9 Photos - Jul 18, 2012
Photo: Dr. Steven Dasovich receiving National ACRA Product Award for a Large Project (archaeological project) 2009. MA FSU, Ph.D. U. Missouri.Photo: Dasovich's students during the 2012 Battlefield survey, Fort Davidson, Missouri (1864).  Dasovich is now chair of the Dept. of Anthropology and Sociology,  and Archaeology Program Director.Photo: Dasovich and his students - the first excavations at the famous Graham Cave, Missouri.  No work has been done there in over 50 years.  Summer 2010.Photo: Dasovich project at 23C2155, outside the house where Daniel Boone died.  An open-air hearth dating to the mid-1800s (after the Boones lived there).  June 2012, Lindenwood Univerisity Archaeological Field School.Photo: FSU Graduate Student renunion at the 2012  Society for Historic Archaeology conference in Baltimore.  Most of these are specialists in underwater archaeology and the majority are employed by the federal government.  Dasovich far left.Photo: FSU underwater archaeology alumni.Photo: Dasovich walking the plank over Little Salt Springs, Sarasota, Florida.Photo: Photo: Dasovich with the President Evans (Lindenwood) and the mayor of