35 Photos - May 2, 2010
Photo: Deb's house - more pics from here at http://picasaweb.google.com/DebDubya2/DownyWoodpeckersInWinstonSalem#Photo: Photo: natural coffee filters as make shift clotting paper to collect blood samplesPhoto: sharps containerPhoto: Hermit Thrush - this bird had lice and was the first bird we took some ecto-parasite samples from. And NO they aren't the same as human infecting lice so we are finePhoto: hermit thrushPhoto: hermit thrush in motionPhoto: hermit thrushPhoto: hermit thrush - looking at you!Photo: Washington Park, NCPhoto: eastern box turtle (I think)Photo: eastern box turtle (I think)Photo: eastern box turtle (I think)Photo: arrived at the Purchase Knob Field Station in the Great Smoky Mtns National ParkPhoto: view from the stationPhoto: Appalachian Highlands Science Learning Center (Purchase Knob Field Station)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Paulo setting up his tent on a tent platformPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: ruffed grousePhoto: ruffed grousePhoto: ruffed grouse looking at you! this bird followed us and eventually flew right behind us when we drove away for about 50 ft - it was hilariousPhoto: ruffed grousePhoto: Turkey! big ol tomPhoto: 2 tomsPhoto: Photo: sleepy hollow tree... can't tell in the pic but the trunk is all intertwined just like the tree in Sleepy Hollow that the headless rides out of.Photo: I took one without the beer bottles but it got deleted somehow.... argggPhoto: Photo: Photo: