44 Photos - Sep 9, 2012
Photo: Lovesick Sea Play: a shadow play with piratesPhoto: Lovesick Sea Play: two characters trapped in a chest underwaterPhoto: Lovesick Sea Play: a shadow play with piratesPhoto: Lovesick Sea Play: the set-upPhoto: Interactive projection of our faltering health care system: keep the body from hitting the ground!Photo: Peloton: MarionettesPhoto: Peloton Bicycle CinemaPhoto: La Genius Loca addresses the crowd at Northern SparkPhoto: Northern Spark 2012Photo: Charm of puppet buskingPhoto: Peloton Bicycle Cinema at Northern SparkPhoto: Playing Adam Smith for Pedro Reyes at the Walker Art CenterPhoto: Bicyrkus: street show and parade in TaiwanPhoto: Eggg & Sperm :: Hide & Seek; the sperm strategizePhoto: Tiny SparkPhoto: Characters of Loneliness and Your MotherPhoto: Censorious Deer lampPhoto: "Cardiology for Young Hearts" toy-scale experimentsPhoto: Wooden Devil MarionettePhoto: Lamp of my father's face that casts a heart shadowPhoto: Handsome Dad from "Your Heart"Photo: Candy Mountain, the Land of Ideal LovePhoto: "Thinking Ahead" puppet, Mayday 2008Photo: Pig-on-stilts, Mayday 2009Photo: Pig-on-stilts, Mayday 2009Photo: Bicycle BearPhoto: Gwacheon butterfly soaring in S KoreaPhoto: Wooden puppet for animationPhoto: Barebones Puppet Pageant, 2008Photo: Michael Jackson's soul before departurePhoto: Marionettes restingPhoto: "Our Dread of Blood" toy-scale showPhoto: "Our Dread of Blood," pub in SF ChroniclePhoto: Horse's Story set mock-upPhoto: Winter Night parade in southern TaiwanPhoto: Kinetic lampPhoto: Peter the Ice FishermanPhoto: Peter the Ice FishermanPhoto: Full Pelt!Photo: Egg & Sperm, pub in Minneapolis Star TribunePhoto: Puppet CinemaPhoto: Dr ChainsPhoto: shadow set design and constructionPhoto: Parade Elephant: many hands make light work; Mayday 2010