11 Photos - Jul 13, 2012
Photo: McIntosh tabby sugar works.  Historic plantation just across the Florida border into Georgia.   Not too far from the Crooked River (just north of Mayport area).Photo: Crooked River bluff.  Good exposure of sediments some of which expose features of archaeological interest.  Sedimentary history exposed by mother nature.  Immediately north of the tabby feature.Photo: Tabby remains, obviously above ground.Photo: Sites like this are pretty visible but also have extensive subsurface features.Photo: Tabby closeup - basically cemented shell -  amounts to 'cement/concrete'  construction material.Photo: Interior view of sugar works.Photo: Weathering does take place but this construction method has lasted several hundred years.Photo: Tree stump on the inside of the structure.  Vegetation can be a real damaging force.Photo: This was once a two story structure.Photo: How much longer will it last?  Vandalism can have a real impact (negative).Photo: This was a pretty big building for the time.