45 Photos - Jan 17, 2012
Photo: Arriving at the store. It was a busy weekend at Walmart, but we got a space up front. I didn't have any coupons this time nor did I look to see if I had one... Candy is cheap so I figured I wouldn't bother!  I had all my kiddos and my hubby with me... we are used to shopping here together!Photo: Lofthouse cookies... the first thing that i noticed.Photo: These looked yummy too... but they were 6 dollars so I skipped,Photo: These orange displays wee interesting... I never did find the Moro orange though and I was disappointed!Photo: yummy produce!Photo: wide selection of bananas... we got a bunch.Photo: Looking for v-day candy I went down the wrong candy isle first,Photo: ahh... here itis all pink!Photo: lots of stuff on the bottom rows where little hands tend to reach out and grab.  My daughter obviously wanted these!Photo: I skipped them, but I might get some later for her.Photo: My kids love Disney princesses so we were drawn to these... i guess they are like the lik-em-aids.Photo: I thought these were clever and cute!Photo: then I found these... I went ahead and got them for me!Photo: Towards the center of the aisle at the top was the Smarties Love Hearts. The sign was prominently placed right above them. I picked one up! yummy!  I want to make a recipe for V-day with these!!!!Photo: These were just too cute!  We also love Hello Kitty around here.Photo: My girls noticed these, but I thought they looked cheap.  They are kinda cute though.Photo: This had to be the most interesting thing they had... an edible band!Photo: These were adorable... just love cupcakes!Photo: These were the cutest boxes of chocolates... I liked the funky monkey and sweetie pie!Photo: ooo... coupon!  I didn't pick one up cause i don't care for their dip, but i did grab two bags of chips.Photo: great price for these!Photo: I had to pick up some cooking cream for a recipe i was making.Photo: I thought this was a neat display!Photo: I didn't get one yet, but I had never seen these subs... maybe i just missed them before cause they looked pretty good!Photo: we grabbed a gallon of milk... Walmart brand had the best price so we chose that one.Photo: I picked up some half n half too for my iced coffee!Photo: needed cheese too!  Walmart brand again!Photo: grabbed a bag of walmart frozen chicken too.Photo: must have applesauce for the baby girl!Photo: I get the large size...Photo: I got some of this Velveeta cheese too... again for a recipe.Photo: Tomatoes for the cheese dip recipe.Photo: we walked to the other side of the store too to see what they had for V-day and to get a magazine.Photo: Looked like they were still putting things out... but some cute things.Photo: I love all the heart themed items!!!Photo: Rose soap... I remember this stuff when i was little.Photo: Oh I had to get these... so cute and perfect for my girls!!!Photo: only a dollar!!!Photo: I grabbed a Fitness magazine too.Photo: We headed to the check out.Photo: she was a friendly cashier...Photo: Our cart full of goodies!Photo: all of it for 49.21!!!Photo: I ended up going back to Walmart on another day to buy yogurt and whipped cream. I made these cute parfaits!Photo: I also made these cute Valentines!!! :)