8 Photos - Aug 13, 2012
Photo: The ANT Experiment - 7 months later the ant colony was excavated and we could see how far the ants carried sands of different colors.  Working with PAST and BAR members.Photo: "Langston House" is a historic structure in the Apalachicola National Forest.  It is  currently having some preservation work done.  US Forest Service cultural resource staff inspect and document the contract work.Photo: "WWII firing range" shows the documentation of a recently recorded site on the Apalachicola NF that was a rifle range associated with Dale Mabry Field during WW II and was still in use into the 1950s by the National Guard.Photo: One of our field assistants.  Shovel testing in the National Forest - we do a lot of this!!!!!Photo: Flatwoods where the ant experiment took placePhoto: Lots of dirt removed to get the pit with the layers of colored sand in.Photo: Dr. Jack Rink, McMaster University.  The 'brains' behind the ant experiment.  Removing sample for OSL dating (Salt Springs site, Marion County, Florida).Photo: Bill Stanton in the forest, nice shovel test getting ready to be backfilled.