Photo: Silence Speaks Volumes

Week 17

I am so far behind... I nearly despair of  catching up.  LOL!

Hopefully (again), I will catch up over the next couple of weeks.

...instead of losing someone, losing the innocence of thinking you were important to begin with hurts more...

Photo: I Wish You Hell

Week 20

It has been a while since I did this.  So many things have happened this summer, that has just taken over my life.  So... here is to starting this back up again and finishing it before the end of the year.  Just like I originally planned.

Inspired by Like A Storm and their song "I Wish You Hell".



So long, you ripped my heart away
Walk on, oh lord, I wish you hell
I wish you hell, walk on out
So long I wish you hell

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Photo: Titled: All Those Things I Didn't Say
Tamara Pruessner
Titled: All Those Things I Didn't Say
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