6 Photos - Jul 18, 2012
Photo: Jim Dunbar, Ph.D., Anthropology, FSU (2012) in the field at the Norden Site, Marion County, Florida.Photo: Dunbar (right) assisting Jack Rink take samples from the Norden site.Photo: Another day at the office (NOT). Dunbar  packing it out at the Norden site.Photo: Dunbar's primary archaeological interest is  in the Paleoindian and Pre-Clovis epochs.  Florida is a great place to work.  R.A. Gray Building mammoth from Wakulla Springs.Photo: Everyone looking for a good GPS signal. Dunbar in dark blue shirt at the Helen Blazes site, Brevard County, Florida.Photo: Biface from Norden site.  Half was collected in the 1980s by Jim Dunbar on an initial site visit.  Now comes the amazing part.  The other half was collected in 2009.  Dunbar's memory said something like 'I think I remember the other half, let me check in collections!' - and sure enough, a perfect fit after almost half a century.