32 Photos - Oct 29, 2011
Photo: heading out for shopping and gasPhoto: She was happy doesn't look it herePhoto: There is the CT gas barPhoto: Entering the gas barPhoto: Photo: Busy dayPhoto: It does pay to gas at CTPhoto: Checked in on foursquarePhoto: gasing up as we always seem to be herePhoto: How much today?Photo: $1.22Photo: Hubby pumping gasPhoto: Filled up with gasPhoto: Can save up to 10 cents a LPhoto: Photo: Will be getting some of thesePhoto: Photo: Need to get ready for winterPhoto: will get two and save $$Photo: Already changed the oilPhoto: Have a variety of drink availablePhoto: Family waiting :)Photo: Got our winter tires onPhoto: Car wash with weathergaurdPhoto: Photo: Entrance for car washPhoto: heading home, love saving $Photo: Windshield washer fluidPhoto: Photo: Photo: Must have been emptyPhoto: $1.11 in Canadian Tire $!