24 Photos - Jan 20, 2013
Photo: I had already made my list of everything that I needed. On one side, I write the things for which I needed to look. I also made a list of the items that I already had at home.Photo: For this shopping trip, I went to Walmart looking for a few items to make a healthy lunch for my daughter. I was specifically looking for Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken. I had a special pizza recipe in mind that I planned to make. My husband accompanied me and found us a good parking spot near the front.Photo: My mother-in-law was baby-sitting my daughter and had called us to pick her up because she needed to go somewhere. So I knew this would be a quicker than usual shopping trip for us. We immediately found the Meat & Poultry section and headed there. The Walmart had a few tall displays that slightly covered the signage for shoppers who were up close.Photo: The Tyson refrigerated strips were easy to find. They were in a special section for "Quick Meals".Photo: Walmart had several varieties of the Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Strips from which to choose. The Fajita Chicken strips looked yummy, and I was surprised to see Seasoned Steak Strips, too!Photo: The Southwestern Chicken Strips would go great in a salad.Photo: However, I chose the regular Tyson Chicken Strips. My daughter is a preschooler and is still in a "picky eater" stage, so I knew she would like the unseasoned chicken. The Tyson refrigerated strips also looked quick and easy to warm up in the microwave. Notice all the Tyson chicken strips were the same price- a great $2.50!Photo: There were a few other pre-cooked chicken strips from which to chose. I had never heard of the John Soules brand, so I was definitely passing that one. I prefer to stick with brands with which I am familiar.Photo: Walmart also carried the Perdue brand of chicken strips, but they were quite a bit more expensive. Tyson wins in this category!Photo: Next, I headed to the frozen chicken aisle to see what Tyson varieties were there. Wow! There were even more kinds to choose from- Fajita Chicken Strips, Chicken Breast Chunks, and Oven  Roasted Diced Chicken.Photo: “I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® and Tyson. #cbias #SocialFabric #MealsTogetherPhoto: I was surprised to see that the Tyson Grilled & Ready Frozen Chicken strips were the same price as the other Tyson Chicken varieties. For some reason, I had assumed that they would be more expensive, but they were not.Photo: Next thing I needed- Pizza sauce. Walmart had four brands that I considered. All were reasonably priced.Photo: I mainly debated between the Classico and Ragu brand, but I ultimately chose the Ragu brand. We have used their pizza sauce in the past, so I was confident my daughter would like it.Photo: Since my mother-in-law needed us to pick our daughter up early, my husband had been scurrying around grabbing other items. By the item I had picked out  Tyson chicken and pizza sauce, he had already loaded our cart!Photo: These Lays Dill Pickle Chips are my husband's favorite. Have you tried them?Photo: On our way our way to the check out, I remembered that I had this coupon John Freida hair products in my purse.Photo: I grabbed two of these Frizz-Ease bottles. This stuff is a life-saver!Photo: My secret for avoiding long checkout lines? We usually check out at the garden center. Tonight there were no lines .Photo: I did purchase two bags of frozen Tyson chicken for myself.Photo: These are the ingredients that I used for my daughter's lunch recipe.Photo: I had fun creating quick and easy Kids' Mini Pizzas for my daughter's lunch.Photo: I also used the same ingredients to whip up Kids' Mini Pizza Calzones.Photo: The recipe received a thumbs up from my daughter. Be sure to visit my blog for the recipes! #MealsTogether