108 Photos - Jun 21, 2012
Photo: Our first day in Sydney- we wandered all around town, even though it was raining.Photo: Photo: We climbed a pylon of the Harbor Bridge to get this view.  Its really raining...Photo: Kangaroo and Crocodile pizza!  Yum!Photo: Day 2 in Sydney. It rained... a lot. But we decided to brave the rain and do the Coogee to Bondi Coastal walk anyway.Photo: Cemetary half way.  Have to admit, this was better in the rain!Photo: That night it finally stopped raining, so we headed back to Circular Quay to check out Vivid- an annual light show in Sydney.Photo: Photo: This was a light show on the custom's house.  It shows a Day in the Life of Sydney. It was amazing!Photo: Lights on the opera house.Photo: Photo: Contemporary art museum.Photo: During the first weekend, we flew out to Alice Springs and took a 3 day tour from there down to see Uluru (Ayer's Rock), Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), and King's Canyon.  This was actually called Mt. Conner and it was on the way.Photo: A great dried up salt lake.Photo: Uluru!Photo: We took the 10K walk around the rock.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Then we watched the sun set.Photo: Look how the rock glows red!Photo: On Day 2 of the tour, we woke up early to catch sunrise over Uluru and Kata Tjuta.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Wild Camels!Photo: Our morning hike through Kata Tjuta.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Campfire action on the second night.Photo: kangaroo steak was part of dinner!Photo: This is what we slept in: swags!Photo: Day 3: Sunrise hike at King's Canyon.Photo: Photo: Photo: The Garden of Eden.Photo: Photo: Photo: On the way back to Alice Springs, we stopped at a Camel Farm and rode a racing camel!Photo: Weekend 2 in Sydney.  We had some sun!! This is taken from the Harbor Ferry on the way to Manly.Photo: Photo: Photo: We took a trip to a wildlife park called Featherdale where we got to play with animals.  This is a wallaby.Photo: Koala!Photo: We got to feed them!Photo: The Cassowary was scary.Photo: A fluffy chicken!Photo: An albino kangaroo.Photo: Tasmanian Devil!Photo: Then we took a walk down Manly Beach.Photo: Then back to downtown for Vivid part II!Photo: Photo: Photo: Day 2 in Sydney was back to rain.  We took the opportunity to go to a National Rugby League game.  Notice how all the spectators are pushed way back under the overhang.  So were we, thank goodness.Photo: Photo: The next day was still rainy so we checked out the Australian Museum which was literally across the street from Phill's apartment.Photo: Photo: The second week, we flew up to Cairns to visit the Great Barrier Reef.  We took a day boat tour out so that we could snorkel the reef.  Eric is all ready in his wetsuit.Photo: If you look close, you can see the reef out there.Photo: The second day in Cairns, we decided to rent a car and drive up the coast to Cape Tribulation.  This is the only place in Australia where you will see these signs.  Be careful! Cassowary Crossing!Photo: We stopped at Mossman Gorge and took a nice hike.Photo: Photo: Gorgeous lookout!Photo: OMG!  We did see a wild Cassowary!!!Photo: The beach.Photo: Photo: Look at me, I'm driving... on the left! And it was a manual!  And there were round abouts. Eeek!Photo: Sugar cane.Photo: On our last day in Cairns, we took a walk to their awesome (free) botanical garden. Weird plants!Photo: Photo: If I had to pick a name, I would call these fossil plants.Photo: View from the end of the Esplanade in Cairns.Photo: Last weekend in Sydney was rainy again, so we decided to do some touring inside. This is the Hyde Park Barracks built by the convicts to house the convicts that were Sydney's original residents.Photo: Then we had afternoon tea at Phill's. Of course we had to try Vegemite. Its a spread made from brewer's yeast extract. You spread it on bread. It tasted like spreadable salt...Photo: We LOVED the Tim Tams.Video: Phill demonstrates how to perform a Tim Tam Slam.Photo: Our final day Sydney was (thankfully) sunny. We drove north to more beaches.  This is Dee Why.Photo: Photo: Then we traveled to Palm Beach where we did a hike up to a light house.  You can look back to the beach.Photo: We made it to the light house!Photo: This is where you can see whales. But we didn't see any =(Photo: Then we drove around the bay to the other side.  You can see the lighthouse across the bay.Photo: Photo: These are called bottle brush pines.  This is the pine cone.Photo: America BayPhoto: AMAZING sunset!Photo: ACK!Photo: Just kidding.  He was fine.  There was totally a ledge he was standing on.  Awesome sunsplashed model shots.Photo: My model shot!Photo: Photo: big waterfall.Photo: AWESOME!!Photo: Photo: Our final dinner in Sydney with Phill.Photo: Last view of the the opera house by night.Photo: Goodbye Sydney!Photo: We had a 7 hour layover in San Francisco on the way home.  I had never been, so we went into town. Fog over Albatross Island.Photo: Fog over Golden Gate Bridge.Photo: Really steep streets~!Photo: Ghirardelli Square, where we got some chocolate. Then (finally) headed home!