156 Photos - Apr 9, 2015
Photo: Not allowed to stay at work...got to walk away...Photo: Trying to look cool at Olten railway station.Photo: Joined Axel, Charlotte & Jesper in their rental car this route.Photo: Arriving in Val d'IsèrePhoto: Photo: Jesper serving warm crouisants (every day!) #livingthedreamPhoto: -Here are we! (3D maps are awesome)Photo: The view from the balcony day 1.Photo: Other direction.Photo: word.Photo: JesperPhoto: Jesper againPhoto: Axel kissing his CharlottePhoto: Crazy guys.Photo: Before after skiPhoto: -One more champange...Photo: French style.Photo: Some more cheese?Photo: Location for the first after ski..Photo: But now time to go home...Photo: ...and Jesper did some 200 situps while flirting on Tinder.Photo: Going out for some nice food...Photo: Photo: Group photo!Photo: Good shit.Photo: Photo: Dessert.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Jesper, Emelie & Björn...Where to go skiing next?Photo: Val d'Isère + Tignes - such a big area!Photo: Material sport.Photo: Material sport.Photo: Over the clouds.Photo: Hey fellows!Photo: Pure joy.Photo: Pure life quality.Photo: TignesPhoto: The ski map on the top.Photo: The view from the topPhoto: The view from the topPhoto: The panorama view from the topPhoto: Coffee break!Photo: Coffee break!Photo: Coffee break!Photo: Cutest on the mountain...Photo: ...or this one.Photo: I feel for some more skiing (rented great Premium skiies.Photo: 3 exited fellow offpist skiiers.Photo: Thumbs up.Photo: BjörnPhoto: JesperPhoto: EmeliePhoto: Military guysPhoto: OK snow. A little new & a little old.Photo: We where not alone (or the first) finding the way to this offpist area...Photo: But we had the weather god with us.Photo: Jesper pushing down the steep hill.Photo: A kex (cookie) and then we go again.Photo: One more time!Photo: Happy time!Photo: EmeliePhoto: JesperPhoto: JesperPhoto: BjörnPhoto: BjörnPhoto: EmeliePhoto: JesperPhoto: No idea - dad wat bird is this?Photo: Recovery.Photo: BjörnPhoto: MePhoto: Group photo (all swedes)Photo: Happy me.Photo: After ski @ CocoricoPhoto: This beer...Photo: ... taste so good after ski.Photo: 4 happy guys!Photo: After ski @ CocoricoPhoto: After ski @ CocoricoPhoto: After ski @ CocoricoPhoto: After ski @ CocoricoPhoto: After ski @ CocoricoPhoto: French food.Photo: Swiss food!!Photo: (Raclette)Photo: Good shit....Photo: ...served with ice.Photo: Val d'Isère by night.Photo: I'm blue too.Photo: Lounge talk.Photo: And drinks.Photo: And fancy handbags from Japan...Photo: ...that can change shape!Photo: Photo: But chilly!Photo: My skiies are hungry for offpist!Photo: Now we're talking!Photo: Up and down and up again...Photo: Easter dinner in the apartment...Charlotte checking the table.Photo: BjörnPhoto: Party feelingPhoto: AxelPhoto: EmeliePhoto: JesperPhoto: Hanging around...Photo: Ouups. Offpist means snow in the face.Photo: Fantastic landscape for skiing.Photo: The white gold everywhere.Photo: JesperPhoto: EmeliePhoto: BjörnPhoto: JesperPhoto: JesperPhoto: Jesper and Björn satisfied.Photo: Cabin lift up again.Photo: Time for lunch - booked table here one day ago.Photo: Because of this!Photo: Hamburger mañia!Photo: Jesper digging in...Photo: ...what a meal!Photo: And of course some strong stuff after x3...Photo: Cows in the burger.Photo: Photo: Happy people.Photo: 4 tiered...Photo: ...excited for after ski!Photo: After ski @ Cocorico (again)Photo: Visiting Emelie & Björn's cosy appartment.Photo: Weather forecast for the last day.Photo: But first time to fuel up in a fancy restaurant.Photo: Snails.Photo: Oyster.Photo: Calamari.Photo: Last party night at "Victors" - legendary! Thanks for raising the bar bartender Lowe!Photo: Happy (and relatively sober) the last morning. Sun is soon up so time to get dressed.Photo: Val d'IsèrePhoto: Val d'IsèrePhoto: Val d'IsèrePhoto: Val d'IsèrePhoto: Found some nice offpist possibilities this last day - fantastic weather.Photo: Life quality.Photo: Life quality.Photo: Life quality.Photo: Life quality.Photo: Life quality.Photo: Life quality.Photo: Val d'IsèrePhoto: Life quality.Photo: Val d'IsèrePhoto: JesperPhoto: JesperPhoto: Photo: On the way home with the car to Geneva.Photo: Passing through nice landscape on my way home to Sissach with the train from Geneva. Full of nice memories from this Easter.