photowalk in the windy City of Pasadena last night. I don't think anyone told the maintenance team at city hall that we were coming. I think they might have turned off these ridiculously bright light that ruined what could have been a 1/2 way decent image...Photo: another sunsetPhoto: A 10mm Wide Angle makes the sun look really small....
This is from a single 14 bit RAW image..converted to HDR and tone-mapped n Photomatix and processed in Photoshop.
I'll post the before and after in case anyone cares to see it.Photo: PortfolioPhoto: another sunset.
A lot of color in this one...Photo: Rocks and green stuff..and a lot of processing.Photo: Bought a new 300mm macro lens...didn't know what else to do with it. So here's an HDR version of our moon.Photo: It's a little dark and probably won't show well on this G+ format but I'm hoping it will look more interesting printed large....this is exactly what I saw in my head when I drove to the Griffith Park observatory to take it.Photo: More pics from the Pacific.
#TonemapHDRTuesdayPhoto: PortfolioPhoto: I'm still working on getting my color correction dialed in..most of the feedback I've received here on the Google has been very helpful..thanks
I think +Lee Daniels is right, "stick to what I think looks good."
But I must have pissed someone off because I keep loosing about 50 followers each day. Hmmmm, funny thing this Google.Photo: I'm loving these fall and winter sunsets... My office is only 20 minutes from the ocean so I can tell by 4:00 if it will be a good sunset. High scattered clouds and a clear horizon equals a great show.
Laguna Beach, CA
#wallpaperWednesdayContestPhoto: I know it's not ready for NAT GEO but you have to admit, this is really good for a $100 Sigma 70-300 AF lens...I'm just practicing for Saturday evening.Photo: Someone write that I'm posting too many images that look the same...so I tried a long exposure after the sun went down...crazy sunset tonight, the color lasted forever. This about 6 seconds with the ISO turned up.Photo: More Seascapes...Photo: This sunset was so colorful that I had to desaturate the color....I really don't know what that thing in the foreground is...Photo: Huge Sunset tonight...I went to Point Vincent looking for some members of +Los Angeles Photo Walkers but didn't see anybody. I climbed down the cliff just in time to see this sunset...it was one hell of a show.Photo: More Winter sunsetPhoto: I know, I know, another sunset. The sky is NOT HDR in this one. The HDR version was just too much...Photo: From Help Portrait last weekend. The very cute little girl in the middle wouldn't smile for me. Her brother said. "I'll make her smile" and he did, as you can see. Afterwords I asked him how he did it and he replied; "I pulled her underwear up her back."Photo: The Doc's lounge at the 100+ year old Linda Vista Hospital in East Los Angeles...one creepy place.Photo: Linda Vista hospital in East Los AngelesPhoto: Joshua Tree, CA
One of my better portraits...that's +Cory Johnson on the left.Photo: I think I'm addicted to Photoshop.
If anyone in LA is interested in FREE HEADSHOTS contact me. We're working on a project that requires 100 headshots. I promise, they will come out better than this.Photo: These flying kids in the Los Angeles subways are becoming a real problem for the police. I think it's funny to watch the cops chasing them around. The cops run and jump as high as they can but never high enough. I don't know how they do it but it's looks like fun.Photo: This was taken from the third story of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The composition is a little awkward and the buildings in the background are a creation of my imagination but I kind of like it.Photo: I went on a little photo walk with +Lorne Thomas Leufvén last weekend, trying to make LA look good. This isn't centered because he set up his tripod right over the center line...so I'm a little off....as usual.Photo: Los Angeles, CA
I got a little crazy with the colors...Photo: Downtown Los Angeles, CA
For some reason, when I start to pull colors out of cloudy LA skies in Photoshop, they are always purple and gold. I'm serious, they're the natural colors in the sky. I'm sure there's a scientific answer but Angelenos don't want to hear it, they like to think that it has to do with there beloved Lakers.Photo: My first attempt at making trails in Photoshop...I ca't believe how simple it is.
