82 Photos - Apr 9, 2015
Photo: Departure from Basel AirportPhoto: It's a extremly nice bike in a good travel box (Jens)Photo: Jens building up his bike.Photo: Wanna step outside?Photo: OK view from our suite.Photo: Time for a panorama pic.Photo: Panorama pic.Photo: My bike found its resting place for the night.Photo: Getting prepared for the first bke session.Photo: Joining in on the bike camp's last training/ride.Photo: Sunny, but windy.Photo: Halfway we took a nice coffee break.Photo: My rental bike.Photo: Gaining energy in a cafe.Photo: And checking out better bikes in the bike store next door.Photo: Pushing hard again. Camera man even harder...Photo: Sheeps crossing the road.Photo: Back!Photo: Jens checking out where we rode.Photo: Our suite start to look like it is occupied by training camp participants...and it is. Time to change for some running.Photo: Running field next door. Took a few kilometer run off after the bike run. Why not?Photo: Then some resting before the dinner buffet.Photo: And some music.Photo: And some work (for Jens)Photo: Weather looks OK!Photo: Getting dressed for the swimmin session in the lagoon.Photo: Tight swimming suit is good to have in the water, but takes its time to get on.Photo: We managed!Photo: Relaxing activity 1. Playing pool.Photo: Relaxing activity 2. Walking around a pool.Photo: Relaxing activity 3. Listening to expertsPhoto: Some of the 36 participants.Photo: Our suite and Jens on his way to the next cycle training.Photo: Pretty satisfied.Photo: Pretty hungry.Photo: Swimming time!Photo: Instruction how the first test will go.Photo: Jens warming up.Photo: I rather show my muscels.Photo: Lunch time.Photo: Some evening running :)Photo: A flower plant outside our apartmentPhoto: Sunset and time to sleep(?)Photo: Three happy bike riders!Photo: Group 2 ready for departure.Photo: Some got nicer bikes than others...Photo: Nice landscape to bike in.Photo: Taking a quick selfie, not popular by the trainer...will not do it again Ain...sorry)Photo: Again nice scenery...Photo: ...aggressive landscape...Photo: ...and cool riders (Jens in particular).Photo: Group riding is great fun!Photo: Towards the sun!Photo: Cool coastline.Photo: Sunny, but only spring (warm) feeling...Photo: Future Ironman on his way to the next swim session...Photo: ...this time in the pool.Photo: Jens taking the instructions seriously.Photo: Photo: Thumbs up so far!Photo: Social time during lunch.Photo: Preparing for a brick session (run/cycle: 3k-20k-6k-20k-6k-20k-3k)Photo: Lunch!Photo: Trying Ain's Argon 18 E116 bike...Photo: ...and it goes fast...Photo: ...so fast that I want to (maybe) buy it!Photo: Jens - Slim fit.Photo: Karl - Slim-fit too.Photo: Babes doing stand up surfing in the lagoon - nice view.Photo: Time for some relaxation and to get some color.Photo: Drying the swimsuit.Photo: Group riding (long tour)Photo: Group riding (long tour)Photo: Group riding (long tour)Photo: Lanzarote relatively greenPhoto: The lanscapePhoto: Group riding (long tour)Photo: Group riding (long tour)Photo: Group riding (long tour)Photo: Group riding (long tour)Photo: Group riding (long tour)Photo: Tiia supporting with food and drinks during the long tour :-)