10 Photos - Dec 1, 2011
Photo: Just a simple login screen to let the system know which Ubuntu One account you want to use.Photo: PINs would be completely optional, and off by default. But, they would be present in case someone wanted to protect their content.Photo: The Default home lens. It shows the last four things you watched/listened to, for quick access.Photo: An example of a third-party lens; Netflix in this case. Here, it's showing me my Queue, but that would be up to the developer. Note the hint at additional content on the right.Photo: Here, I've elected to watch Serenity. Obviously, the interface goes away (Duh!).Photo: Until...Photo: You press a button on the remote, in which case you get some basic playback controls, as well as access to the dash and time.Photo: Heading back to the dash, we see a thumb of the clip and the controls in the lower left, as well as the name in the top center. Additionally, the content is visible through the Dash.Photo: Switching to the Apps lens, we see what apps would look like. Switching between apps isn't really necessary on a TV, so you can only have one app open at a time. BUT, but can have content playing (Music for instance).Photo: Apps like games could also make themselves full screen. This would simply hide the lens bar at the bottom.