Thanks Russell Brown.Photo: Downtown Los AngelesPhoto: Early morning - Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, NYPhoto: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Hats off to the people that sit around for an hour and shoot star trails...this is a 60 second exposure with the Star Trails Action applied in Photoshop CS5...it's much faster this way. Light painting with a $5 drug store LED flashlight.Photo: Something different for me...this is one of several cages that housed some kind of big cats in this abandon zoo. Because I don't know for sure, I'll just believe they were Lions.Photo: I'm so glad I never had a daughter.Photo: The California coastPhoto: The US Bank Building is the tallest in the US west of the Mississippi. They really don't like tripods up in there. I must get up there.Photo: Someone lives therePhoto: Malibu, CAPhoto: I thought I would try out the filters I bought a year ago. I kind of like using them, I think I'll buy some more...I need some of the filter cards that fit into that little apparatus thingy. The circular filters just don't cut the mustard for sunsets...Photo: Downtown Los AngelesPhoto: This 3 Exposure "HDR image* that required some very creative masking was taken at Union Station in LA....yes, I used a tripod. This is one of the few places left (public or private) that allow tripods. You simply have to go to the security office, show your ID and sign a waiver stating that your images will not be used commercially.Photo: From the Department of Power and Water in Los Angeles, CA
The Tripod police ran me off so I didn't get my -2 exposure. I created one in Camera RAW and it actually worked well because I used 14 bit images. I tell people to delete the image if there is a halo problem...fixing it never works. Some people give tutorials on how to fix halos but it's all tripe. I can see their "fix" from a mile away. In this case, that's not a halo that your seeing, it's the actual glow from the city lights. The sky is from the Zero source file, not the HDR image.Photo: Riding this road yesterday, this rock really looked like an elephant until I got close enough. I had to take a picture, well 5 pictures actually to make this HDR image.
#MinistractMondayPhoto: Los Angeles, CA
HDR image
#photographyPhoto: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
I'm not a big fan of shooting directly into the sun, it just look tacky to me. But I had to shoot that crazy cloud in the upper right corner. This image was #1 on 500px.com I'm very curious to see how it's received on here. The sky and the bluff in the background are HDR, the rest of the image is just an old style photograph.
#ReflectionPhoto: 110 WifePhoto: The California coast.
#PhotographyPhoto: Corona Del Mar, CA
I can't believe I just found this beach. It's only 5 miles from my office and I drive past it every week. The entrance is hidden so I never knew. It's my new favorite. Free parking, easy access and jagged, rocky, Oregon-like coastline everywhere. It's a photographers paradise. The rocks look like old wood...I love it.
#hdr #hdrphotography #hdrtonemapping #tonemap #photography #photoplusextract #beach #california #fridaygetaway #fridayfunPhoto: Corona Del Mar, CA
#photography #photoplusextractPhoto: Corona Del Mar, CA
Not the best quality but I like the sunlight illuminating the splash.
#HDR #hdrtonemapping #photoextract #photography #mondaybluesPhoto: +Regina Pagles suggested I try a multiple RAW conversion method of re-touching, so I did. The amount o detail you can pull out of a RAW file is impressive. I used a method by +Calvin Hollywood it's 3 different conversions blended into one. Don't ask about the picture, I just know some creepy dudes.
#Portrait #portraittuesday #retouching #RetouchPhoto: Photoshop trickery from Death Valley, CA
#dv2012 #deathvalley #photography #blackandwhite #desert #tiltshiftPhoto: These HDR Panoramas look great when your done but man they take a long time. When I finally get all of the files cleaned up and ready to merge, I hit the button and all of the lights in my house go dim.
+Rob Lopes told me about this spot in Kenneth Hahn State park. Thanks Rob.
#hdr #hdrtonemapping #hdrphotography #photographer #photography #losangeles #cityscape #panoramaPhoto: Corona Del Mar, CA
Nestled in the farthest rock out there is a mother and pup seal. Sitting perfectly still like they are watching TV. I was so excited to get a picture of them until I got close enough to realize they are a statue...I'm an idiot.
