8 Photos - Jul 13, 2012
Photo: Tom Penders holding prehistoric sherd from site on Patrick Air Force Base, Cape Canaveral.  Penders is an FSU Anthropology alumni.Photo: Historic map showing the eastward projection of Cape Canaveral. The beach ridges are representative and not 100% accurate. It has changed dramatically in the last several hundred years.  Old maps can provide lots of information to archaeologists.Photo: Cape Canaveral, around 1960.  The road system is the beginning of the 'space race'.  Some of the land features visible in this photo are now obliterated by heavy growths of Brazilian peppers (an invasive plant that has really taken over the cape).Photo: Roughly the same area today with heavy vegetation coverage obscuring most terrain features.Photo: Penders in an Indian River Archaeological Society (IRAS) field project in Brevard County, Florida.Photo: Many populations along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast were expert fishers and boaters.  Part of Penders' job is managing both the prehistoric and historic resources of the cape.Photo: Tom Penders, Patrick Air Force Base, CRM specialist.  FSU Alumni.  'Space Archaeology' also falls within his area of expertise.Photo: Tom Penders (left) and Dr. David Dickel sanding a wellpoint at Windover.