163 Photos - Apr 13, 2013
Photo: January 1 - A new year blows inPhoto: Early evening sunsetsPhoto: Retro-likePhoto: Pink tonePhoto: Idle No MorePhoto: It is good to have a house full of peoplePhoto: Farm funday on a cold January saturdayPhoto: Happy chickensPhoto: Strangely small eggPhoto: A common commute viewPhoto: Joel talks banjoPhoto: International Visitor Exchange Program worship service in SaskatoonPhoto: The car wash that killed our car (for a time)Photo: Kimchi making timePhoto: Super high class mixing glovesPhoto: Dressing the cabbage with spicy goodnessPhoto: Enjoying the nice winter dayPhoto: Ice-lashPhoto: Frozen exploded eggsPhoto: Joel went to a small Saskatchewan town.Photo: The goats show Joel some lovePhoto: Photo: Winter chickensPhoto: making cheesePhoto: A foggy morningPhoto: Each one is unique?Photo: Farmer joelPhoto: Heading westPhoto: Joel's creations: #1Photo: Joel's creations: #2Photo: Joel's creations: #3Photo: Joel's creations: #4Photo: Joel's creations: #5Photo: TypicalPhoto: Mid-march snowPhoto: Photo: A nice winter treat.Photo: Enjoying a teleconference with joel salatin, "lunatic farmer"Photo: After being storm-stayed in Saskatoon for 2 nights the goats welcomed us homePhoto: So did the snow! Time for some shovelling.Photo: Amazing amount of snow at the end of MarchPhoto: The cat contemplatesPhoto: Joel checks out this amazing snow driftPhoto: An Easter visit between Jane and GrandpaPhoto: Loving the farmPhoto: Our youngest intern gets to work planting some seedsPhoto: April 1 - no foolin'Photo: Checking out the chickensPhoto: Chicken buffetPhoto: The garden view - April 1Photo: SproutingPhoto: Happy goatsPhoto: Oh, winter surprised us again. #bootfullofsnowPhoto: Still clearing that snow - April 7th.Photo: A "spring" lunch buffet in town.Photo: Sweet and savory goodnessPhoto: Chowing downPhoto: Joel and CeciliaPhoto: April 7 - still clearing snowPhoto: Joel built some chairsPhoto: Thai goodnessPhoto: More goat picturesPhoto: SaskatchewanPhoto: Almost springPhoto: We went a fowl fair and bought a small box of chicks. These are a Canadian heritage breed.Photo: The video store/stop has not died in small town saskatchewan.Photo: Joel is super cool.Photo: Giving some kids a run around.Photo: Chick cutenessPhoto: Joel talks with the chickens.Photo: May 6 - plus 30 outside and still snow on the ground. It was good for cooling off.Photo: Getting a waterline put in for the future yurt home.Photo: Joel drinks from our future tap.Photo: TrenchingPhoto: Almost done the water line.Photo: Chicks are growing!Photo: Mid May - finally able prepare the gardenPhoto: Yurt platform materials have arrivedPhoto: Leveling the ground for future yurtPhoto: Joel serenades the landPhoto: Visitors!Photo: Entertained by goats. The dog stays at a distance.Photo: A milking audiencePhoto: Milking practice!Photo: A sunset walkPhoto: Photo: This is what they were taking pictures of.Photo: Building a level platform is harder than you may think. It was harder than I thought.Photo: End of May - the garden is in.Photo: Joel and chicken #1Photo: Joel and chicken #2Photo: Cecilia and chickenPhoto: Our little chicks have grown!Photo: Goaty playPhoto: A little kittens too.Photo: More building for future yurt.Photo: ObviouslyPhoto: The platform is coming togetherPhoto: Photo: Morning readingPhoto: Watering the garden - June 1Photo: Joel and kittenPhoto: Joel at a farm auctionPhoto: Pies galorePhoto: Enjoying summerPhoto: BuildingPhoto: A perma-blitz in Saskatoon. Making a spiral herb garden.Photo: Spiral gardenPhoto: These came in the mailPhoto: Getting the chicks set up in their new home.Photo: Scurrying chicksPhoto: Photo: A found nest. So exciting.Photo: Time to pick up our hive of bees!Photo: Rhubarb harvestPhoto: Open roads, big skiesPhoto: Moving some furniture into the yurtPhoto: Summer!Photo: Calendula flowers waiting for their saladPhoto: Chamomile dryingPhoto: Photoshot at the farm with good friendsPhoto: Yurt babyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Getting ready for the chicken catching racesPhoto: Joel caught one!Photo: Chicken catching race #2Photo: The winners!Photo: Photo: A garden tour with JoelPhoto: The beginnings of the bathroom and kitchen sinkPhoto: Feeding timePhoto: Prepping for honey extractionPhoto: Getting the honey-filled supersPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: More visitors!Photo: Photo: Discussing yurtsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Flax flowersPhoto: The honey gate.Photo: JammingPhoto: http://thrift.mcc.org/shops/steinbach-mcc-thrift-storePhoto: Photo: Lake of the Woods for the wedding weekend.Photo: Photo: Wedding day - getting readyPhoto: Wedding readyPhoto: Marlis and Ken arrive by airplanePhoto: Lake weddings are the best!Photo: All a little sunburned...Photo: In front of the cabin we stayed in.Photo: At the yurt with friends from Korea/AlbertaPhoto: At the beach with Manitoba friendsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bees' WaxPhoto: Golden liquid