HDR image
#photography #photo #hdr #hdrphotographers #hdrtuesday #orangecounty #photoextract #sunsetPhoto: Hermosa Beach, CA
Some people really don't like texture over photographs. To those people I ask that you watch this video, "the making of this image." You'll probably still dislike texture but you'll see how working with it can greatly increase your layer blending and overall Photoshop skills...Check it out here http://tinyurl.com/6pwpyor

#HDR #hdrtonemapping #hdrphotographers #tutorial #photography #photoshopPhoto: No time to shoot in the next week so i'm posting an old one. One of about 700 downtown LA HDR images I've done in the last year.Photo: Another HDR image from downtown Los Angeles....Photo: Walking into this historic yet functional old courthouse in Santa Barbara is like walking back in time 100 years. This rotunda is one of many photo opportunities. I've been traveling with old friends for a week on motorcycle. My bike is at a Santa Barbara dealership, 20 miles from were it broke down. The funny thing was me on the bike of my 300LBS friends bike for the 130 mile trip home. Even the cops were laughing at us...oh yeah, we have matching American Flag Helmets. Wow, that sucked.
#hdr #hdrphotography #stairs #hdrtonemapping #circularPhoto: Santa Barbara, CA
This is the mural room at the old court house. It looks a little intimidating for traffic court.
These indoor panoramas with this much natural texture are difficult to process without going overboard with color and detail...oh well.
+HDR Photographers +hdr #hdr #hdrphotography #panorama #vertorama #photography #PhotoPhoto: Los Angeles, CA ~ Bunker Hill
I think I broke every rule on architectural photography in this one image but I don't care. I just dig the reflections. I'll have to print this one large, there's a tone of detail that nobody will ever see on a monitor.
#hdr #hdrphotography #hdrphotographers #photography #photoextract #losangelesPhoto: BunkerHill, Los Angeles, CA
I like to use motion blur as much as possible in my images. These mid-day HDR images are the perfect opportunity because I can mask in the blurred sections from the longest exposure and the rest of the image isn't blown out.
#HDR #hdrphotography #photographers #losangeles #hdrtonemappingPhoto: Palos Verdes, CA
LA had one hell of a sunset last night. The violent storms made for huge waves crashing against the rocks and blight colors in the dark, cloudy sky. As I was making a video of me shooting this, Marine One flew right past me, I assume that President Obama was on board.
Now I have to edit the video....that takes me a while.
#HDR #hdrphotography #photoextract #photography #seascape #landscapephotography #losangelesPhoto: This was AWESOME
Last night Southern California had experienced a wonderfully violent storm. The rare occasion when the horizon is clear and the storm clouds above look like a Colorado ski resort. When the sun sets, the glow illuminates the clouds and we whiteness an beautiful explosion of color.
The wind brought 20 foot waves that resulted in 60 foot splashes against the coastal rocks. Not only was I lucky enough to be standing here with my camera and tripod but I was in the middle of filming a video when the sound of three helicopters came into microphone. As a giant wave hit this deck and the spray cleared, I saw Marine One, President Obama's helicopters fly right through my video frame. I believe he just got into town and was on his way to Trump National, about a mile from this spot, to stay the night. I'm editing the video now.I hope to have it on my Youtube Channel soon.
This moment reminded me why I do this....I loved it.

#HDR #hdrphotography #hdrphotographers #photography #photoplusextract #landscapephotography #seascapePhoto: Downtown Los Angeles is made of 13 different sections. This is Bunker Hill and it's my favorite section for shooting. Bunker Hill offers the best vantage points of the skyline and it has about 12 bridges to shoot from. If you're ever in LA, check it out.
HDR image
#Hdr #hdrphotography #hdrphotographers #photography #photoextract #longexposurephotography #textureblendphotography #losangelesphotowalk #CityscapeSunday #photowalklaPhoto: the Los Angeles Department of water and Power
took this tonight with #photowalkla 
For a 30 second exposure, I expected to get some cloud movement but they just sat there...
#blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #nightphotography #nightscapes #photographers #photoextractPhoto: Another one from last night's outing with #photowalkla +Rob Lopes talked me into taking this one.
That's Los Angeles City Hall in the background and I have No Idea why this biblical style gateway was cemented to the sidewalk but it sure makes for interesting photography.
This is an HDR image. If you're HDR curious and want a quick FREE video tutorial, click on this link to see my video: HDR for Beginners 

#hdr #hdrphotography #hdrphotographers #losangeles #photography #photoextract #tutoriales #photoshoptutorialsPhoto: San Pedro, CA
I love this time of year in CA. Colorful sunsets like this are plentiful.
I would love your opinion, do you think this is HDR or did I use Filters

If you like it, please vote for it on 500PX here's the link
#photography #photoplusextract #seascape #Sunset #longexposurephotography #landscapephotography #landscapes #landscapephotoPhoto: It just didn't look right in color....
#photography #photoplusextract #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #longexposurephotography #monochrome #monocromePhoto: My last image from sunday nights outing with #photowalkla This is Union Station Los Angeles. If you're an observer and you ever go there, you'll never forget it. You'll start to notice it in movies, TV shoes, print ads and catalogs. Nikon shot there a few years ago for a catalog. I think it was the D700 or the D3X. If you sign a release, they let you shoot with a tripod. For commercial use, bring your check book.
It's an HDR vertorama and it took over 9 hours to finish. Thanks to +Klaus Herrmann for making me keep up with him in the anal retentive department. Maybe it's the German in me. The ceiling alone has three separate red tones, each requiring a detailed mask of it's own. Klaus, I just need some more attractive rooms like you have over there and all of the work will be worth it.
#Hdr #hdrphotography #hdrphotographers #vertorama #losangeles #tonemappedhdrPhoto: Los Angeles-Panorama from some dude's roof in the fashion district.
#photography #photo #panoramaphotography #Hdr #hdrphotography #hdrphotographers #hdrpanorama #losangelesphotographyPhoto: Another Splash photo. Sorry if these are getting old. I love taking them though.
I just keep adding these hashtags, not sure if I'm allowed to. I'm just hoping to share my work with as many people as possible.
I love that someone started a hashtag named hashtags
#photography #photoextract #seascape #seascapesaturday #hdrphotography #hdr #hdrtonemapping #losangelesphotography #losangeles #hashtagsPhoto: +Cory Johnson and I sent 3 hours shooting Kelly at an Elks Lodge tonight. I really wasn't excited about the location until I saw it...the 70s retro vibe worked for us. Kelly was gorgeous...the Palos Verdes Elks Lodge is the place to be. Huge outdoor pool, tennis courts and a gym so big that they filmed part of the movie "Pumping Iron" there.
#photography #photoextractplus #fashion #fashionstyle #modelingmonday #model #hotgirlsPhoto: Palos Verdes, CA
This 0.8 mile stretch of road know as Portuguese bend is the gnarliest section of road I've ever been on. This section of land is always moving. The ground is known to and often does open up. There's a constant road crew repairing it. I've seen two foot wide cracks open up and be repaired couple days. It's one giant, ever moving landslide.
#nightphotography #nightscape #hdr #hdrphotographers #losangelesphotography #losangelesPhoto: I hiked down to this giant hole in the cliff to get shoot this low tide, perfect sunlight opportunity. That wave coming through was much bigger in person, especially when it soaked my camera.
It was a mini photowalk with +Rob Lopes +Khris Griffis +Mark Esguerra +Robert James Gibbons and someone that "wasn't there."
No HDR needed, it was just good light. #photography #seatuesday #seascape #oceanography #photowalklaPhoto: Crystal Cove in Newport Beachish, CA
Mini photowalk with +Khris Griffis and +Robert James Gibbons last night.
No HDR used..just #longexposurephotography #photo #california #photowalklaPhoto: Kendall Antron is a recording artist +Cory Johnson and I shot a couple days ago. They wanted some marketing portraits for an upcoming "record" launch. We shot this in studio and the background is composited in....you can find Kendall's music on iTunes. To the chick in San Diego that called my last composite "ridiculous," thanks for the inspiration to get better at this.
#photography #photo #composite #portraitphotography #portraiturePhoto: 2nd HomePhoto: Whenever we go a week with no clouds in LA, I start looking indoors for inspiration. This is the fourth time I've went to my fallback; *Metro Stations. This is the North Hollywood station and I strongly suggest you don't go during rush hour. The amount of time I spent in the car for this image makes me consider therapy.
