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Photo: Photo: Photo: Approach via LinkedinPhoto: Twitter is GlobalPhoto: Recommendation for Sean Durrant from an Executive Search & Selection company that approached me to assist in the search for a specialist Sales role.

This particular sales job was based in the Midlands for a Mechanical Engineering company.

To find just the right mix of skills I searched a variety of databases and drew up shortlist of 4 candidates. 3 were interviewed and selected for second interview, with one being appointed and joining the organisation.

The Recruitment Services Director said “Sean [Durrant] worked with me on a challenging sales management recruitment assignment. 

His hard work and astute candidate observations saved me many days of work. 

He produced every candidate on our shortlist, followed up diligently and showed that he really knows his stuff.

That fact that we made a very successful appointment is a credit to Sean’s expertise and I look forward to working with him again (and again!)”Photo: Photo: Recommendation for Sean Durrant from a 5 Axis CNC Machinist that I placed with a high precision Engineering company in the Formula 1 sector.

Neil said, “I saw a position advertised that suited my skills. The job description seemed to match my background and I had been looking to develop my career for a while. 

I’d spoken to five or six other recruitment agencies and spent some time registering with them and discussing job possibilities. And then I’d never hear back from them – not even to let me know there wasn’t anything available. 

I got a great service from Sean and now I’m working with a major employer local to me that I really enjoy working for, with a position that fits in with my skills. It may give me the opportunity for training and to develop my career on a better wage than I was on before.

Sean was someone who always kept in touch and kept me informed of my progress and options. It was definitely a much better experience.

I would recommend him to anyone looking to get a better job”Photo: Recommendation for Sean Durrant from an Engineer relocating to the UK I placed with a Power Engineering company.

Michael said – “Sean helped me find a job in a moment where the odds were not very much in my favour and I will never forget that.

At that time I was in contact with so many hiring agents, but without any positive result.

Sean trusted in me and pushed my case through the right channels to get this excellent engineering job. I think his word weighted very much in the final decision.

I am grateful for that and I thank Sean again for supporting me in finding this great job at Alstom.

I will always recommend his services to anyone looking for opportunities in [the] engineering field.”Photo: Recommendation for Sean Durrant from Alex Arnot a Non Executive Director for Recruitment Agencies.

Alex Arnot sits on the board, as the Non-Executive Director, of 15 recruitment companies which have a combined turnover well in excess of £100M+. 

I met with Alex a number of times and it’s obvious once you’ve spent even a small amount of time with him that he’s a true innovator in the Recruitment Industry.

If you’re a Recruitment Agency owner and need a fresh pair of eyes then you would be lucky to work with Alex.

Alex said – Sean carries a genuine hunger and determination to help both his customers and candidates. This excellence of customer service will no doubt help continue his success. I am pleased to be able to recommend Sean.”Photo: Recommendation for Sean Durrant from Brian, an ex Military Mechanical Engineer & Logistician.

Brian was soon to be leaving the forces and looking for a job when we first started talking. 

Brian said – “I first spoke to Sean over 6 months ago when I was starting out on my transition to civilian life. As all military personnel will agree the step is a little daunting even if it is just the unknown or the uncertainty. 

Sean was very professional in everything that he did and would always go that extra mile to try and accommodate me and my situation. 

I can honestly say that having spoken to and had service from many recruiters over the past 7-8 months Sean was exceptional.

I would gladly recommend any of my colleagues, or friends to work with Sean. 

Ex Military Engineers – Watch this http://goo.gl/DrDAvfPhoto: Recommendation for Sean Durrant from Craig, an Engineering Programme Manager.

Craig was one of those cases that started as a candidate and ultimately became a client. This meant that he was able to comment on my service from both sides of the equation.

Craig said – “Sean provided an excellent service for me both as a candidate and as a client.

As a candidate I was kept fully informed of any developments with my application and with my prospective employers even if it was a phone call to let me know that there was no further news. Finding the right job for me couldn’t have been easier.

I soon found myself on the other side of the table; I got the job and was then looking for people to join my team.

