13 Photos - Oct 22, 2014
Photo: Moderator Marc Huygens, DEMEPhoto: Young CEDA Speaker: Joris Santermans, IMDCPhoto: Young PIANC Speaker: Jan Goemaere, Flemish GovernmentPhoto: CEDA Speaker:Polite Laboryrie, Chair CEDA Environment Commission, Witteveen+BosPhoto: PIANC Speaker: Harald Koethe, Chair PIANC EnviCom, German Ministry of Transport and Digital InfrastructurePhoto: PIANC Speaker: Filip Vandeputte, DemePhoto: CEDA Speaker:Jos Smits, IMDCPhoto: CEDA Speaker: Frederik Roose, Flemish GovernmentPhoto: Speakers Panel: Roose, Van de Putte, Laboyrie, Smits, KoethePhoto: Eric Van den Eede: Chair CEDA Belgian Section, Flemish GovernmentPhoto: Fons Moens: Chair, PIANC Belgian Section, Flemish GovernmentPhoto: In the audiencePhoto: In the audience