8 Photos - May 28, 2012
Photo: Commercial Geoprobe services 'donated' to get a series of cores from the tallest mound.Photo: A stuck liner inside the sample tube can be a challenge and takes some patience and some exertion to get it out. Goes with the territory.Photo: Dr. Tom Pluckhahn (University of South Florida) tries his hands at unsticking the liner. It frequently becomes a group effort.Photo: The big mound.  We keep looking at it and figured the small Geoprobe simply did not have enough muscle to get to the top, we could core, but just not as easily as larger Geoprobe models.Photo: The big mound provides a great view.Photo: It is a bit too steep for the FSU ATV to get to the top  - the 'road' is pretty steep and there is a tight turn at the top.Photo: Turns out most of the mound is shell, probably intentionally accumulated and perhaps fairly quickly.  Dr. Tom Pluckhan (USF Anthropology is the PI on this project and we can wait to see the results).Photo: Lots of oyster shell in particular.  It is likely these are not just gradual accumulations but intentionally constructed.  The bigger the mound the more important the village?