54 Photos - Nov 1, 2015
Photo: Photo: Photo: Start from Namtha ( everyone still in good shape)Photo: first climbing to Mueang SingPhoto: Photo: Bastian on his first laos cycling tripPhoto: Photo: Second Day to Xiengkhaeng was by far the hardest day pushing the bike up the mountain more than cyclingPhoto: Mountains still covered in cloudsPhoto: Photo: How the Vietnamese manage to drive up all that stuff, dont ask mePhoto: amazing views on top after 5 hours of climbingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lunch Break at the weather stadion (1500m)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Xiengkhaeng,traditional Thai Lue HousePhoto: Third Day, we start our journey on a boat down the MekongPhoto: up here the Mekong is quite a rough riverPhoto: Waste finds its way to the most remote areas in the worldPhoto: burmese village in the Shan State (view from the boat)Photo: Harbor on the burmese sidePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Fixing our bikes on the boatPhoto: the boats are cargo boats which transport cattle to be sold to Chinese on the Burma sidePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Laos-Myanmar Friendship BridgePhoto: NamFa meets MekongPhoto: Back to cycling in SengDao(Bokeo)Photo: View just before Mueang Mueng (Bokeo)Photo: Photo: Waste ToyPhoto: Cycling along the border of the NamKha National ParkPhoto: beautiful town in the backlands of BokeoPhoto: but many climbsPhoto: another flat tirePhoto: but laos creativity helped me to finish our trip cycling:-)Photo: Photo: Photo: Back to the main road which connects namtha with Bokeo after 10 hours almost non stop cycling