22 Photos - Oct 26, 2012
Photo: Island Frame -- Front. Those ugly white drawer fronts will all be replaced with wood the color of the table top sitting on the island.Photo: Island Frame -- RearPhoto: Concrete forms w/ trash chute sleevePhoto: Trash chute -- stainless steel sleeve. Replaceable with an un-cut vessel for compost.

I mounted a grinder on a workbench and ran the vessel against it as I turned it. Then polished with a Dremel and sanding pads. It worked well.Photo: Trash chute form knock-out, with lip to hold stainless steel sleeve. "TOP" noted, because we do dumb things.Photo: Power outlet below high-topPhoto: Starting the concrete forms. Everything gets sealed with silicone so the water doesn't run out while the concrete cures. The top inner rectangle will be removed at the end.Photo: Rebar and remesh for concrete tops. Crazy Kim insisted that I double up the rebar on the high top.Photo: Kim & Daffodil hard at workPhoto: Concrete form w/ trash chute knock-outPhoto: Kim screwing up the drop-outPhoto: Feather cuts in support beam  to reinforce the floor beneath the island.Photo: Support beam finishedPhoto: First concrete slab poured. Charcoal grey pigment added to the mix. When it reaches the plastic stage, Kim trowels it smooth.Photo: Waiting for the cure to begin. When it reaches the plastic stage, Kim will trowel the surface smooth, pushing the aggregate stones down from the top.Photo: Troweling a smooth surface.Photo: First top curing. Kim has done her trowel magic.Photo: Getting many coats of tung oil & citrus solvent.Photo: Tung oil begins to seal. First top coat.Photo: Sealed, detailPhoto: Sealed w/ many coats of tung oil & citrus solventPhoto: Lower top poured, with knock-out for trash/compost.