#hdr #hdrphotography #losangelesphotography #losangeles #vertorama #panorama 
As I was taking this, a man came up and said "72, 72 stairs in front of you. I know because I've climbed them everyday for 12 years. Not anymore, it's my last day. I retired but I'll always remember those stairs." I wonder why he didn't use the escalator.Photo: Hermosa Beach, CA
#losangeles #hdr #hdrphotography #photography #losangelesphotographyPhoto: Lanada Bay - California
I'm criticized when I post images with texture to Flickr...maybe things are different here. What do you think of adding texture to photographs, like it?

#textureblendphotography #hdrphotographers #hdr #seascape #losangeles #losangelesphotographyPhoto: This would have been cool with some lightning in it, huh? I think every amateur photographer in LA has stood in this spot and took this picture. I'm not a big fan of shooting what's already bee photographed but in this case, I couldn't help myself.
I also wanted to see a version with the angle of the buildings corrected. I don't like converging lines on cityscapes... I'm not saying it's wrong to leave them, I just don't like them.
#losangelesphotography #losangeles #hdr #photoplusextract #cityscape #cityscapephotography 
The traffic on the bridge causes a little shake. I had to perform a little blur reduction surgery on the patient.Photo: the California Coast
Here you go +Rob Lopes the sunset was so colorful on the coast that I had to desaturate this. I found a new sot too, you've got to be billy goat to get there but it's worth it.
#photo #hdrphotography #hdrphotographers #hdrtonemappedtuesday #losangelesphotographyPhoto: Same Sunset as the last upload
Needed a little texture though...
#textureblendphotography #Hdr #hdrphotographers #losangeles #losangelesphotography #sunset #landscapePhoto: Santa Monica pier this is an iconic spot in LA, many photographers that have visited the pier have this one on their hard drive.
#pier #hdr #hdrphotography #losangelesphotographyPhoto: I took this on location at the Duchamp Slaughterhouse in Headlsburg, CA during a video shoot with +Melissa Kester +Cory Johnson and +John Getchel 
I actually think it's the best photo I've ever taken. It's cropped at 16:9 because it will be dropped into the movie and it must match the video format.
72" Elenchrom octa-box above camera and a 24" soft-box bellow camera.
#portraittuesday #portrait #portraitphotography #Photo #photoplusextract #newusersPhoto: This is one of those "I hate nature" moments for me. If the sun would have waited another 1/2 hour to set, this would have been a magnificent sunset because he horizon was just about to clear and the illuminated atmosphere would have lit up those clouds like the Vegas strip. li. If you look closely, you can see the sun poking through the clouds, taunting me, toying with me, laughing at me. Maybe I owe her money, I'll have to check with my accountant.
No need for Photomatix on this one, just some exposure processing in ACR. Out of the camera, the foreground was almost black. I was able to selectively increase the exposure as much as 4 stops, it's like using a filter system without all the cumbersome filters. The colors and white balance are right out of the camera. According to Lightroom, not one pixel is blown out. Yet, still kind of boring. #sunset #ACR #seascape #seascapephotography #losangelesphotographyPhoto: Manhattan Beach, CA
Two minute Exposure with a LEE Big Stopper, a beautiful sunset and Adobe ACR. No Photomatix required to process this one.
#losangelesphotography #losangeles #photoplusextract #sunsetphotography #whitespacePhoto: I can't stop using the video crop. I spend a lot of time choosing crop ratios and in every case, the 16:9 crop looks the best to me. It's just more dramatic, it eliminates all of the fluff and gets to the heart of the image...it doesn't look so good on most social media sites because they only allow for preset sizes. I added in a border like many people do but now it reminds me of one of those cheesy "successories" posters from the 90s.
#hdr #movietrailers #photography #losangeles #losangelesphotography #travelPhoto: I grew up on this bay in Rochester, NY... In the winter it's too cold to look at. In the summer months, the mosquitoes are large enough to suck all of the blood out of a goat in one breath. I did like October though, it was nice.
#blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #rochester #longexposurephotography #monochromephotographyPhoto: No reason to take this boring picture but I'll take any excuse I can find to add layer upon layer of texture...