Sean provided a comprehensive and professional service, helping me to put a suitable specification together and quickly finding candidates who fitted the bill. This allowed me to focus on my daily duties knowing that the process of recruiting was being handled in the best possible manner.

I would definitely recommend Sean as a recruiter to be relied on to  give prompt professional and friendly service.”Photo: Photo: Recommendation for Sean Durrant from Howard a Quality Manager

Howard said – “I left my last company as the job wasn’t working out for me so I took time to re-evaluate what I wanted to do.

My impression of the service I got from other recruitment agencies was very poor. 

At the beginning there was a lot of contact and then I’d hear nothing back from them.

I just wish they would be a little bit more fair and maintain contact, after all their dealing with people’s livelihoods.

Thanks to Bespoke I’ve now got a job as a Quality Manager with a major company. 

I’m really pleased as Quality Assurance is one of my passions and I can’t wait to get started.

I would recommend other Quality Engineers call Bespoke”Photo: Recommendation for Sean Durrant from Joshua an Electronics Technician with the British Army 

Joshua had a number of questions and needed some advice on getting a job in the Rail sector. 

Joshua said – “I first contacted Sean whilst in my transition from the Armed Forces to the Rail sector.

Sean took time to answer any questions I had and is very approachable.

He’s clearly an expert in his field and I would happily recommend him to any serving engineer who wanted to enter the Rail industry”

Ex Military Engineers – Watch this http://goo.gl/DrDAvfPhoto: Recommendation for Sean Durrant from Julia Doherty founder of Green Umbrella. An Experienced Recruiter and a former Recruitment Agency Owner now a Teacher of Social Media.

Julia said – “Sean has an incredibly infectious “can-do” attitude and embraces new technologies at such a pro active rate, but this never interferes with his people focused approach. 

I have known Sean for a number of years now and I would highly recommend him to any of my clients”

Find out more about Green Umbrella at http://www.green-umbrella.biz/Photo: Recommendation for Sean Durrant from Karl a Machine Shop Manager 

Karl said – “Sean has exceptional professional courtesy, a shining example” (Karl was a man of few words and often got straight to the point ☺ )Photo: Recommendation for Sean Durrant from Lynn Summers a Director of a Technical Recruitment Agency. 

I helped Lynn on a Project when McKenzie Alan worked with a large specialist Medical company looking for specialist Senior Engineers. 

Lynn said – Sean has worked with us on a number of occasions and he is a fountain of knowledge.

Accurate and detailed [he] looks after the Candidate and the Client both to the same professional degree.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sean.”Photo: Recommendation for Sean Durrant from Paul a CAD/CAM Engineer

I was asked to search for a CAD/CAM Programmer for a CNC Machining Environment and my search led me to Paul.

Paul said – “Great guy. Very helpful and excellent communication”Photo: Recommendation for Sean Durrant from Richard a Manufacturing Engineer.

I placed Richard into the Formula One sector with one of the Race Teams.

Richard said – “I’d like to thank you for finding the role at Lotus F1 team and for all your efforts for the 10 months I was contracting here.

You made things much easier.

I’ve dealt with recruitment agencies off and on for over 10 years and yours is head and shoulders above the rest.

When I’m looking for a contract or a permanent role you’ll be my first port of call”Photo: Recommendation from Samir a Quality Engineer.

Samir was someone I connected with via LinkedIn and was placed with a precision engineering company serving the high performance engine industry.

Samir said – “I was made redundant from my company and I had been looking for a job in engineering for over a year.

I found Bespoke via LinkedIn and sent them my CV.

The service was very good from Bespoke Recruitment and they were genuinely interested in finding the right job that suited my skills and experience and that was actually of interest to me.

I found Sean to be relaxed and professional.

There was a lot of communication to let me know what was happening and whenever I left a message for him the call would be returned straight away.

I got a genuine service from Bespoke not only showing concern for me but also about my need for a job.

I would definitely recommend Bespoke to other Engineers looking for a job”Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Rob ThanksPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Email received from a candidatePhoto: Email received from candidatePhoto: Email received from a candidatePhoto: Photo: