20 Photos - Aug 17, 2012
Photo: Dr. M. Sarkis on the United Nations Panel.Photo: Sarkis making a point on the UN panel.Photo: At a workshop during doctoral research with refugees from Burundi and Somalia.Photo: At a workshop with friends from Somalia.Photo: Workshop on Somali Women's Reproductive Health and HygienePhoto: Children in a Medical Camp (Kenya 2011).Photo: Medical Camps provide extremely important educational opportunities.Photo: Kenya 2011Photo: Women's health is a critical issue in many places around the world.Photo: Kenya Medical camp 2012 - Being honored by the students of the village where we were conducting health screenings. After we sat down, the children took turns performing to thank us for coming to visit them.Photo: With some of the women from the village who came for screening.Photo: Sarkis with some members of the medical team.Photo: More members of the medical teamPhoto: Lebanon Youth Center.Photo: Visiting with the youth at a local Youth Center.Photo: Meeting with NGO representatives, and the president of the District municipalities after a needs assessmentPhoto: Conducting a needs assessment with the local mayor on water qualityPhoto: Water quality is something many take for granted but is a significant problem in many areas.Photo: Meeting with Lebanese Minister Ahmad FatfatPhoto: Dr. Marianne Sarkis, at her Ph.D. defense (with flowers).  She is an applied medical anthropologist at Clarke University, International Development and Social Change.