#textureblendphotography #texture #textureblend #RailroadPhoto: I was in SD looking for wild flower fields and this is the best +Steve Skinner could come up with. I'll take it. La Jolla, CA
#cave #hdrphotography #sandiego #wildflowerwednesdayPhoto: One of the last rail swing bridges in America is in Rochester, NY 
I took this a couple weeks ago....
#textureblendphotography #texture #Bridge #hdrphotography #rochester #rochesterny #googlephotos #facebookPhoto: The Santa Monica Mountains from Los Virgenes Canyon.....on top of Malibu.  The left coast hasn't seen a sunset over the ocean in weeks.  I had to look East to get some color...this was spectacular in person.  Thanks to +Rob Lopes for dring me there.
#hdrphotography   #losangeles   #losangelesphotography   #landscape  Photo: The Golden Gate and her parts that don't get enough face time...  before taking this we went to that tower in the background and I have to tell you, it's the best view I've ever seen.
#goldengate   #sanfrancisco   #bridgesovertuesday   #hdrphotographers  Photo: The second composite image in a series of images built around* "Good Time Laurie."*  +Cory Johnson and I shot her in studio with a 3 light set-up.  The background is a 5 exposure HDR image that was a challenge to make.  The fluorescent lights cast an ugly yellow color that we removed about 90% of.
#composite   #hdrphotography   #portraitphotography   #portrait  Photo: Building and clouds - El Segundo, CA
#blackandwhitephotography   #square   #architexture  Photo: Thanks for driving +Rob Lopes there was a little color in those clouds after all.Photo: Best Los Angeles sunset of the year so far.  This was 22 minutes after sunset.  Not an HDR for all of you haters.
#movement   #sunsetphotography   #filterfriday   #losangelesphotography  Photo: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
#hdrphotography   #seatuesday   #seascape   #losangelesphotography  Photo: Here's one for +Rob Lopes NO HDR (because he doesn't like it) and shot directly into the sun...Processed in Adobe Camera RAW and PS. Photographed with no filters...on our mini #photowalkla in Palos Verdes tonight. The power of 14 bit RAW.
#Photo #photography #photoextract #Ocean #losangelesphotography #seascapePhoto: This week +Cory Johnson and I had a chance to work on a short film with +Melissa Kester and +John Getchel we shot in a non-working slaughterhouse in Sonoma, CA...this was one of the stills from the shoot. Melissa did one hell of a job...
Elinchrom 72" Octabaox right above camera
Elinchrom 24" soft-boxe overhead for fill
Triple RAW processing for detail
Meat-hook for hanging #portrait #portraitphotography #onlocation #photography #sonomacounty #texture #textureblendphotography as usual, I need +Regina Pagles approval on this one.Photo: The inside of the Angels Flight cable car in Los Angeles.
I was too lazy to walk up the hill last night so I figured I would take the cable car for fifty cents. I sat inside for 10 minutes before someone told me it was broken.
#tonemaphdrtuesday #hdrphotographers #hdrtonemapping #losangeles #losangelesphotographyPhoto: Sunset - California 1/8 @ f8
I never see my images printed. I sell them through Smugmug and they go directly to the buyer. I just ordered one for myself and i was terribly disappointed to find that they print aprox. 2 full stops darker than they look on a backlit monitor. The good people at Smugmug are brightening it up and sending me another one for FREE (amazing right) but now I have a dilemma; Do I process my images for the computer screen or print? If I process for print, they will look way too bright on the computer screen and vise-versa. Anyone out there have a suggestion? If you're a photographer that prints and posts to the internet, what do you process for?
#hdrphotography #tonemappedhdr #seascape #losangelesphotography #losangeles #YESPhoto: This commercial shot for "Next Step" is a composite image. We shot Amy in studio with 2 soft-boxes and a ring-light with this HDR background in mind. The soft-box behind Amy was set at 2 full stops over the key at camera right 45 degrees. The ring-light provided a nice fill.
#hdrphotography #losangelesphotography #commercialphotography #photography #photoshopPhoto: Anther composite image...I get the feeling that people really don't like these but I have to tell you, they're a lot of fun... Subject was shot with two gridded strip boxes for rim light and a GIANT Westcott Octabox above camera. The background is an HDR image from downtown Los Angeles in the financial district...
#HDR #losangeles #losangelesphotography #composite #photoshop #portrait #portraitphotographyPhoto: I really don't like posting client work because, well, who would care to see it. I really like this one though. Shot at the Walt Disney Concert Hall
#portrait #potraittuesday #losangelesphotography #losangeles #photoplusextractPhoto: We don't get sunsets as colorful as this everyday. It killed me to be shooting a model when I really wanted to be shooting a giant seascape. This sunset was awesome....Ava was really fun too.
#model #sunsetphotography #fashion #photography #seascapePhoto: Downtown Los Angeles - post rain storm at night is my favorite time to be there.
#Hdr #losangelesphotography #losangeles #cloudscape #nightphotographyPhoto: This is Ava, she has wicked green eyes and she was a trooper. It was really cold during this shoot and Eva really handled it well. This was shot with a 5D and I the quality is really nice but the files are way too big. I was thinking about the D800e but I now realize that I would need a lot more computer to handle 36MP files....when I saved this to a .jpeg it was over 30mb, that's way too much for my imac.
#fashion #photography #modelingmonday #sunsetphotographyPhoto: Damn you all to hellPhoto: I was able to restore this 240 year old Mission in San Diego with my Nikon, 20 exposures, Photomatix and Photoshop. They were collecting money for a restoration and I thought this was much cheaper. This is a vertorama, the top beam was actually behind where I took the image. The process kind of distorts the top potion....
#vertorama #hdr #hdrphotography #sandiego #photographyPhoto: La Jolla - San Diego, CA Not anHDR image Thanks to +Steve Skinner for bringing me to this very special spot.
To those that voted for this image on 500PX thanks so much, it went to #1 and I couldn't be happier about it.
#seascape #sandiego #pacificocean #photoplusextractPhoto: I only had one day to shoot the city I grew up in. I was lucky that this sunset showed up as I was setting up for this panorama.
#rochester #panoramaphotography #panorama #hdrphotography #cityscapePhoto: This was a big, colorful sunset over Rochester, NY That's a Kodak building on the left, I thought it was worth taking a picture. HDR image
#sunsetsaturday #hdrphotography #rochester #kodakPhoto: The beautiful belly of the Santa Monica Pier...some nice light too.
#hdrphotographers #Pier #losangeles #losangelesphotography #photoPhoto: The Erie Canal from a drive bridge in Pittsford, NY
It was really boring so I added a million textures to make it look like an old oil painting. It fits the style back there, I've already had orders for this one.
#testureblendthursday #textureblend #rochesterny #rochester #hdrphotography #photoplusextract #facebook #googlephotos #donnasummerPhoto: #monochromemonday #monochromephotography #monochrome #rochester #rochesternyPhoto: I love it when the sun peaks through the clouds during a storm. It gave me just enough time to get light on these rocks for a quick 10 second exposure....
#hdrphotography #lajolla #sandiego #storm #cloudscape #seatuesdayPhoto: Scripts pier in San Diego, CA and a buch of Photoshop
#Pier #Hdr #sandiego #scriptsessions #scripts #pacificoceanPhoto: Time for a new picture of me....hurt like hell making it though. I almost crushed the photographer twice.
Thanks for the help +Cory Johnson 
#selfportrait #selfportraitsaturday #selflesssunday #hdrphotography #hdrphotographersPhoto: #strobist #studiophotography #compositing #photoshopPhoto: Moon Snoot someone else's house on some mountain is some canyon near Malibu.  It's a very long exposure that I took last night with +Derek Cross +Bobby Gibbons +Rob Lopes +Khris Griffis and someone else who's name I can't find on here.  Snakes were everywhere....
#longexposurephotography   #nightphotography   #losangelesphotography  Photo: I worked on a documentary in San Francisco all weekend but still found a few hours to shoot some tourist areas.  I really love this city.  I need to find a way to move there.
