10 Photos - Jul 13, 2012
Photo: Bryan Rill (now Dr. Rill - 2011 FSU Anthropology Ph.D.) catching up on his reading.Photo: Rill had a Fulbright-Hayes fellowship to fund his research in Japan.Photo: In full regalia, Bryan Rill, ready for the 'long walk' or the pilgrimage in Japan.Photo: Rill studied ritual  in several groups and has taught Japanese culture in the Anthropology Depdrtment. (ritual rice harvest)Photo: Virtually 'domestic' deer sometimes populate some of the shrines in Japan.  How can you tell if it is domesticated?Photo: Bryan posing as Koyakun, the idolized pilgrim at My. Koya, the heart of Shingon Buddhism in Japan.Photo: Bryan at his favorite sushi restaurant in Ida, Japan. The hanging white papers with writing are the menu!Photo: Bryan "In The Field" with several prominent Shugendo Daisendatsu (Great Guide) at the Tamaki Jinja ShrinePhoto: Getting ready for theĀ 
Takigyo--A waterfall austerityPhoto: Shugendo Omine Okugake Pilgrimage - a long walk with mystic meaning (and sore feet!).