29 Photos - Sep 23, 2008
Photo: Amsterdam Central StationPhoto: Sunday morning train ride to AmsterdamPhoto: Victoria Hotel, Right outside Central Train Station in AmsterdamPhoto: Photo: Photo: Not a real person. At least I think.Photo: So many bikes!Photo: EurocarPhoto: Photo: Euro-carPhoto: Houseboat.Photo: There were lots of houseboats on the canalsPhoto: Photo: This guy is stoned. Or at least clayed.Photo: Lots of scooters!Photo: Photo: View from near central train stationPhoto: Photo: Ummm..Jamaican themed restaurant?Photo: The other major industry in AmersterdamPhoto: Photo: Photo: Canal in AmsterdamPhoto: One of two Amsterdam core industriesPhoto: The Seine by the Notre DamePhoto: Notre DamePhoto: Mike: One in a continuing seriesPhoto: Gargoyles on Notre Dame.Photo: Some evening wear popular around these parts. And when I say parts, I mean Amsterdam.