#sanfrancisco   #hdrphotography   #nightphotography   #cityscape   #blursbackground  Photo: We had one awesome sunset the other night....
#pier   #sunsetphotography   #beachphotography  Photo: #monochromephotography   #blackandwhitephotography  Photo: Thanks to those who put on a great trip through Linda Vista Hospital  #PhotowalkLA   #Photowalkla   (why are there two PhotowalkLA groups?)
I'm so glad I got to shoot it one last time.  This was my favorite room...
#HDR   #hdrphotography   #hdrphotographers   #hdrtonemapping  Photo: After taking this, I had to walk the shoreline for about 1/2 a mile before I get to my 200 yard high, vertical goat trail. The rocks are large, wet and sharp. You have to concentrate or you will get hurt very quickly. There is little chance of being found for days and mobile service is terrible. With my head down and eyes three steps ahead of me, I heard a bubbling noise followed by a presence. I looked to the water three yards to my right and bubbles were slowly followed by a head coming through the surface. Stopped in my tracks I had to watch in disbelief. A man in a wet-suit with a spear gun slowly came out of the water. As he stepped onto dry land he took off his mask, put down his 4 foot gun and said, "did you catch a good sunset?"
I responded; I think so, did you get the bad guys?" We both smiled and I walked away. I'll never forget that surreal moment.
#HDr   #losangelesphotography  Photo: A sunset in Los Angeles, CA
#Hdr   #hdrphotography   #losangelesphotography  Photo: I finally had a chance to try a landscape 32-bit Photomatix HDR image processed in A.C.R. and I'm blown away. When I opened the image I really thought it was a mistake. It looked like a photograph, like a perfectly exposed photograph that I can treat as such. Once this method becomes widely used, we won't have to see anymore halos, fuzzy pixels, black clouds or noise. I hope and think that the acronym will no longer be used but rather become the norm.
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https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kremer-Johnson-Photography/174473429323023Photo: RPV REDPhoto: This image bores me to tears but I'm just so excited about this 32-bit HDR processing that I had to post it.  The processing involved moving some sliders in ACR...no CAs and super clean, I love it. You were right +Rob Lopes it did set at the end of the pier...
#hdrphotography   #hermosabeach   #longexposurephotography  Photo: I'm totally patting myself on the back here. This months issue of Digital Photo Magazine features my work on the cover, a two page center and two other 1/2 pages.Photo: This is another 32-bit HDR. No need to open up the blacks on this one. Anymore detail in the shadows would look unnatural in my opinion. I really don't like this one but I had to post this one because I cut my hand pretty badly getting it. The rocks I had to climb over to get out this far are wicked sharp. I fell as usual because the rocks are covered in wet seaweed and thousands of crustaceans. With every step I felt like I was killing entire villages of little sea creatures. .
#losangelesphotography  Photo: Photoshop and some time to kill.Photo: A 32-bit panorama HDR image processed in Adobe Camera Raw.  The color was so intense that I had to desaturate it.  +Rob Lopes agreed, the color was so strong when we looked at it on the camera's display screen that it looked like over-saturated HDR.
#hdrphotography   #hdrphotography   #hdrphotographers   #hdrtheworld   #hdrtonemapping  Photo: #hdrphotography  A dingle 14 bit RAW processed in ACRPhoto: Old spot, NEW YEAR. Photo: I shot on assignment in Big Sur for the last 42 hours and I found a few minutes to go shoot this.  The weather was terrible and I HATE mid-day landscapes but look at that coastline....  I think I'm going to have to find a way to move to Big Sur. Photo: A snake slithered over my foot while walking to this location.  I jumped 6' and screamed like a little girl.  The model laughed as she picked up what I thought was a coral snake and said "red next to yellow is a dangerous fellow, there's no coral snakes around her dumb ass."  Photo: +J.J. Bentley thanks for stopping by the studio. Photo: Manhattan Beach, CA Photo: The Coachella Valley....The Salton Sea is in the back left. Palm Springs is out there in the middle and the San Andreas Fault runes through the entire image horizontally. Photo: Someone decided to have a swim suit shoot in front of my landscape shot.  +Rob Lopes  is in the middle of it all.   Corona Del Mar, CA