15 Photos - Nov 5, 2013
Photo: "Thumbs Up"
Shilparamam, a handicrafts market we frequented
Montana Steele

1st Place, People and Places

Thumbs-Up is an Indian ginger cola; their version of CokePhoto: "Long Stroll"
Playa Jaco, Costa Rica
Joey Kyle

2nd Place, People and Places

We scheduled a few sunset-watching parties during our stay in Jaco. The sunsets of Costa Rica over the Pacific breed pensiveness and peace of mind. Costa Rica’s catch phrase, “pura vida” or pure life comes in my head when I see myself walking down the beach always trying to expand my bird list.Photo: "Class Under the Sea"
Caribbean Sea, off coast of David, Panama
Brandi Martin

3rd Place, People and Places

Marine Ecology class. Middle of semester. We spent 8+ days snorkeling while in David and collected sea life to later conduct research on and write lab reports based on our findings. At this point, I got a little off task as we never actually used starfish for any study while in Panama. However, this photo actually has personal meaning and was taken in reference to my Dad and something similar he did when he was my age.Photo: "East Side Gallery"
Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery: Berlin, Germany
Megan Gallagher

4th Place, People and Places

Me in front of one of the artworksPhoto: "Butterfly Swirl"
Parque de la Amistad, Costa Rica
Joey Kyle

1st Place, Miscellaneous

This serves as a reminder of the intense biodiversity that comes along with the tropics, and the huge international park shared by Costa Rica and Panama hosts the valley of silence with plenty of floating metallic blue morpho butterflies.Photo: "Earth and Sky"
Pejibaye, Costa Rica
Joey Kyle

2nd Place, Miscellaneous

This comes from my host family’s farm in a town named after a starchy fruit from various palm trees. There were loads of poisonous snakes lurking that my host dad ended up decapitating just to be safe. I helped out with some farm maintenance and saw some unique birds.Photo: "International Student Culture"
Roof of Tagore International House, the international student dorm on the University of Hyderabad campus
Montana Steele

3rd Place, Miscellaneous

We often hung out in this spot on the roof. International students from the past several years, from all over the world, have left their mark in paint.Photo: "Vernazza"
Cinque Terre, Italy
Nicole Ross

1st Place, Landscapes/SeascapesPhoto: "Clear Blue Sea"
Cinque Terre, Italy
Nicole Ross

2nd Place, Landscapes/SeascapesPhoto: "Lights of Past Nights"
Montevideo, Uruguay
Melina Cantu

3rd Place, Landscapes/Seascapes

I'm on la rambla in Montevideo, the rambla is this sidewalk that surrounds the coast of the city where people can go walk or hang out or exercise. I was on there that night and I loved the way the lights reflected on the water nearby and the livelihood of the night. I would go there as much as possible because I loved the view.Photo: "Above Barcelona"
Barcelona, Spain
Nicole Ross

1st Place, CityscapesPhoto: "Christmas in Warsaw"
 Warsaw, Poland
Megan Gallagher

2nd Place, Cityscapes
Old Town decorated for ChristmasPhoto: "Copenhagen from the top of Church of Our Savior’s Spire"
København, Danmark 
Anna Hartmann

3rd Place, Cityscapes

I climbed about 400 steps to get to the top of spire to take this photo!Photo: "Eiffel Height"
Paris, France
Nicole Ross

1st Place, Iconic ImagesPhoto: "Dachau Memorial"
Dachau Concentration Camp, Germany
Anna Hartmann

2nd Place, Iconic Images

This memorial honors the desperate prisoners that committed suicide by jumping into the barbed wire surrounding the concentration camp. The sculpture depicts my experience at Dachau: both overwhelmingly emotional and startling