11 Photos - Dec 3, 2012
Photo: Vero 2012.  West shore of the Lateral E canal.  November 2012.Photo: Most Geoprobe drives went to 12 ft. and some to 16. Dr. A. Hemmings (far left) observing.Photo: Ready to extract.  The Geoprobe team of Dr. Ryan Duggins, G. Farr and Doran checking fingers and tooling before extraction.Photo: Farr and Doran opening a core.  Removing the cutting shoe and then the liner slides out with the sediments intact (most of the time!).Photo: Recording core data in the field.Photo: Labeling and record keeping is critical.Photo: Opening a  sampler to get the liner and sediment filled liner out.Photo: A little delicate coaxing to reshape a punch rod lip for extracting a stuck liner. Sometimes a bigger hammer is essential.Photo: Doran checking the fabric of a biface from the Vero area. Almost certainly Paleoindian or older.  Brought in by a local collector.Photo: 'We are heading toward resolving the antiquity of the Vero site!'Photo: The last core, east side of the Lateral E canal.  Naturally, the liner was a bit of a challenge to get out.